Natural Dyes for Fabric + CLOTH Giveway

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Cloth: 30+ Projects to Sew from Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool and Hide by Cassandra Ellis is one of the latest books from STC Craft. It’s a beautiful book full of simple and sophisticated projects, featuring five main materials– cotton, wool, silk, linen and hide.

From the publisher:

    Handmade cloth items always have a story, and many of us spend our lives hunting and gathering precious pieces and scraps to add that final touch of life to a special room or outfit. Cloth is an inspirational guide to the beauty, history, and utility of natural textiles. Woven throughout the five main sections— cotton, wool, silk, linen, and hide— are more than 30 breathtaking sewing projects that make the most of each textile’s properties, including waxed-cotton purses, Liberty-print cushions, silk scarves, linen bedcovers and leather journals. With a guide full of invaluable information on where to buy antique fabrics and organic and well-sourced cloth, plus a toolkit of essential instructions on hand-dyeing fabric, Cloth is both a resource and an opportunity to create practical, precious, and personal items for mindful living.

STC Craft and Cassandra Ellis are providing the Natural Dye section from Cloth for you to download and enjoy. The selection gives you a bit of a feel for the quality and beauty of the book, plus a great amount of information about how to create and use natural dyes. The excerpt includes a comprehensive list of natural items, indicating the corresponding dye color they will produce. Download your Natural Dye excerpt from Cloth: 30+ Projects to Sew from Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool and Hide!

We’re also offering a giveaway copy of Cloth! (US/Canada residents only this time, please.) Just tell us what you’re sewing this weekend, or what you wish you were sewing! Also, don’t forget to download your free Natural Dye excerpt from Cloth: 30+ Projects to Sew from Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool and Hide.

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115 Responses to Natural Dyes for Fabric + CLOTH Giveway

  1. Megan says:

    I wish I was sewing anything, I’m studying instead.

  2. april says:

    ANOTHER tote bag.

  3. cindy says:

    Looking at patterns to make an apron for my son who loves to cook. There is not a great selection out there for men to purchase.

  4. Mizmash says:

    Going to complete a quilt for the baby shower I have to attend next weekend.

  5. Lucie says:

    Thanks so much! I am sewing a beach quilt for my friend. What a great giveaway!

  6. Lucie says:

    Love the ideas! I am sewing a quilt for my friend so she can take it with her to the beach. Thanks so much!

  7. Bee says:

    I wish I was finally sewing the quilt for the king size bed we bought some time ago. Instead, I’ll be working. 🙁 I’d love to win the book so I have more things to add to my weekend sewing list. I’d take a few days off!

  8. Jessica w says:

    I need to sew some leather baby moccasins

  9. This is so cute. I would love to make one myself.

  10. Lynn says:

    I’m sewing some zip pouches.

  11. Catherine Dorsey says:

    As I had to work all weekend, I didn’t do any sewing, but on Sunday evening, I worked on several pants (needing repairs) for my daughter, replaced a bottom in a chair bag, and repaired a cover to a jet ski. I am working to finish hand stitching a childs quilt.

  12. Janie says:

    I am working on a trapunto applique baby quilt. Thanks for the chance.

  13. april says:

    Sewing another tote, but wish I was making a quilt. Alas, I have no batting.

  14. april says:

    Sewing another tote. WISH I was making a quilt. But I have no batting.

  15. Keesha says:

    I am making headscarves and bands, as my arm is completely immobilized from major surgery last week and I’ve found that i can get those on with one hand; I have a couple months more to go like this so I’d better keep working!

  16. auschick says:

    I just finished making a little dress for a baby shower gift, so then I took the rest of the weekend “off”! Next week I’ll start making some pajamas as a gift for my nephew.

  17. sarahliz says:

    Not sure if I’ll squeeze in any sewing time this weekend but if I do I’ll do the quilting on a little quilted envelope for setting aside a portion of the grocery budget each week to spend at the farmer’s market.

  18. Audrey says:

    I’m working on a Flying Geese quilt!

