Wendy Buss from Thimblenest loves embroidery; she creates custom designs to share with readers on her blog. She’s also very organized in her sewing and has lots of tips to share for efficient sewing.

My name is Wendy Buss, and when I’m not being a wife, mom to four kids, and a part-time teacher, I try to fit in as much sewing time as possible. I also enjoy embroidery, knitting, gardening and reading. I enjoy making things for my family that are both fashionable and functional. Recently I was thrilled to sew and embroider a tie for my weather-crazy five year old. I write about all of these endeavors and more at Thimblenest.

Ever since my grandma taught me to embroider around the age of nine I’ve been on the lookout for embroidery patterns that are “just right.” Recently I’ve begun creating my own designs. Eventually I will offer them for sale in my online shop, but for right now check out my freebies page for a growing collection of free PDF embroidery downloads and tutorials. Also, subscribers to my monthly newsletter receive an exclusive free embroidery pattern each month, so if you’d like even more free goodies be sure to stop by and sign up!

I just finished this Sweet Pea Pilot Cap for my new niece and couldn’t help but think that they are an ideal candidate for sewing assembly line style. (Post coming soon, all about sewing multiples!) I can’t wait to give it a try with a few larger sizes to keep her well-supplied with caps for her first year.