Oakshott Ruby Mini Quilt Challenge: Malka of A Stitch in Dye

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This giveaway is now closed. Thank you!

Thanks for all of the great feedback on the Oakshott Ruby Mini Quilt Challenge! Debbie of A Quilter’s Table, Jen of BettyCrockerAss, Malka of A Stitch in Dye, Deborah of Whipstitch, Kristy of St. Louis Folk Victorian and Beth of Plum and June have all created beautiful mini quilts using at least six different colors from the Red Ruby Oakshott shot cottons fat quarter bundle. We love how varied each designer’s mini quilt is from the next, and how pretty they all are together as a collection.

Malka from A Stitch in Dye always creates stunning work, and her Ruby Red Trees mini quilt is yet another example of her talents! Malka writes, “These fabrics are amazing, deep, intense saturated tones. They shimmer and feel a lot like Kaffe Fassett’s shot cottons, a similarity that prompted me to choose one of his stripes for binding this quilt.”

Malka’s Ruby Red Trees is a slight variation of her Klee’s Trees pattern (available at A Stitch in Dye and on Etsy); Malka shows you how to make changes to the original pattern in her Oakshott Ruby Challenge post. Visit A Stitch in Dye for more, and don’t miss the free Supersize Shoo-Fly Quilt and the Fish Baby Log Cabin Quilt patterns from Malka here at Sew Mama Sew.

We’re giving away a fat eighth bundle with 16 gorgeous pieces of Oakshott Ruby! Comment on any of our Mini Quilt Challenge posts for a chance to win; here are links for mini quilts from Beth, Debbie and Kristy. Look for more this week from our talented group of Oakshott Ruby Mini Quilt Challengers and via social media (#oakshottrubymini):

You can purchase Oakshott Fabrics at local regional quilt shops, directly from the manufacturer in the UK, or online from Contemporary Cloth in the US.

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75 Responses to Oakshott Ruby Mini Quilt Challenge: Malka of A Stitch in Dye

  1. Lu says:

    Love this fabric!

  2. Karen Thurn says:

    Very vibrant! I like the focal point.

  3. Marti says:

    Stunning! What else would you expect from Malka, Oakshott, and Kaffe?!? I can’t even pick a favorite part of the quilt, everything just pairs so well together. I do love the one light branch against with the deeper tree in the top left.

  4. Elizabethdx says:

    Wow! I didn’t really appreciate the Klee’s Trees pattern until Malka used these lovely fabrics for it. She makes both the fabrics and the pattern sing. Love it.

  5. Alys H says:

    The Oakshott really adds to the design. Very attractive.

  6. Amorette says:

    Loving that bright blue tree in the center

  7. Karen H says:

    The pop of blue with the Ruby Reds, makes this quilt come alive. Beautiful work!

  8. Marly says:

    I like these stylised trees, and they showcase the beautiful fabrics admirably.

  9. Beezus says:

    This is beautiful. I love that shimmery blue amongst all those warm red tones.

  10. Delaine says:

    What a pretty quilt! Thanks!

  11. Gill says:

    Fabulous – I love Malka’s quilt!

  12. Diane B says:

    Beth’s “THe Quilt that Almost Wasn’t” is just adorable, especially the binding in canoes print from feather river

  13. Jess says:

    I really love the colors in this one; it reminds me of sunsets. (We had a particularly good one last night, with blue and purple and reds; this made me think of it).

  14. Cheryl Hovey says:

    Deborah at Whipstitch, “Make a Scrappy Stitch around the World Quilt”. I absolutely loved the sunny bright beautiful colors & detail!!
    It’s a keeper. A work of art. Although I must say they were all very beautiful.

  15. Bernie says:

    Love the whole thing. The binding is the perfect choice.

  16. Diane says:

    Another neat mini quilt! So much talent.

  17. susan718 says:

    I love Malka’s work and Oakshot is just beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  18. Karen A says:

    The quilt is gorgeous. I love the colors and especially the striped binding.

  19. Barb in MI says:

    Fabulous! I absolutely love the colors and pattern! Thanks!

  20. Lisa Marie says:

    Beautiful quilt and the choice of binding is just perfect!

  21. Catherine says:

    So unique and beautiful! I would definitely hang this in my home.

  22. Paloma says:

    What a beautiful quilt! Love the pop of the turquoise tree.

  23. Emily C says:

    Lovely quilt. I love your choice of quilting on the diagonal.

  24. wendy says:

    what a fabulous design!

