Cheryl Brickey is a chemical engineer/patent agent by day and a quilter by night. Cheryl was the youngest person in Eastman Kodak’s history to be inducted into the Inventor’s Hall of Fame! She moved to South Carolina to become a patent agent for a textile and chemical company and now lives in Greenville with her husband and two young children. Cheryl fell in love with quilting with the first quilt she made for her then newborn and hasn’t looked back since!

Cheryl’s favorite aspects of quilting include designing, writing quilt instructions and doing quilty math. She blogs all of her quilting adventures at Meadow Mist Designs and shares on Instagram, where she posts all of her various quilts and patterns in progress.

Cheryl has a number of quilt patterns and fun sewing accessories for sale in her Meadow Mist Designs shop and also has quilt patterns in her Craftsy shop (including some free patterns).

Visit Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs and look for her tutorial featuring Oakshott Cottons, coming up next!