Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: Audrey Dress

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Welcome to our Favorite Indie Patterns series, curated by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness! Sara selected 31 patterns from 31 different designers to feature daily all month long, complete with many pattern giveaways. We’re selecting the first round of pattern winners this weekend so be sure to comment on all of our Favorite Indie Pattern posts today for a chance to win.

Name: Audrey Dress

Brand: Seamingly Smitten

Description: The Audrey Dress PDF sewing pattern features a relaxed-style silhouette, kimono sleeves, a v-neck or scoop neck and a self tie sash to create a blouson effect. This pattern features 40 photo illustrations and tutorial style instructions to help you create your very own Audrey Dress. You will LOVE making and wearing this dress! No zipper or buttons needed. Slip it on, sash it and head out the door!

Format: PDF

Skill Level: Beginner

Techniques Involved: V-neck facing (step-by-step pictures show you how)

Sizes: XS – XXL (0-22) are included. Full-size and color coded dress and v-neckline facing pattern pieces are included in this pattern that you can print anytime in any size. The sash dimensions are given instead of sash pattern pieces since it is made with rectangles. Hemming tips for petite, regular or tall lengths are also included as well as cutting lines for petite or regular dress widths.

Recommended Fabrics: You can make it in silk, silk crepe or matte jersey for a dressy occasion, or rayon or voile for warmer weather. This dress looks great in solids or even bold and modern eye-catching prints.

Price: $8.00

WIN A COPY OF THIS PATTERN! Fill us in on your weekend sewing plans for a chance to win a copy of Audrey Dress pattern. If you’re not sewing, tell us what else you’re up to! Don’t forget: We’re selecting our first set of pattern winners this weekend so be sure to comment on all of our Favorite Indie Pattern posts today for a chance to win.

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204 Responses to Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: Audrey Dress

  1. Alessandra says:

    Moving across the country soon so no sewing plans for the moment!!

  2. Sally F. says:

    I’m cleaning out the closet that has my sewing machine & fabric. No sewing involved, but hopefully soon!

  3. Megan says:

    We’re having a stay-cation! The kids are going to grandma’s house. Woo hoo!

  4. Margaret says:

    working on snuggly quilt for daughter’s birthday

  5. Margaret says:

    working on finishing daughter snuggly quilt in time for her birthday

  6. Roxanne says:

    I have a bunch of patterns I need to tape/trace so I can be ready for the next Kids Clothes Week and fall sewing in general.

  7. krystina says:

    I’m working on my second coco!

  8. Audrey says:

    Love this dress, and it’s name πŸ˜‰

  9. Crystal D says:

    My weekend sewing plans are to clean my sewing room so I can get things done! (Sounds awful, but it must be done).

  10. Teresa W says:

    This is a beautiful dress. I’m not sure how it would look on my body-type, but I would definitely be willing to give it a try.

    This week I’m working on dolls for my new Etsy shop:


  11. Melony says:

    I love this dress!

  12. Sally says:

    I spent the weekend getting caught up on a few outstanding projects… making some pet bed “mattresses” to be filled with sewing scraps that I had been saving. I also sewed up a bunch of box pouches out of some recently purchased sparkle vinyl. This dress pattern looks to be very comfortable!

  13. Jenna MW says:

    What a great dress! No sewing, but plenty of outdoor summer fun with my two year old.

  14. Vonceal says:

    I love the dress. As someone who makes clothing for myself, I would love to sew this dress!

  15. Jolien says:

    I found a great deal for a thin summery fabric and my mom brought in a few fun finds… Still searching for inspiration/patterns to make something out of this fabric! πŸ™‚

  16. Rachel Hawpe says:

    My middle name is Audrey, so I would love to win a copy!

  17. Jane S. says:

    No sewing plans unless you count the hand kind. I’ve got some jeans to mend!

  18. Tina inNJ says:

    Looks like a great, basic dress that you can a lot with.

  19. Sarah B. says:

    This pattern looks great… I have some knit fabric just waiting for it.

  20. Jenny says:

    This past weekend was the first break I’ve taken in quite a long time! Next weekend however, planning on sewing up a dress or two and a pair of Gertie’s capris. Need a few more pieces for my summer wardrobe.