  25. Jenny says:

    Gorgeous malka

  26. Beth T. says:

    I’d love to see an installation with each of these quilts on display.

  27. Claudia says:

    I use shot cotton a lot and I like using stripes in my binding.

  28. Jane S. says:

    I love Malka’s trees! I think they’d look good no matter what color they were done in. These are yummy rich colors and the striped binding looks great. 🙂

  29. Janet says:

    I love Beth’s pillows, especially the one with the triangles. Great colors with a modern flair!

  30. Carol Y says:

    I love this pattern and the colors! The pairing with Kaffe striped shot cotton works well.

  31. Jane Howie says:

    stunning fabrics, love the rich and gorgeous colours and the design – beautiful!

  32. barbara woods says:


  33. Chris B says:

    I like the tree design.

  34. Barb says:

    These quilts are beautiful! Inspirational.

  35. Sandy Tyson says:

    I’m totally in love with this!

  36. Karen B says:

    I like the blue, but I would like it even without the blue. The colors are great.

  37. Pat V. says:

    Thanks for sharing this great mini quilt. I need to try this!

  38. Renee says:

    What a fun quilt! Very pretty colors.

  39. Lee says:

    I love the design and the colors!

  40. becky m says:

    These are so beautiful. The depth in these fabrics just adds so much more to a pattern!

  41. Melise says:

    Wow, this mini quilt is really stunning: still love the colors, and love the design! Well done!

  42. Ann says:

    I think I love this one the most. Shot Cottons are so wonderful to work with.

  43. L says:

    Love the design!

  44. Julie Z says:

    I love the fabric colors! I can’t wait to see all the other quilts!

  45. Jacklynn Grimm says:

    Lovely mini quilt – it’s a great color combination and I love the striped binding! Have yet to work with Oakshott cottons – hope this is my chance! Thanks for the give away!

  46. Barb Colvin says:

    Awesome! The Kaffe Fassett stripe is a perfect finish.

  47. erika says:

    The Oakshott cottons are so beautiful!

  48. Judy says:


  49. Flicsha says:

    A very nice pattern and so well done! A good use of all the fabrics.

  50. KimberJ says:

    Malka is one of my favorite quilter/fabric dyers. I’ve taken her class on Craftsy and she is a fabulous teacher. Oakshott cottons are my new favorite and I love, Love, LOVE her Ruby Red Tree Pattern!

  51. Mary D says:

    I love the tree pattern and the colors. What a great mini.

  52. Claudia TN says:

    Love this! The colors are gorgeous, and the pop of blue is gorgeous!

  53. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Beautiful use of the fabrics.

  54. Erica says:

    Another beautiful mini! After seeing all of these I’m going to have to get out my precious Oakshott and make something.

  55. Heather J says:

    What a lovely quilt. Really appreciated the interest of varied coloured branches and the binding fabric.

  56. Tracey says:

    Love these colors and love this quilt layout

  57. Krista says:

    Love the trees and the fabric

  58. Erica says:

    Wow, love this quilt! The blue really pops out!

  59. Rumi says:

    Beautiful! Simple design and rich colors.

  60. Ali says:


  61. Deborah says:

    I love the contrast of the blue tree in the middle of all the reds.

  62. Mandi says:

    OOooh! One of my favorites for sure!

  63. Anita says:

    A beautiful mini; gorgeous colors!

  64. Beautiful! Perfect project for this fabric.

  65. Vanessa says:

    I loved the original Klee inspired quilt, and the trees look beautiful in these colors, too.

  66. Jinger says:

    Oh my goodness, they’re all so beautiful; but, Malka’s is my favorite!

  67. Jenn R. says:

    Wow how pretty!

  68. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    I absolutely love this quilt, and the quilting really works well with it. The colors are just wonderful too. I would love to see all of these quilts in person hanging on a wall together. I think that would be an absolutely beautiful sight to see.

  69. Kristine says:

    Very striking, modern design. I like it.

  70. Heidi says:

    Wow! That’s lovely!

  71. Laura says:

    I love the tree pattern! It’s a great way to show off the fabrics without them getting lost.

  72. Roseline McIntosh says:

    Absolutely stunning

  73. Tamie says:

    I have this pattern and would love to try the mini version.

  74. Shannon says:

    Reds AND shot cottons together? I’m in love!

  75. Anne says:

    This one is my favorite. I’ve always loved the tree design and think it looks stunning with the Oakshott.

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