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Rachel May’s new Quilting with a Modern Slant explores quilting today through interviews with over 70 quilters. The book includes lots of beautiful images of quilts by talented sewists, and it supports a really exciting discussion about the play, improvisation and the personal elements of quilting.

Rachel writes, “I’m interested in understanding the connections between traditional, art and modern quilters, and it’s my hope that the book functions as an exploration of the connections between all quilters and the stories we have to tell through what we make.”

Today we have a PDF excerpt from the book’s “The Personal is Political” interviews featuring Sew Mama Sew’s Kristin Link! You can learn more about the early years of Sew Mama Sew, and the excerpt gives you an idea about how the book presents different interviews and inspiring imagery.

From the publisher:

    Modern quilting allows artists the freedom to play with traditions and take liberties with fabrics, patterns, colors, stitching, and the ways in which they all connect. In Quilting with a Modern Slant, Rachel May introduces you to more than 70 modern quilters who have developed their own styles, methods and aesthetics. Their ideas, their quilts, and their tips, tutorials and techniques will inspire you to try something new and follow your own creativity wherever it leads.

    Kristin’s Spring Math Quilt in the book, based on Elizabeth Hartman’s Simple Math pattern.

    Visit the book’s website to learn more about Quilting with a Modern Slant, and add your comment below for a chance to win a copy of the book. Give us a word or two (or three!) to describe your own quilting…

    PDF excerpted from Quilting with a Modern Slant (c) Rachel May, photography pages 78-79 (c) Keller + Keller Photography, photography page 79 (c) John Polak (small squares), photo page 81 courtesy of Kristin Link, used with permission from Storey Publishing.

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    170 Responses to Quilting with a Modern Slant PDF

    1. Krissta says:

      I love modern scrappy quilts! Blazing new & modern trails with traditional block foundation experiences!

    2. Ashley says:

      I have recently joined our local modern quilt guild and am totally in love with the relaxing part of quilting again, their is appreciation for the art of tradition but the forgiveness of not following the rules.

    3. Katie says:

      I don’t know if this giveaway is still open but I just wanted to add that I look forward to this book and I try to quilt it all, traditional to modern I just love to enhance a quilt with great quilting.

    4. phyllis says:

      What a fabulous book with a treasure trove of advice from some of the best. This book would be such a help to a beginner quilter. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!

    5. cindy says:

      Found book at library it is very good would love a copy!

    6. Charlotte says:

      My quilting is all by hand (no machine!) and is a way to distress after a day on the ward, it’s not perfect but it’s unique and carefree

    7. ahk says:

      I do prefer a modern slant, but some traditional patterning combines so well with it!

    8. Casey says:

      Beginning. But I find the modern quilts so inspiring! They definitely match my esthetic.

    9. I have made well over 100 quilts in a 15 yr. span of time and I had to send all of my quilt tops to professional quilters because I had absolutely no way to do the quilting with my regular home sewing machine. A sewing machine that quilts, would be just great!! Golly, I would love to win this machine!!

    10. Kim S. says:

      The only thing consistent about my quilting is the size of the quilts I make! I stick to lap and baby quilts so that I can comfortably quilt them on my machine at home. This book looks so inspiring, thanks so much for the chance to win!

    11. Jenny L says:


    12. Naomi says:

      Sort of traditional with a modern twist…Heading more towards modern. Looks like an inspiring book!

    13. Veronica says:

      I would say my quilting style is modern, but I do like the traditional blocks with a modern spin to them.

    14. Pat says:

      brights are a wonderful thing after many many years of traditional

    15. Sharon says:

      I love to blend old and new, plain and colorful, and see where it takes me!

    16. Nicole says:

      Different every time. Always trying new patterns, styles or fabrics. Eclectic I suppose?

    17. Mary says:

      Playful but zippy!

    18. Elizabethdx says:

      Truthfully? I’m a stay-inside-the-lines quilter, a beginner who needs a nudge to develop a personal style. The book looks great!