  19. Jennifer G Miller says:

    I need to start sewing my vintage aprons this week. No sewing this weekend, but wish I was making a skirt and blouse and aprons!

  20. April says:

    I am sewing the binding on child’s quilt.

  21. Deb G. says:

    I’m finishing the quilting on a baby quilt this weekend. Almost done!

  22. Delaine says:

    I am working on a quilted Dresden tablecloth for my kitchen. Thanks!

  23. Evelyn says:

    This weekend I’m working on a quilt for my brother’s upcoming birthday.

  24. Emily says:

    sewing up some knit tanks for myself and selfish sewing week.

  25. Gina says:

    I’m ill so am not sewing this weekend,but I wish I were sewing my indigo chambray skirt for spring/summer.

  26. Mary says:

    Wish I were sewing up pink and purple crowns for a couple of birthday princesses!

  27. Sarah says:

    I am cutting pieces for a patchwork table cloth. Thanks for the giveaway; it looks like a great book!

  28. kathyh says:

    I might start a messenger bag. It’s either that or clean up the sewing room…
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. ESME KRISTL says:

    I’m working on an ottoman for my daughter!!

  30. Jess Z says:

    I just finished up a spring dress and started making VFT’s Piper Dress for my daughter. 🙂

  31. barbara woods says:

    cutting for a great grands quilt

  32. Barb S. says:

    My neighbor and I will be finishing up her first ever quilted wall hanging and I will be finishing up a quilted wall hanging for my sister, busy weekend but so much fun teaching the love of quilting to a new quilter!

  33. kim t. says:

    I’ve got patching to do – rips galore!

  34. Susan says:

    I am away at a church conference all weekend. If I were home I would like to be finishing up a toddler quilt.

  35. Torrie says:

    I WISH I was working on a tank top for myself! I bookmarked the beautiful chambray floral one from The Sewing Rabbit and I’m anxious to get started! 🙂

  36. Eryn says:

    Mother’s Day Projects!

  37. Amber says:

    I was making another Sewholic Renfrew top until my newer machine ate the fabric again (timing issue)! Now I found the time to clean up my Grandmothers 1948 Singer featherweight. Surprisingly after a quick oiling and clean it still works! Now I’m sewing some simple napkins to practice on it!

  38. allison says:

    i’m working on a softie for my cousin’s new baby!

  39. sangeetha says:

    I am working on my summer dress

  40. L says:

    I need to get moving on the (overdue) blocks for my quilting bee!

  41. Serena says:

    I’m maybe going to work on a small bag, but there is a lot going on so it probably won’t happen!

  42. beth says:

    Finishing up the pair of pants that I started last weekend.

  43. Melissa says:

    Continuing to work on two QAYG throw pillows. And starting my journey into sewing knits!

  44. Quiltgypsy says:

    I am making a personal prayer flag as a thank-you gift for a friend.

  45. Stephanie says:

    I’m sewing a toddler tote bag 🙂

  46. nique et says:


  47. marilyn says:

    I wish I was sewing up the linen shirt and flannel PJ pants that I have cut out waiting to be sewn.

  48. Christine says:

    ohhh…I wish I were knitting/sewing the tote that I designed…linen body/flax yarn. Weddings weddings this weekend!

  49. Christy says:

    I wish I was sewing creative stuffed animal creatures for my son, who loves when fabrics and colors are unexpected and “smashingly” matched. lol

  50. Raquel says:

    working on a baby quilt, maybe some little crafty gifts for a birthday swap. 🙂

  51. Im going to start the free motion quilting on my very first full sized quilt. I’m excited and just a little nervous!

  52. Michelle Shaffer says:

    linen dress and jacket for my niece’s wedding in May. Luckily it rained last night so it’s too wet to work in the garden!

  53. Marta M. says:

    I am sewing linen bags and a white linen shirt for my son to wear for May Day!

  54. Paula K. says:

    I am finishing a quilt this weekend. There, I’ve said it, now I
    Have to do it!

