Oakshott Ruby Mini Quilt Challenge: Deborah from Whipstitch

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We’ve shared lots of mini quilts from our Oakshott Ruby Mini Quilt Challenge! Here are posts from Beth, Debbie, Kristy and Malka. Our designer quilters used at least six different colors from the Red Ruby Oakshott shot cottons fat quarter bundle. Would you like a chance to play with Red Ruby fabrics too? Comment on any of our Mini Quilt Challenge posts for a chance to win a fat eighth bundle with 16 beautiful pieces of Oakshott Ruby!

Deborah from Whipstitch turned her mini quilt into a pillow, giving the warp and weft threads a chance to reflect light at different angles.

Deborah writes, “I love the way the variations in the threads give a real shimmer and movement to the squares when seen in the light, and I love the way the shades of red and orange and purple work their way across the body of the piece from left to right. I made this into a pillow cover, thinking that the roundedness provided by the pillow insert would show off the changes in color a bit better; part of me wants to see MORE of the layout, though, and I’m undecided about whether it would have been best left as a mini.”

Deborah shares a lot more about her design at Whipstitch and she also has some great photos that really show the different woven threads in the Oakshott fabrics. Check it out! (Also, do you remember Deborah’s fantastic Be a Better Craft Teacher series with us last fall?! If you missed it the first time around be sure to take a look. She’s amazing.)

Take a look at the latest from our talented Oakshott Ruby Mini Quilt Challengers via their blogs:

You can purchase Oakshott Fabrics at local regional quilt shops, directly from the manufacturer in the UK, or online from Contemporary Cloth in the US.

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52 Responses to Oakshott Ruby Mini Quilt Challenge: Deborah from Whipstitch

  1. Tomboy says:

    Love the colors !

  2. Tomboy says:

    Love the colors!

  3. Karen Thurn says:

    Nice choice of color placement. I like the pillow.

  4. D. Meredith says:

    Love your use of these wonderful fabrics! Great pillow….

  5. Karen B says:

    Pretty. Everything with these fabrics is pretty! Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re my budget) I’ve yet to see these Oakshotts in person. I would love a chance to see the glory everyone talks about.

  6. Pat V. says:

    This is a gorgeous palette. Very cute pillow!

  7. Helen says:

    What a clever idea. Mini quilts are beautiful but how many can you hang? A pillow is a useful and decorative piece.

  8. diane says:

    The oranges to reds to violet are reminiscent of a southwest sunset.
    It’s truly a beautiful pillow. The stitching is unique and adds just the right touch of class!

  9. Erika says:

    Lovely colors!

  10. L says:

    Love the arrangement of colors

  11. wendy says:

    I definitely think it works best as a cushion – the rounded corners really show off what the oakshotts look like, better than any flat object could

  12. Peggy Gibbs says:

    Beautiful color combinations. I enjoy making pillows for senior care centers.

  13. Renee says:

    This pillow is beautiful! I love the simple patchwork with such amazing fabrics!

  14. becky m says:

    Oh, it really looks like it’s radiating heat or light! love this pillow. 🙂

  15. Cheri says:

    I LIke Stitch and dye’s quilt. very out of the ordinary pattern!

  16. Megan says:

    This is so awesome… and lovely reds! It’s vibrant, yet warm!

  17. Jolien says:

    Lovely combination of colors!

  18. Cindy says:

    My daughter says that pillow would be perfect for her house. If I won I would be making a pillow top… maybe. Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. Pat F from MA says:

    Love Oakshott and love this pillow!

  20. Lee says:

    I love the bright and happy color!

  21. Erica says:


  22. Tabitha Keener says:

    Beautiful fabrics, I would love to try some out! So colorful! Thanks

  23. Jenn R. says:

    How pretty and unique is this! Very creative. 🙂

  24. Carol Y says:

    I like this as a pillow rather than just a mini. The reflection of light on the curved surface makes it part of the design!

  25. Pamela Reim says:

    I loved the Klee’s Trees mini quilt by A Stitch in Dye. Love the fabrics which work so well with her clean design. And would love a packet of those fabrics!

  26. Melanie says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I would love to give these a try. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  27. DebbieK says:

    I love the simplicity of this design!

  28. Elizabeth says:

    That oakshot fabric is beautiful…so vibrant. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. Lin Marsh says:

    I would LOVE a chance to play with this fabric. It is so intriguing.

  30. Gill says:

    The Oakshott fabrics really shine!

  31. Gill Turner says:

    I love the way the different shades catch the light. I need to investigate this fabric further!

  32. Margie says:

    Love the color in this quilt!

  33. Judy says:

    Very pretty pillow! The rounded pillow form really shows off the sheen of these fabrics.

  34. Danielle says:

    Looks really nice with the light.

  35. liz horton says:

    Beautiful pillow!

  36. Stacia says:

    The color variety in this pillow is beautiful! I love how she worked to highlight the sheen of each piece!

  37. Deborah says:

    Lovely cushion cover!

  38. Kim says:

    Those fabrics are so stunning, and the way they toss the light around in this design is brilliant. What a gorgeous pillow to have gracing your lounge!

  39. Amorette says:

    Love these colors like this, the pillow looks like a kaleidoscope or a prism. Gorgeous.

  40. Mandi says:

    beautiful, simple, colorful

  41. Karen says:

    What a gorgeous pillow! I love the look and the feel of shot cottons.

  42. Debra Kay Neiman says:

    I love this pillow, she has a talent for picking colors.

  43. Susan says:

    I like this pillow. I also like Malka’s Ruby Red Trees. Two totally different looks using the same fabric.

  44. Melanie C says:

    Such a lovely pillow!

  45. Heidi says:


  46. Beth T. says:

    The small formats really make these fabrics shine.

  47. Dee says:

    I love this fabric and all the creative projects made by talented sewists!

  48. Francesca says:

    Wow, vibrant, beautiful color choices. I love it!

  49. Anne Marie says:

    Love what she did with this fabric – such a nice pillow.

  50. Sandy Tyson says:

    What a beautiful combination of colors!

  51. Michelle H-K says:

    I just love this idea–so many things you can do with a mini quilt!

  52. LINDA says:

    HI, how neat this fabric looks! I have not used it yet!
    Thanks for sharing!

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