    19. Samantha says:

      How bout, eclectic and colorful?

    20. Mary P says:

      Exploratory. Always trying something new!

    21. Susan says:

      I am a slow quilter and as such still a beginner.

    22. Sue W says:

      I admire traditional quilts, but find I am increasingly attracted to bright cheerful fabrics. I like simple projects and find precuts and many modern patterns work for me.

    23. Marie Dejn Rasmussen says:

      I have found Modern Quilting a couple of years ago, and IΒ΄m still courius. Lately I started FMQ, and it is FUN !
      I like to have books around for inspiration, and I use the the net too.

    24. Julie says:

      I’d say my quilting is modern and fun!

    25. Ariane says:

      Half-Square Triangles!! So many different patterns from one simple piece.

    26. Barb N says:

      relaxed, enjoyable, energetic

    27. Annette says:

      Squeezed (as in squeezed into every spare moment of the day)!

    28. Beth T. says:

      My quilting is evolving, eclectic, and essential (to me!).

    29. Heather says:

      Always learning and trying!

    30. Jessie says:

      fun, relaxing. I basically love quilting

    31. shirley cree says:

      lots of inclination….. little action…..

    32. Sue in Seattle says:

      I love quilting with (and collecting!) batik fabric.

    33. Susan T says:

      I am still learning and am finding I prefer the more modern fabrics and patterns.

    34. Afton says:

      I’m experimental and original.

    35. Lizzy B says:

      I’m still pretty new to quilting, so I’m still doing pretty basic quilts. I’m working on a charm pack on point quilt with sashing and cornerstones right now. It’s the most complicated thing I’ve done so far, and I’m pretty proud of it!

    36. Kelli says:

      Colorful, slow

    37. Cheryl says:

      My quilting is rushed. I have a 3 and 5 year old, so I gotta take what I can get!

    38. Lyn says:

      My quilting is impatient but precise. πŸ™‚ I am learning to machine quilt on my Janome 7700, which should speed up the process!

    39. cindy says:

      I am still a beginning quilter after years of quilting. I guess because I am always trying to learn
      new things about it.


    40. Deb says:

      I always play with color in my quilts, and like to try something new for

      each quilt.

    41. Deb says:

      I’d love to have a copy of this book!

    42. Cindy says:

      I haven’t tackled a big quilting project yet, but I have one that I would love to start. I am a newbie to quilting but have been sewing for many years. I love the heritage of quilting but also the artistic side of creating beauty!

    43. Ruth says:

      I’ve been wanting to expand my quilting horizons, this looks like a great book to help me do that.

    44. Jackie says:

      I’m tail fairly new to quilting but love the modern look of quilts and fabrics.

    45. Felicity says:

      Or even maybe four words? Hesitant, Hopeful, Hardworking and Happy!!

    46. Kara says:

      I learned to quilt 14 years ago with traditional patterns. A few years later I branched out to modern quilting and have been having great fun with it. This book would be a great addition to my growing collection.

    47. Rita McCart says:

      I’m going to say modern traditionalist, old pattern and new fabric. Thank you for the cahnace to win.

    48. Nancy says:

      I read a lot of blogs and am getting used to the modern look. I am becoming a modern quilter. Not too many others in my small town in Alaska. N

    49. Kathleen says:

      I’m a beginner and I’m willing to try anything at least once!

    50. I’d say I am tradional quilter leaning more towards modern fabrics but traditional patterns.

    51. Stephanie says:

      Hmm my quilts are varied, modern-traditional, warm πŸ™‚

    52. Joan H. says:

      I have tried several kinds of quilting but prefer mostly traditional with more modern colors. This book sounds very helpful

    53. Judith says:

      My quilting is all about precision. The goal is perfectly matched seams and perfect points, and the more complex the pattern the better. I balance this out by making every third or forth quilt a simple one that has virtually no matching at all. Thanks for the chance to win what looks like a very interesting book.