  21. Alli says:

    (If I’m not too late…) this past weekend, I went to my first local sewing day! πŸ™‚

  22. Elizabeth says:

    This weekend was spent catching up on rest and having my 11th wedding anniversary. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. My plans include dreaming about the sewing projects, big and small, that I would like to do in the future… My new baby is almost 3 weeks old, so sewing isn’t quite within my realm of capabilities at the moment– but SOON!

  24. Ashley says:

    I have a list of things I would like to be sewing, but my machine is currently packed away until we move πŸ™

  25. Mel says:

    My plans include house cleaning, but I can’t say how much I’ll really get done. ;o)

  26. Carolyn says:

    Working on making some wet socks.

  27. Denise says:

    I am celebrating 36 years of marriage with my hubby this weekend. πŸ™‚

  28. Betsy says:

    Doing some mending and making some curtains – great dress!

  29. marilyn says:

    I am going to sew a linen long sleeved shirt for my daughter to wear during the sunny days for sun protection.

  30. Jean Hall says:

    My teenage daughter would love 2 or 3 of these!

  31. Gina says:

    No sewing plans this weekend. Instead I have to do some decluttering/cleaning to get done. Audrey dress look comfy and cute.

  32. Sewing like a mad women. Trying to get rid of some quilting UFOs!!

  33. Holly says:

    I did not sew this weekend…watched my sons’ baseball games. I like this dress. Very classic.

  34. Bonnie MS says:

    I plan on finishing a pair of basic black pants for my 3 year old (using Titchy Threads Small Fry skinny jeans pattern with an angular patch pocket) which are maybe half done; as soon as my son realized they were plain black with burgundy lining he declared he didn’t like them since they had no cars, trains, air planes etc. on them….soooo…hopefully once they are completed he will “see the light” and want to wear them. It seems he is just like me and doesn’t like solid or basic garments. Even though all the pretty colorful prints certainly do not go together lol and on that note I will then refashion some loud grandma dresses into skirts for me πŸ™‚
    Bonnie MS

  35. keenmommy says:

    I am working on a shirt and a skirt! Trying my hand at knits and would love this!!

  36. Audrey says:

    How could I possibly resist the wonderfully named Audrey dress? I love it! I’m trying hard to meet the deadline on an art quilt. Once that’s done I’m excited to start the Date Night bag from Erin at Dog Under My Desk. Then I’d love to try this dress!

  37. marjolein says:

    i would like to try this dress!

  38. Annika says:

    I sewed the most adorable hat for my boy last weekend. definitely one of my all time favorite sewing projects!

  39. Karrie Smith says:

    Over the weekend we had my daughter’s graduation party. I am still tired from that. I will be practicing my FMQ. I just did it for the first time on Saturday. Then I want to work on a special quilt for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win. This pattern is super cute

  40. jane says:

    I plan to spend the weekend going to the isle of Wight for a party and then making a present for a work friend who is leaving
    I would love to win the dress pattern as I haven’t sewn with jersey and I’d quite like to lovely pattern

  41. Sarah says:

    Right now I am washing wool to get it ready to card, spin and dye

  42. Leanne says:

    Fingers Crossed – I am attempting my first ever quilt for my cheeky nephew who is turning 1.
    He lives in USA, and I’m in Aus – so I am hoping this gives him cuddles each night.

  43. Heidi G says:

    This weekend I’ve been trying to line up stripes on a top I’m sewing up!

  44. Carolyn says:

    I’m teaching myself to sew knits by practicing on an infinity scarf!

  45. Diane says:

    Cute dress and it looks like something I may be able to handle. This weekend I finished quilting a quilt I made for a wedding gift. Thanks!

  46. Christina Sylka says:

    This is another beautiful pattern. I would really like to try it out.

  47. Amy Mayen says:

    I’m sewing back to school uniforms- boring!!

  48. Mandi says:

    Ooh – I like this pattern! This weekend, I will raft the Upper Colorado River with friends!