  55. Paula K. says:

    I am going to finish a quilt todsy, i hope. I am so near completion that i have no excuse not to do so.

  56. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    This weekend I’ll be quilting a quilt, and working on finishing another quilt that needs to be quilted soon. What I would rather be working on? A paper pieced pattern I’ve been doing.

  57. Linda says:

    This weekend I am making some pillowcases for my bed from some striking fabric by Jason Yenter! I’m really excited to get them done and on my bed.

  58. Chris says:

    I am putting the borders on my Butterfly Blooms quilt, then the weather is supposed to be perfect so I will be outside. Yay no more cold!

  59. Linda Fleming says:

    I’ll be working on my Amish style Ocean Wave quilt.

  60. Emily C says:

    I will be working on my hexie quilt.

  61. Michelle says:

    A Spring Jacket for my youngest, for a pattern tour!

  62. Vanessa says:

    I wish I could but I’ve got work travel ;(

  63. Kristi says:

    I’ll be sewing a Lady Skater Dress.

  64. Marsy says:

    No sewing this weekend, but I really need to work on the birthday quilt I promised my sister a year and a half ago!

  65. sarah says:

    Hoping to finish a lap quilt that has been sitting… and get caught up on the mending pile

  66. Kitty says:

    I am hoping to finish the quilt for my grandson! YES!!

  67. See up a storm weekend involves finishing an etsy order for a baby quilt, quilting twins crib quilts before they arrive, and finishing the quilt my great grandmother started in 1952. My back might hurt when I’m done 😉

  68. amber says:

    This weekend I am sewing two Colette Sorbetto tanks for my girlfriend and I to wear to Jazz Fest the following weekend! I am so excited to sew them and super excited to wear them. If I finish those I hope to make a dent on a quilt I’ve been working on too.

  69. Tamara D says:

    I am hoping to put some batting and fabric on the backs of my husband’s old Army unit t-shirts to start on his quilt. If I can’t start that then I have several pieces of fabric that I want to turn into pillows.

  70. c says:

    I am planning to stitch up a number of simple summer dresses from my fabric stash!

  71. Wendy says:

    I wish I could finish a quilt I’m working on but its doubtful…

  72. Jamie Vowell says:

    I will be working on several projects, as usual. I am making a felted pincushion for a ‘swap’ and I’m also working on some embroidery for another project! Jamie V in MT

  73. susie says:

    A quilted map wall hanging for my grandson.

  74. Susie says:

    Will be working on a quilted map wall hanging and putting together a giant flowered wall hanging.

  75. Lyn says:

    I am doing some hand appliqué quilt blocks for a guild project.

  76. Sandy says:

    I am finishing up a felt garden box for my granddaughter.

  77. Patricia in PA says:

    Wallets and passport holders this weekend with applique, using upcycled fabrics. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  78. Deborah says:

    I am sewing the oval sympathy bag by Zen Chic and dress No2 from 100 acts of sewing. Can’t wait.

  79. Lee says:

    I am catching up with my BOM – its the first time I am doing one and I got behind!

  80. Karen B says:

    I have so many projects to do this weekend: I’m taking a class, and I have a quilt to quilt, and I’m working on a graduation quilt for my friend.

  81. lesley says:

    i wish i was sewing as i am still teaching myself and need all the practice in the world!!!

    i won’t have much time this weekend but will be making at least one crocheted storage basket to sell in my booth at our local shop, and hopefully make one for myself!!

  82. Dawn H says:

    I am trying to finish one crazy quilt block so I can get it framed and sent to my mom for her 91st birthday. The book looks great!

  83. Carmen N says:

    Not sure I want to spend time sewing/crafting as it’s finally going to be NICE outside. I would like to work on a quilt block and perhaps start making my daughter a dress.

  84. Tina Short says:

    I’m finishing quilting the silver grey quilt I made for my sister and brother in laws silver wedding Anniversary – hopefully in time for the party next weekend.

