Maris Olsen from Sew Maris is up next with a cute backpack tutorial for taking necessities along on summer adventures. First learn all about Maris and her love of sewing, then be sure to stop by Sew Maris for more!

Hi there! My name is Maris Olsen, and I live in Bellevue, WA with my husband and our very sweet pooch, Toby. My four children are all grown and, thankfully, gainfully employed and happy! I am so lucky to have my granddaughter (just 2 ½) living only five minutes away, so I get to hang out with her often. She thinks Nana’s house is where all the crackers and “purple milk” (known to the rest of us as blueberry kefir) are stored!

I have been sewing almost forever. Seriously. When I tell my young students I have been sewing at least 50 years they can’t believe and seriously, neither can I! Who has done anything for 50 years? Crazy! I spent my entire work-outside-the-home life as a computer geek, first as a developer and later as a technical writer and then as a program manager. Now I am the luckiest lady in the world, and have the chance to share my love of sewing with students young and not-so-young. I discovered I love teaching, and being around the energy and enthusiasm of young kids is a delight.

My favorite things to sew? Hmmm, I am all-garments-all-the-time, and I probably like sewing shirts the best. I love anything really that requires technical, precise and very accurate stitching. My husband, one son and I so far have been the main recipients of my shirts, so I better get on it and pass the love along to the rest of the gang, right?

I describe myself as a sewing nerd. I used to be a techie geek, and just transferred all that passion/obsession over to my sewing. I belong to the American Sewing Guild, take sewing classes whenever I can, read all things related to sewing… You get the idea. A true sewing nerd! I blog at, and try my best to pass on the love and skill of sewing to anyone interested. I would be thrilled is you jumped over and visited me at, and even more excited if you comment or send me email. We extroverts just love chatting, in person or virtually! I hope you sew something awesome today!

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