  49. Love! This is a great silhouette. I’m busy reorganizing my sewing space this weekend, then back to the machine on Monday : )

  50. Dita says:

    This is a beautiful dress! I don’t have any sewing plans for this weekend but I do plan to sew an apron soon! First I need to get the fabric though πŸ™‚

  51. Jenny says:

    I have been working on my rainbow string quilt using scraps. Also made 2 pairs of log cabin slippers using Ayumi’s pattern.

  52. Lindsay H says:

    I’m hoping to sew some shorts for my sons this weekend!

  53. katie t. says:

    I love this dress! This weekend I’m finishing up a bag & hope to begin repurposing a linen dress I found at Goodwill into an apron.

  54. shorella says:

    I’d love to try this pattern, would be a good one for completing my summer holiday wardrobe! No sewing this weekend – my mind is focussed at the WM finale and our german team!

  55. Amy says:

    What a stunning dress! It would be flattering in any size. My weekend has consisted of purchasing the materials for and starting on the firefly embroidered pattern you have featured on your site!

  56. Aura Oriano says:

    I’ve got a Saltspring dress on my mind in knit teal and pink geometric fabric. Great giveaway!

  57. Chelle Chapman says:

    LOVE the Audrey dress, and it looks SEW good on the gal wearing it in the pic! I am going to be altering a pair of DD’s new seat covers for her truck as they didn’t come w/ cut outs for seat belts. The rest of this weekend will be full of Friends over for dinner, watching the race on Sunday & LOTS of swimming!!! Thanks for the AWESOME giveaways this month!!!

  58. Sarah says:

    Would love to win this xx

  59. Vivella says:

    Lovely dress. I’ve been mostly sewing a tote bag.

  60. Colleen says:

    This dress is lovely
    I am not sewing this weekend
    Cleaning is filling this weekend

  61. AurΓ©lie says:

    Make a plantain shirt for the holidays πŸ™‚

  62. Deb E says:

    Love this pattern and would make it in an animal print. I have some computer work to do this weekend so no sewing (in spirit though).

  63. Jessica w says:

    we actually are planning on doing a walk through of a house we are considering buying so that is exciting!

  64. Kristie says:

    We are out of town this weekend, so no sewing. I will manage to fit in a fabric shop stop though. Thanks!

  65. Shannon says:

    On a vacation and neglected to bring my hand sewing, but I did bring knitting and it will be a sweater that I’d like to line and add a zipper too. Till now I’ve never merged my sewing and knitting hobbies. Excited for the challenge

  66. Christianne McCall says:

    Really enjoy indie patterns!!

  67. Lisa says:

    Love this pattern!

  68. Christy says:

    I would to to wear this out and about in town! It seems like a comfortable outfit – or just wear it around the house as I crochet. lol

  69. Betsy says:

    I’m sewing as much as I can. Also, camping, swimming, gardening, and visiting a lot of local parks. The kids love to be outside, and it keeps my house a little cleaner that way!

  70. Kristy says:

    Very cute dress! I had a girls only child free weekend away, so no sewing unfortunately, but lots of wine, gossip & laughter instead. πŸ™‚

  71. Lee says:

    This would be a great work dress for my daughter and I ! thanks!!

  72. Audrey says:

    I am an Audrey and I would love an Audrey dress! I am English paper piecing hexagon flowers this weekend!

  73. Lorrie says:

    I love this dress!! Just saw a similar sillouettte in neon {!} on a fashion blog (style pantry)!!! I am loving it! This weekend I went to the coast with my family then my husband is hosting a World Cup party :).

  74. Katie says:

    Not sewing this weekend, though I was hoping to finish a Mendocino sundress that I started for myself weeks ago before our vacation. Instead we’re having brunch at a friends house.

  75. LeAnne L says:

    This dress looks so comfy. I’ve got some knit fabric sitting on my cutting table that this would work perfect with.

  76. Chrissy says:

    I’d love to win this! Would be a great to try silk fabric!

  77. Sabrina R says:

    I’m not sewing this weekend bc I have workouts, shopping, and a bday party for a one year old.