  85. Ann Marie says:

    I’ll be making pajama bottoms if I don’t get too harassed by the kids and the cats.

  86. Diana says:

    I’m making a tote from an old Barbie case to take to the Barbie Convention in July!

  87. Heidi says:

    Quilting a Christmas tree skirt for a wedding present!

  88. Sara Russell-Scholl says:

    I hope to make some time to finish up my living room shade and work on spring pillows

  89. Melva says:

    Working on my 9 yr olds quilt!

  90. Melva says:

    I am working on my 9 year olds quilt this weekend!!

  91. Kathy Marsh says:

    I’m sewing a linen blouse. It’s kind of fun to get back into garment sewing but now I remember why I gave it up.

  92. Kelly Wilson says:

    I am binding my first quilt this weekend. I made two baby quilts with the same front but different backs for a pair of twin girls. My quilting is all over the place so I hope it crinkles in the wash to hide my amateur stitches. : )

  93. I WISH I was sewing my dress for our latest challenge! 🙂

  94. jonquil says:

    I will be sewing a simple curtain panel for the front room & attaching blanket binding to some *blindingly* neon pink fleece for Grandchild #1.

  95. Mikaela says:

    I’m sewing pants this weekend! The first pair will be pajama pants for myself, then a pair for my toddler.

  96. jessicac says:

    I wish I was sewing a new linen top… have the fabric, and the pattern, just not the time!

  97. Judith says:

    I hope to be able to finish a quilt for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win.

  98. Bonnie Larson says:

    I’m working on a welcome banner with raw edge applique. thanks so much for sharing

  99. kbo says:

    I plan on creating a table runner to celebrate my upcoming birthday – that is, if I have time away from volunteering at our guild’s bi-annual Quilt Show. There’s lot to see and buy!

  100. I’m hoping to make a tee shirt for myself this weekend.

  101. Gina S. says:

    I plan on make a runner 🙂

  102. Katherine says:

    This weekend I will continue to work on a quilt I am making. I think I am going to name it Victory Garden.

  103. Emily Wall says:

    This weekend I will be sewing a tablet case for my big kid!

  104. angie says:

    I am working on a mothers day project and a birthday project.

  105. Teresa says:

    I wish I was sewing on my latest quilts project – trying to finish a twin size quilt by hand.

  106. Crystal Rose says:

    I’m finishing up a little bag for my daughter. After that I’m going to make myself a new shirt.

  107. Shelly Rhodes says:

    I am hopefully finishing up 3 pairs of booties for my niece that just had her 3rd! baby girl (all matching for her stair step beauties) and hopefully finishing a baby dress I promised my sister for one of her friends many weeks ago! I am so interested in dying cloth naturally, and already downloaded the dye information you have offered me! Thank you so much! I would love this book!

  108. Margie says:

    This book looks so, so beautiful.
    This weekend I plan on finishing a quilt top for my new nephew-to-be.

  109. Michele T says:

    I am currently cutting fabric for a charity quilt to be given to a young child – also known as Soy Amado. I prepare the blocks with a top, back and batting, then quilt the sandwich together and send it off to be put together into a whole quilt!! Since this is my first time I am excited.

  110. angelina says:

    besutiful home

  111. Brenna says:

    I finally have a few hours all to myself this weekend and I am SO excited to sit and focus on my dyosampler! I’ve been squeezing in some hand-piecing and cutting, but haven’t had a chance to just sit at the machine and sew. All the pieces have been sitting on my table staring at me for days.

    Also, some mending and hemming. It’s amazing how quickly 5 year old boys wear holes in their jeans.

  112. Daya says:

    I probably won’t get to sell this weekend. However, in the early part of next week, I will be sewing a dress for myself and a shirt for my son!

  113. Kim says:

    I am going to be sewing the Caroline party dress from the perfect pattern parcel #2 for my niece!

  114. Jessica says:

    I am sewing a king sized quilt this weekend 🙂

  115. melissa says:

    I need to finish up my 1940s apron and work on some secret sewing projects this weekend.

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