Etc. Backpack from Sewing School 2

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This giveaway is now closed. Thanks!

Once kids have learned to sew by hand with Sewing School, they can now jump right into Sewing School 2: Lessons in Machine Sewing!

From the publisher:

    For kids who have mastered hand sewing, machine sewing opens up exciting new possibilities! With Sewing School 2, children ages 7 and up can make 20 creative projects as they develop their machine sewing skills. With plenty of photos and step-by-step instructions written in kid-friendly language, young sewists can work independently and at their own pace. While creating projects that range from a secret message pillow and a water bottle holder to wall pockets, a zippy pouch, and even a fabric guitar and microphone, beginners will learn how to thread a sewing machine, how to use different fabrics and patterns, and why and when to use a particular stitch. “Make It Yours” suggestions offer ways for kids to personalize their projects, resulting in unique items that will be loved and treasured for years to come.

To give you a better idea about the clear guidance and photos in the book you can download the Etc. Backpack project from Sewing School 2 (project excerpt + pattern). This is an easy first sewing machine project, and versatile too! Use it to carry extras for your favorite summer activities, make the backpack as a present for a friend or as gift bags for parties… There are so many options!

You can also win a copy of Sewing School 2: Lessons in Machine Sewing. (U.S. addresses only this time, please.) Tell us about your favorite beginner sewing project, or the first project you made when you learned to sew. Sewing School 2 would be a great summer sewing kickstarter!

Excerpted from Sewing School 2: Lessons in Machine Sewing (c) by Amie Petronis Plumley and Andria Lisle. Photos by (c) Justin Fox Burks with pattern diagrams by Missy Shepler. Used with permission from Storey Publishing.

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53 Responses to Etc. Backpack from Sewing School 2

  1. Cheryl Hovey says:

    My 1st sewing project was a maternity outfit when I was expecting my 2nd child & my 1st son. Very special time for me 🙂 I loved every minute of it!
    I didn’t sew again til years later as I just got so busy with taking care of growing family.

  2. Amy M says:

    My first project was a red muscle shirt (80’s junior high). Then I made simple elastic waist straight skirts with a slit up the back for all of my friends. Big bangs, brooch–the whole look. So fun that my daughter is now taking an interest in sewing.

  3. Kelli says:

    a knit romper! and a Barbie dress. I guess I just lept in!

  4. Katy says:

    My first project was some baby burp clothes.

  5. Julie says:

    The first project I made was a patchwork pillow, with lots of help from my Grandma! We had a great time together.

  6. Teresa W says:

    I didn’t do a lot of sewing when I was young, I did more cross-stitch and projects with beads. But both of my kids (7 and 5) have already done a couple of stitched projects. What really helped us, was that they were already used to playing with threading boards, designs in hard board with holes, that you use something like a shoe lace to weave through. It led them right into a running stitch, which they’ve used to make pillows, dollies, and other little projects. I think the boards really helped.

    Thanks for the giveaway. We have the first book, and my daughter LOVES it!!

  7. Katie R says:

    My first project was a throw pillow! What great giveaway!

  8. Christine says:

    My first sewing project was a stuffed animal in home ec. It was all made by hand, and quite fiddly. It did inspire me to try machine sewing, and I made 3 pairs of shorts and a top (with a little help from Mom!)

  9. sangeetha says:

    the first I made was a cute skirt

  10. Samantha says:

    My little one and I made doll quilts as one of her first sewing projects. We have the first book and love it! Ps I do have an US mailing address.

  11. Jessie Hansen says:

    I didn’t get into sewing until High School when my theatre teacher thought that because of my religion I knew how to sew. When I failed 1/2 my classes and couldn’t act in the play that year, as per school policy, I could still be on the crew so she set me on the Costume crew because they were short handed (as in, I was the only one), loaded me up with supplies, and let me go at it. It’s a good thing I failed my classes because I made over 1/2 the costumes and now I love to sew!

  12. Debra says:

    My first sewing project was a scarf I made in 4H club. I think I must have been about 10 years old then!

  13. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    I remember learning to sew in Home Ec, We had to make a skirt and shirt. I did a horrible job. I do a much better job quilting. I would love this book, as my two great nephews moved back from Texas, and I would like to use it with them.

  14. brenda says:

    I have two pre-teen granddaughters who love to sew and two six year old’s who love to ‘play’ even the two eight year old grandsons like to do row’s of fancy stitches, I’m sure the book would give them all inspiration for greater things!

  15. Lyn says:

    Mine was doll clothes too, but it took me a while to get the sewing bug… dolls all wore sarongs for quite a while! (Mom was an expert sewer, though, so they had other clothes too!)

  16. Sarah says:

    My first projects were “dresses” for my dolls; basically fabric tubes that I tied on with ribbon.

  17. My favorite beginner projects are pillows and pillowcases. My soon-to-be 5 year old is learning to sew with me and she has a small pillow and a robot stuffie under her belt.

  18. Katherine says:

    My first project was a pillow in 7th grade home-ec class. My first made-by-me project was a brown skirt, in a soft brushed cotton. Now that I sew for my five young daughters, I am introducing them to garment sewing first in hope they fall in love with the mixture of style, color and texture.

  19. Jansie says:

    The first thing I ever sewed on my own (besides my Barbie doll clothing attempts! haha) was a pair of Bermuda Shorts in 8th Grade Home Ec. class. 🙂 I was so proud of those things!

  20. Amanda says:

    I think my first project was a pillow! Oh, and hair scrunchies! This bag looks lots more fun, though! 🙂

  21. Carmen N says:

    My very first sewing project was a knit t-shirt. And I chose striped fabric. I don’t remember ever wearing the finished project.

