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Thanks for all of the great feedback on the Oakshott Ruby Mini Quilt Challenge! Debbie of A Quilter’s Table, Jen of BettyCrockerAss, Malka of A Stitch in Dye, Deborah of Whipstitch, Kristy of St. Louis Folk Victorian and Beth of Plum and June have all created beautiful mini quilts using at least six different colors from the Red Ruby Oakshott shot cottons fat quarter bundle. We love how varied each designer’s mini quilt is from the next, and how pretty they all are together as a collection.

Malka from A Stitch in Dye always creates stunning work, and her Ruby Red Trees mini quilt is yet another example of her talents! Malka writes, “These fabrics are amazing, deep, intense saturated tones. They shimmer and feel a lot like Kaffe Fassett’s shot cottons, a similarity that prompted me to choose one of his stripes for binding this quilt.”

Malka’s Ruby Red Trees is a slight variation of her Klee’s Trees pattern (available at A Stitch in Dye and on Etsy); Malka shows you how to make changes to the original pattern in her Oakshott Ruby Challenge post. Visit A Stitch in Dye for more, and don’t miss the free Supersize Shoo-Fly Quilt and the Fish Baby Log Cabin Quilt patterns from Malka here at Sew Mama Sew.

We’re giving away a fat eighth bundle with 16 gorgeous pieces of Oakshott Ruby! Comment on any of our Mini Quilt Challenge posts for a chance to win; here are links for mini quilts from Beth, Debbie and Kristy. Look for more this week from our talented group of Oakshott Ruby Mini Quilt Challengers and via social media (#oakshottrubymini):

You can purchase Oakshott Fabrics at local regional quilt shops, directly from the manufacturer in the UK, or online from Contemporary Cloth in the US.