    54. Sue from Seattle says:

      I love to quilt with batik fabrics–and anything turquoise!

    55. Melanie C says:

      I like to mix modern and traditional quilting together. I’m all about the fabric πŸ™‚

    56. Margie says:

      I currently signed this out of the library and love it. I tend to lean towards traditional patterns, so this book is just what I need.

    57. pam says:

      Thanks for the chance to win. I am now experiencing toward the modern quilts

    58. Colleen says:

      I have been a “traditional” quilter for a long time but find myself being drawn to a lot of “modern” designs as well πŸ™‚

    59. Karrie Smith says:

      I love all quilting. I’m starting out so a lot of my quilting is squares. Thanks for the chance to win! This book would be great for me πŸ˜‰

    60. Fran Wiest says:

      Unfortunately the photos wouldn’t open for me, and I would love to see them, so I guess I need to win a copy!! My quilting is free motion on a DSM and I started out very traditionally but find that I am leaning toward more straightline minimilist quilting lately. Thanks for the give away.

    61. Mary Jo says:

      Would love to see and read what these people have to say.

    62. Sherry VF says:

      I think design is the cornerstone of any quilt and this book looks like it has wonderful design inspirations. I’d love to win a copy. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

    63. April says:

      As a traditional quilter transitioning to modern quilting, I’m reinvigorated with my love of quilting.

    64. Beth says:

      My quilting would be random, fun, personalized! I love to think of the person I am making it for, and make it personal for them.

    65. Rachel says:

      (I was trying to respond to Samina – thank you so much for the post!!)

    66. Rachel says:

      Oh no – I’ll have to fix that – thanks for posting about that

    67. Jody c says:

      There is just something so appealing about these quilts… Simplicity, clean lines, colors. Love it all. Thanks.

    68. Shanley says:

      I’m more inspired by pretty patterned fabric than intricate patterns, for now..

    69. Emilee says:

      Simple, scrappy, filled with love!

    70. Jenn says:

      I love traditional blocks, but putting a spin on them – changing the size, amount of negative space, bold and/or wacky colors

    71. Lori M says:

      Great inspiration! My style is traditional with modern leanings. It tends to be the bright colors but traditional designs. I need to challenge myself with some improvisation.

    72. Rita Self says:

      Always looking for exciting ways to create!!

    73. Michelle says:

      I gravitate toward quilt tops with clean lines and simple quilting (probably b/c I haven’t ventured into free-motion quilting yet!).

    74. Karen A says:

      I love that so many of the Modern quilts use traditional designs with fresh new fabrics. Even us “old school” quilters can find new things to try.

    75. Stephanie says:

      I have a tendancy to follow the traditional quilting patterns, but my mind is full of ideas! Just need more time!

    76. cynthia says:

      I’m a brand new quilter. This book inspires me to keep planning (and hopefully executing) new ideas.

    77. Rita S. says:

      I’m a traditional quilter, but I’m really beginning to like to looks of some modern quilts.

      Thanks for the chance to win!!

    78. Heather J says:

      I started with traditional quilting and now do all kinds of quilting. I am really enjoying modern quilting.

    79. A little traditional, a little modern, me!

    80. DeborahGun says:

      a learner, lover of bright colours and improvisation!

    81. Kerry says:

      I like a mix of old and new- in fabrics, styles and quilting designs. I have seen this book and it is incredibly inspiring with a huge variety of quilting styles inside

    82. Jasmine says:

      My quilting is bright.

    83. Esther says:

      Quilting has given me confidence in my own ability to try and grasp new thechniques. It has boosted my creativity and joy in working on projects. It has become such an important part of my life!!! I would love to read about other people’s journey in quilting!!!
      I work on all kinds of projects and I jump from patchwork to designing paper piecing patterns. I love experimenting with FMQ and sharing everything with you all through blogging.
      esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
      ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

    84. KT says:

      I would say i am a mix between modern and traditional, with a slight lean towards modern.