  22. Becky M says:

    I remember making an ice cream cone pillow in home economics! I think that was my first machine sewing project.

  23. Mihla says:

    Even though my mother sewed many of my clothes when I was a child, I was never interested in learning to sew. After I had my first child, I taught myself to sew because I could afford to buy much for her. The first thing I made was a bunting I made from a blanket I got at the thrift store. My 10-year-old has been bugging me to teach her to sew, and her older sister got a sewing machine for Christmas, so this book would be perfect.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    The first thing I ever sewed was a dress for my Barbie from vintage Barbie patterns!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Helen says:

    I was a freshman in Home Economics and our first sewing project was to make a cotton half-slip with lace round the bottom.

  26. Colleen says:

    I’d love to either win or buy this book my 3 granddaughters are taking sewing classes they have made a quilt a tote a skirt some stuffed things pillows
    My first sewing class was in school making an aperon but I had been sewing at home before I don’t remember what I made, I know I altered clothes esp for my brothers who wanted ‘pegged’ pants now known as skinny jeans.

  27. Kristie says:

    My kids like making stuffies. We’ve also made pillow cases and simple pouch bags. We have Sewing School 1 and love it. I’d love to have a copy of the new book to work from this summer. Thanks!

  28. Mara says:

    My children want to learn to sew, but I never have an idea of what they can do, or what I should let them do, this book would be fun to go through it with them.

  29. Raina DelRio says:

    My first sewing project was Barbie clothes. My first usable (lol) project was an apron. I am teaching my daughter to sew, and her first project was a travel pillow cover for her daddy.

  30. Peep says:

    One of the first dresses I made was a dress for my little sister. I read a book that said don’t use ugly fabrics and I used it anyway. Guess what? Pretty cut and fit and terrible fabric! I don’t even know what happened to the dress. It was probably thrown away. 🙁

  31. Stephanie says:

    I made lined curtains for my 1st appartment. They may not have been the straightest curtains but hey they worked lol!

  32. Sandy K says:

    I don’t remember what my first project was. I think a pillow case would be a great first project for a young sewist.

  33. Vicki H says:

    The first time I machine sewed was in home ec class. I think we made a skirt with an elastic waist. I would love the book for my granddaughter.

  34. Liz Rehrauer says:

    I got my grandgirls Sewing School 1 for Christmas and they whipped thru those projects in record time during their holiday from school. I was already thinking of giving them number 2. I’d love to win it so I don’t have to buy it.

  35. Christine says:

    One of my first beginner projects was making teddy bears with my sister. We had a whole factory going by the end of the summer. We started out just plain stuffed ones and by summers end were cranking out jointed bears. Lots of fun memories!

  36. meghann says:

    My first sewing project was a dress I made with my mom to wear for Easter many, many years ago. I have the first Sewing School book and am planning to help my daughter choose a few projects to work on this summer; I’m excited to see a machine-sewing book for after she gets the hang of hand sewing! xo

  37. Amber Arnold says:

    My first project was upcycling a t-shirt to a toddler dress. It worked out better than I thought!

  38. Charlotte L says:

    I think pillowcases are a great starter project or simple drawstring bags. Thanks for the chance. My girls would love this book.

  39. Alesha Klein says:

    I learned to sew by taking a quilt making class. I would do a block in class and then make another at home. I made 2 quilts at once and have not stopped since. I make Halloween treat bags, baby quilts, receiving blankets, mini quilts each month for my granddaughter, plus may more quilts. I can’t stop now. Love it!

  40. Nicole Sender says:

    My first project was a white toy horse with blue felt spots! I thought he turned out great!

  41. nik kamisah says:

    Attractive to bring to extra class for girls

  42. Kak Nik says:

    The children will surely love the backpack bag as it is light, colourful, unique geometrical design..ah..just perfect to bring to school…can embellish with embroideries, buttons, beads or ribbons.

  43. Min says:

    My first project as a kid was making sleeping bags for my dolls. Simple sewing up one side and down the other, by hand. Then I’d glue on embellishments. Seemed to satisfy me at the time!

  44. Michelle Smith says:

    The first thing I (remember) learning to sew was a terry cloth towel wrap. To teach my own daughters to sew I have them make a 9 patch block and make a pillow for their bed.

  45. Heidi G says:

    I made a simple baby quilt when I was learning to sew. Starting to teach my 8-yr-old son so this book would be really fun for him!

  46. Amy says:

    My 6-year-old son has developed an interest in sewing. Well, he likes to see what stitches are possible by running fabric through the machine — fast. That said, he just finished his first real sewing project mostly by himself, which was the hairy snake from a post/video by Wendi Gratz on Sew Mama Sew,, although we cheated and put on googley eyes instead of sewing on buttons.

  47. I think my first project was a pillow case.

  48. Ann says:

    My kids’ favorite beginner sweing projects have always been little pillows, both hand and machine stitched. My first sewing oroject with my mom was sachets.

  49. Heidu says:

    I learned to machine sew with pillowcases! My first piece of clothing was a skirt and my first quilt was a whole cloth, tied, baby quilt.

  50. Anita says:

    My nearly 10 year old daughter has been sewing for 2 years (yikes !). She really loves making simple skirts for herself.

  51. SarahB says:

    My girls’ favorite first project is little pouches. I think mine was doll clothes. 🙂

  52. My first project ever was a pillowcase!

  53. Manette Gutterman says:

    I remember making an easy dress for my doll. Glad I had the patience to learn!

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