Deanna of SewMcCool loves all things fiber arts, from quilting and garment sewing to ribbon crafts and fabric dyeing. You might even catch her knitting when she has extra time! A former journalist, Deanna’s first book is being published in August through St. Martin’s Griffin Press. 50 Ribbon Bows and Rosettes to Make is still in the editing phase, but it can already be pre-ordered through!

Deanna designs patterns and tutorials for children’s garments, hair bows, small totes, fabric flowers… She does a little bit of everything. Deanna sells tutorials and patterns through her Birdsong shop, accessible from her SewMcCool blog. She’s up next with a tutorial to take you to day camp or grandma’s! You’re going to love it.

From Deanna: I didn’t start sewing until I was 27. For some reason the sewing “switch” turned on at about the same time I was thinking of having children. I started sewing garments but soon fell in love with so many fabrics that I turned to quilting. And in northern Indiana we are fortunate to have many lovely quilt shops and lots of access to fabrics! I made quilts almost exclusively for about 10 years before returning to garment, small project and bag sewing. I still have a quilt that needs finishing, and already have plans for a couple of more quilts as I think about redecorating two bedrooms!

Birdsong Hair Bow

When my oldest daughter (pictured with me above) was headed to kindergarten in the mid 2000s, I felt kind of bad that she had to wear plain uniforms to school. So I started making hair bows to dress up her uniforms (in school colors, of course). The hobby stuck and pretty soon I started selling them, and then teaching others how to make them. You can read a little more about my journey on my blog.

Birdsong Lakeshore Halter Dress

In addition to the tutorials in my Birdsong shop, my blog (which is new and still growing) has lots of tutorials for sewing and ribbon crafts. I love sewing with knit fabrics, and have a couple of series about sewing with knits. I also write lots of free tutorials and projects for ribbon crafting.

Birdsong Easter Basket

I love working from home, and feel very blessed that I can combine my lifelong love of crafting with my love of writing as I continue to develop projects for SewMcCool. It’s so wonderful to share and meet other women (and men!) online with the same interests. I remember the pre-internet era, and I often wonder what we ever did without it!