    85. Claire D says:

      I’m just getting started with quilting so I can use all the inspiration I find!

    86. Susan K says:

      Always evolving! Becoming more modern, more artsy.

    87. Ali M says:

      I really am only a fan of modern quilting as I didn’t really know it existed until I became aware of the modern movement, and I’d say my quilting is random, roughshod and mediocre. πŸ™‚

    88. louise says:

      This book looks like a lot of fun!

      I like to thin of my quilting as bright and fun!

    89. I’m working on my first quilt, a cathedral quilt, so I’m very novice.

    90. Linda Fleming says:

      I just found this wonderful book at the local library – it’s great anytime reading. It’s full of short interesting interviews with many contemporary quilters sharing their passion and a sprinkling of projects and tutorials.
      I’m an avid reader of quilting books both traditional and modern and many quilting blogs! My quilts are mainly traditional designs but would love to experiment with contemporary improv!

    91. Diane says:

      I am a beginner and love modern quilt designs. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book!

    92. Cori says:

      I’m a newbie. Wishing for more advanced skills!

    93. Debbie M. says:

      I’m just learning, but loving all the modern ideas. I love “wonky” and not worrying so much about everything lining up.

    94. Sarah says:

      I’m a very new quilter and I have only worked on things for infants- so the style is really trying to match what their momma’s like. I am intrigued by the creativity and arrangements that quilters create and this book looks very inspiring! Thank you!

    95. Carole Ann says:

      Meee! Meee! I can’t wait to read this book. I think on the spectrum of traditional to modern, I’m somewhere right of center – playing and pulling at the “rules.” But when I look at my grandma’s quilts, I feel very connected to the roots of it all.

    96. Vicki Sprain says:

      I love modern quilts with a traditional twist!

    97. Marissa says:

      I’m just beginning to quilt and this books like a wonderful way to incorporate some modern themes

    98. Susan says:

      I really like trying new things. I would say I love traditional quilts using new fabrics but recently find myself trying more modern designs.

    99. Penny R says:

      I love modern quilts and have made a few.

    100. Southern Gal says:

      I’ve only completed one project that took forever! I’d say my quilting is slow, easy and colorful.
      Thanks for the chance!

    101. Lyndalee says:

      I am a Modern Quilter who loves to quilt on my home sewing machine. I belong to two quilting guilds. I love quilts that demonstrate a math principle.

    102. Christie says:

      I enjoy quilting as a hobby with my mom and am fascinated with creating stories to tell for all the years we have the creations.

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    103. Allison C says:

      I like to do modern pixelated quilts

    104. Beverly says:

      I’m really new to quilting and loving the things that I am learning. I find that I really love paper piecing!

    105. Barb Leggett Carr says:

      It always takes me a bit of time to become accustomed to new styles, whether in clothing or fabric! I’m just now beginning to love modern patterns and colours and would very much appreciate a book to bring me up to speed with so many other quilters!

    106. Amy Lou Copley says:

      I’m almost finished my first quilt, and I already have ideas for my next dozen! πŸ™‚

    107. Amy Lou Copley says:

      I’m almost finished my first quilt! I already have so many ideas for my next dozen! πŸ™‚

    108. A bit of everything – All over the place!

      Would love a copy of this book!

    109. Julie says:

      I really like traditional quilt blocks and patterns…but with the modern slant..elevates to a whole new level
      Very freeing and creative!

    110. i an a scrap quilter , always happy when i am sewing. thanks

    111. MelodyJ says:

      Simple patchwork.

    112. Susan S. says:

      I am new to modern quilting. I love getting motivated and inspired by all new designs!!

    113. sue says:

      not a professional, just have fun seeing a project come together, can use all the help i can get !

    114. Margaret Parks says:

      Looks like a fun book!


