Drunkard’s Path Blocks Video: Curved Blocks with Angela Pingel

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We recently featured quilter Angela Pingel from Cut to Pieces in our My Favorite Quilt series. Angela has a new book out, all about sewing curved blocks. A Quilter’s Mixology (Interweave / F+W) gives you the basics of curved piecing plus tons of projects so you can master curves as you create!

Angela created a video for Sew Mama Sew readers to share some great tips for sewing curved blocks. Check it out, then get your copy of A Quilter’s Mixology for more from Angela!

Hi All! I’m Angela Pingel from Cut to Pieces and I’m excited to share with you a new video (my first one in fact!) on sewing curved blocks. My book, A Quilter’s Mixology just came out and it’s all about sewing with curved blocks. These are a basic staple in any quilter’s arsenal of blocks but a lot of people are afraid of them. I walk you step by step through sewing the blocks using my one pin method, pressing the blocks, trimming the blocks and finally a special type of seam that creates a disappearing seam with two blocks. Using this method you can create any of the blocks in my book and then some! I love making a video version of my instructions (though they are clearly laid out in the book as well) because I know we all learn a bit differently. I tried to take my time with the video giving you a couple of chances to see the techniques and set you up for success. I hope you find it helpful!

And thank you to Sew Mama Sew for having me here today! Another first as well, I think!

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4 Responses to Drunkard’s Path Blocks Video: Curved Blocks with Angela Pingel

  1. Peg crescenzo says:

    Great to see a better way to manage sewing those curves! Thank you.

  2. Diane says:

    A great video for your first one; you’re clearly a natural :-) I’m in the UK, so I’ll wait until the book is available here.

  3. Sondra says:

    I just watched your video and can’t thank you (Angela and SMS for posting) enough. Genius way to do this “modern” block. I am actually not afraid to try this!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited. Best wishes, Sondra

  4. Sondra says:

    This book is fantastic! Angela did an amazing job. Can’t wait to try some of her projects. Thank you Angela and SMS.
    XXX Sondra

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