  78. I am making a tunic to wear to work

  79. Christina R. says:

    Love this dress, looks stylish and comfortable. This weekend, I am sewing The Mission Maxi by Jamie Christina. Thanks for the chance!

  80. Kara says:

    I’m not sewing because I’m hanging out with my awesome grandma this weekend!

  81. I’m getting to know my Juki Exceed that my husband surprised me with!

  82. Patti says:

    I love this dress! And it’s flattering in all sizes πŸ™‚ This weekend I am sewing pillows for my daughter’s friend.

  83. Maaike says:

    Love this dress, it looks so comfortable! This weekend I am getting started on a diaper bag for my sister in law.

  84. Katie says:

    Had a Christmas in July celebration this weekend. We don’t get much opportunity to eat a hot dinner here in Australia as christmas is in the middle of our summer. We have to wait until July to get a bit of cold weather worthy of a steamed pudding!

  85. Carolyn Wong says:

    This weekend I’d love to sew up a Belcarra blouse but will be instead completing embroidery of a bible verse for a bible cover.

  86. Lovely dress! Thanks for the giveaway

    I’m trying to make a summer bag for me as well as a really big beach bag to fit all the beach stuff in….

  87. sarah says:

    sadly no sewing this weekend. however i have been out buying fabric frrom my favourite haberdashery thrift store and funnily enough it was all jersey fabric! also went fruit picking with the kids – lots of juicy fingers and stained clothes and now lots of jam. i have also been making crochet spiderwebs for our guerilla knitters group as we are hoping to decorate our town for world war one memorial dayon the 3rd august. so all in all a fairly busy weekend doing the things i love.

  88. Jo J says:

    No sewing this weekend. I hope to go out to lunch with a good friend. Though I have snuck in some crochet.

  89. darlene macdonald says:

    Made a vest, button-down shirt, and dress shorts for my nephew. Gonna make a big boy tie to complete the outfit. Beautiful job on the dress! Summer sewing rocks! \m/

  90. Bronwen says:

    Hi. Love this dress! Could be the perfect step into making clothes for myself (instead if everyone else:)). As for sewin plans I’m working on a play quilt for my daughter and a dres for one of her little friends birthdays. Live homemade presents!!

  91. Elisabetta says:

    Thank you so much for this chance! ^_^
    I am not sewing now because we moved into our new home in these days and my laundry isn’t still organized with a pressing/sewing table, and I want it to be as practical as possible

  92. Andrea S. says:

    Such a cute dress! I’m on vacation visiting family, so I’m not sewing…but though I’m having fun, I’m experiencing sewing withdrawal!

  93. Sarah says:

    I would love to be sewing this weekend but I’m on holiday in corfu and browsing this whilst I wait for everyone else to wake up!

  94. Al says:

    I would make the Audrey dress in about 5 different fabrics. It looks so nice and comfy! My weekend will be spent sewing a skirt and jumper for my daughter and a pillow and some burp cloths for a friend if there is time enough.

  95. Ali M says:

    I’m starting a new medallion quilt with a New York Beauty block as the center, and I’ve just bought my first cami pattern that I hope to whip one up of tomorrow too!

  96. Carla says:

    Just a little sewing this weekend here and there on some WIP’s.

  97. San says:

    I’m working on an appliquΓ© wall hanging! It’s all hand sewing, so it’s pretty slow going.

    The dress pattern is lovely! Simple patterns are so great for tweaking and embellishing.

  98. Shannon says:

    This dress looks fantastic! It also seems simple to make.
    This weekend I’m making plushies- I’ve got to have 50 designs done by mid-August!

  99. Becky says:

    Weekend sewing plans … none … I am at a family reunion/90th birthday party for grandma. But, I did give my niece her wedding gift which I made last weekend. A quilted Christmas tree skirt which she loved.

  100. Dorie says:

    Love this pattern! Not doing any sewing this weekend. But always browsing for ideas and internet sales!

  101. Kathy says:

    I need to shorten the hem of a new dress I just got!

  102. Jillian says:

    I’ve just arrived home from holidaying in the US. I’m surfing the crafty net this weekend, looking for new inspiration. Perhaps I may begin making my own clothes and the Audrey dress might be a nice place to begin.