    115. Cindy Pilkington says:

      No style just yet as I’ve only been quilting a year. But I’m really drawn to modern colors and designs that highlight the fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win this book!

    116. Diane says:

      I love putting together colors and patterns in new ways!

    117. Susan says:

      Sporadic and evolving…..that’s my 2 quilting words!

    118. Margaret says:

      I’m going to steal some words that have already been used — evolving and functional — and add neotraditional (is that a word?).

    119. Charity says:

      I am definitely a modern quilting girl… But I have recently been drawn to some more traditional designs and can really appreciate all kinds of quilting.

    120. Jess says:

      Ooh, nice!!! My quilting style is usually “quick and simple.” I love having finished quilts but I don’t love lengthy piecing. πŸ™‚

    121. Laurelle C says:

      I have only been quilting two years but am well and truly hooked! ( Actually I was just asking my Husband today if he thought there was something wrong with me ? Did he think I was a little too obsessed?) I find it all consuming! I love modern quilts and generally not really a pattern follower preferring to make up blocks as I go. I love to finish a quilt. I have been a cake decorator in the past and all your hard work get’s chopped up an eaten! That’s why I love quilts they can be enjoyed for many years to come:) I love my quilt books just flicking through them so thanks for the chance for an awesome giveaway πŸ™‚

    122. Heidi says:

      I’m a simple quilter!!

    123. Karen Ann says:

      I adore seeing others work and am inspired by the online quilting community. I’m not as creative and adore when quilters share their patterns for sale or tutorial. Gives me an opportunity to make and not struggle with the creative process.

    124. HeatherK says:

      I’m new to the quilting scene–just about two years or so. I learned using machine techniques because that is what is most available. Recently I’ve learned to hand piece and that process is so freeing and thoughtful. I’m definitely not prolific–maybe 3 or 4 finishes in two years, but I love the process. My quilting is personal, purposeful and evolving.

    125. Teresa S. says:

      Versatile! I’ve made primitive applique to modern pieced quilts. I love it all!

    126. Tamie says:

      I have been quilting for many years and have seen a change in my own quilting. I am a part of the Modern Quilt Guild now and feel quite at home.

    127. Rosy says:

      Love sewing and quilting – just need a push to do more quilting. Will add this book to my amazon wishlist.

    128. Rosy says:

      Love sewing and quilting – just need a bit of a push to get more into quilting. The book sounds great. Will add it to my Amazon wishlist.

    129. Carmen N says:

      I’m very much a traditionalist (because I’m a beginner?) but I want to expand

    130. SS says:

      geometric, colorful, functional

    131. Melanie says:

      I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! I aim for simple and stunning in my quilts, whether or not that’s successful every time.

    132. Deb Joseph says:

      I love modern quilting, but have not been brave enough to make a “modern” quilt. I would love to win the book.

    133. Jennifer Ward says:

      I’m a fresh quilt newbie, self-taught, and this book looks wonderful!

    134. Bree Crocetti says:

      I like modern, simple quilting.

    135. Dee Whyte says:

      Have made all sorts of quilts, but would now call myself a modern quilter loving brights! Love the challenge of FMQ! The book looks most interesting. Would love a copy!

    136. Cherie says:

      My quilting is made out of love for my family and myself!

    137. Meghan says:

      I’d call myself an untrained leaper. I dive right in to things without learning “proper” techniques first, learning as I go. But I love all the “traditionally feminine craft forms” and have done a few series of art pieces using them, including a series of portraits of women’s roles in American wars, each one done using a “craft” form: quilting, embroidery, quilling, knitting, & pressed flowers.
      Always looking for new inspiration & guidance, and to see the wonderful new directions the “old” forms are taking.

    138. Janelle Dunn says:

      creative, impulsive (ie. rule-breaker), made with love

    139. Sally says:

      I love being inspired by new designs. Often my quilts are from stash, and it’s great to have new ways to use old fabrics.

    140. Buffy says:

      I love modern quilting. My own quilting is still evolving and brings me intense joy and satisfaction.

    141. Diane says:

      I just borrowed this fabulous book from the library ~ thanks so much for a chance to win my own copy.

      I’m definitely a modern quilter dabbling in improvisational piecing.

    142. Jen says:

      I am a newbie quilter! A new sewer actually, so it’s quite an adventure!

    143. Samina says:

      I’d love to see more about this book, but some of the links at the author’s blog are no good. It looks awfully interesting, though!

    144. Elaine Satterfield says:

      The pictured quilt is lovely! My quiltng is getting more refined! I am just two years in and still discovering! I think I like clean and crisp, but not quite all the way modern…whatever that is!

    145. Linda says:

      Hi, this book looks really interesting to me!
      I’m a traditional quilter; also a fun modern-style charity quilter!
      Thanks for sharing!

    146. Sharon Madden says:

      My quilting aesthetic is fairly traditional, pattern wise, but with bold, fresh, and modern colors/fabrics.

    147. My quilting: I hope it is – precise, pretty and pleasing!

    148. Michele T says:

      The quilt you are showcasing is gorgeous and the book looks awesome too!!

    149. kristi g says:

      My quilting is free. πŸ™‚

    150. Lisa McGriff says:

      My quilting would be satisfying, energetic, structured!

    151. L says:

      I like my quilting to be functional

    152. Erin Waters says:

      I like to make quilts that use traditional patterns in newer colors.

    153. Liz Rehrauer says:

      As an old sewist but new quilter, this was the first blog I started following. You have helped me become not just a quilter, but more interested in all things sewing. Love the excerpt about you in the book.

    154. mjb says:

      Loose, playful, bright

    155. Karen Seitz says:

      My quilting tastes definitely lean toward the modern aesthetic, and my quilt book library reflects this too. Quilting with a Modern Slant would be a great addition!

    156. Sara says:

      Just emerging…I have always sewed (home decor, bags, clothes) and literally (just this week) getting inspired enough to finish the first quilt I ever started and never finished and move on to some other (simple) quilts. How timely your posts always are me, SMS!

    157. Wendy says:

      I like to make traditional quilts with modern color combinations. But I also have a love of tiny florals, calicos, ditsy type prints.

    158. Catherine says:

      basic, colorful, personal

    159. Anya says:

      I call my style “modernitional”. Thanks for the chance!

    160. Robin says:

      Novice but improving!

    161. Theresa says:

      I am fairly new to quilting, but I like to be funky, fresh, graphic and colorful. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book. It looks like great inspiration!

    162. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

      I consider myself to be too new to quilting to have a distinct style (so far) – I still haven’t tried everything! I do love paper piecing, and EPP, and wonky stars and log cabins. I’m sort of all over the place. πŸ™‚

    163. Lori says:

      Caught my eye definitely. Love all the new modern quilt books being published.

    164. bonnie says:

      I have been a traditional quilter but really like the modern quilts

    165. Laila Strain says:

      Isn’t it amazing how the same pattern done by 7 quilters could all look so different and unique. I can picture the quilt shown done in blues and white with the taupe background to signify my Finnish heritage. In fact it’s now on my list!

    166. sarah says:

      i have just started quilting and i am in awe of all the possibilities. would love a chance to learn some new skills.

    167. Alexis Abell says:

      My quilting is bright and quirky and most often involves appliques of Muppets or other characters we love. This book is beautiful!

    168. Jessie Hansen says:

      This looks like a very pretty book. I love pretty books! Aesthetics in literature is always a bonus.

    169. Cyndy lacey says:

      My quilting is limited. I have made a few, but I am a novice. I have wanted a good resource and inspiration for a while and this book sounds great.

    170. Flicsha says:

      I try all kinds of quilting . From traditional to modern and art quilts. You name it I’ll do it.

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