  103. Julie says:

    I’m putting some binding on a quilt and making a few quilt blocks.

  104. Allison says:

    Cute dress! I am determined to finish quilting and binding a quilt this weekend. Work and camp schedules keep thwarting me.

  105. Jillian says:

    I’ve just arrived in Melbourne after holidaying on the west coast cities in USA. I’m exhausted and trying to stay awake. I’m thinking about making my own clothes and I’m a complete novice, soooo this beginner pattern looks like a great place to start. I’m surfing the net for crafting inspiration this weekend.

  106. Linda Fleming says:

    Maybe do some improv sewing using up scraps left over from cutting out Wee Wander
    on-point squares…

  107. Nancy McKenzie says:

    This weekend I need to embroider initials in the bags I made for the sibling retreat this week. It seems we lose track of whose is whose. That is a lovely dress, and with all the sizes included all 5 sisters could have one!

  108. Shannon says:

    No sewing this weekend. I spent today relaxing by the pool.

  109. Kristan says:

    Love this dress!

  110. Lisa A says:

    I love this dress! The design is so figure flattering!

  111. Linda says:

    I am free motion quilting a wall hanging this weekend. You have an awesome Blog!

  112. Kit says:

    This dress looks very forgiving for many body types! I hope to dig out my sewing machine tomorrow under my husband’s ‘minor’ remodeling project!

  113. Kit says:

    Hoping to find my sewing machine this weekend, under my husband’s ‘minor’ remodeling project. Love that this pattern is forgiving on many body types!

  114. Anja says:

    Just spent the day sewing with Maritime Modern Quilt Guild, and it was an awesome day.
    Thanks for the giveaway. This looks like a great dress to make.

  115. Stephanie says:

    No sewing plans this weekend, but I may do some painting and avoid sanding baseboards.

  116. Carrie says:

    I’m starting on a giant, bat-less, & backing-less hexes quilt. I’m also working on a Pineapple quilt pattern I started last winter.

  117. Sarah says:

    I love this pattern! My weekend plans include lots of people! We got together with some of my cousins and uncles and aunts today, and tomorrow will be visiting a church we used to attend when we lived in the area we’ve come back to visit. Nice! Not much sewing happening, but I did bring some hand quilting with.

  118. Linda says:

    Absolutely love dresses and that women are wearing them again!

  119. Christine says:

    I think I’ll be sorting through my fabric bins this weekend. Need to organize!

  120. sangeetah says:

    Love that dress.

    This weekend is an arts and music show

  121. Ann Marie says:

    I’ll be making ninja clothes for my son’s stuffies!

  122. Judy says:

    If I do any sewing this weekend it will be hand embroidery on a wall hanging made with appliqued wool. Love the Audrey Dress.

  123. Stephanie says:

    Really cute and versatile. Summer styles keep getting nicer and nicer.

  124. Ybat says:

    Great looking dress. Right now I am working on a pair of pink and white polka dot shorts.

  125. Janet in Conowingo, MD says:

    I really like this dress and I would diffinatly make it. The last major project I made was my daughter’s homecoming dress in 1988.
    I have been cramming my head with all the updated information I can find from articles, tutorials, classes, etc from Theards, Craftsy to individual blogs.
    This weekend, I am going to make a blouse for my daughter.

  126. Lynda says:

    I’m not sewing this weekend as I’m caring for my GS for the week but I’m craving getting back to it in two days. I’m a beginner and would love to make this dress, it looks do-able for me and so elegant but comfy. I have some rayon I could use. thanks for the giveaway

  127. Amanda Renea says:

    Ooooh, it’s so pretty! I want!

  128. I might get some sewing in, but doubt it. We are hiding from the heat advisory (108F).

  129. sameeha says:

    I’m planning on flipping the croquet dress from oliver+s

  130. Deb Davidson says:

    I am making a skirt this weekend. I am really wanting to venture into dresses

  131. Laurie says:

    very cute! I would love to win. Not much sewing this weekend- went to several yard sales.

  132. Hillary says:

    My weekend seeing plans involve staying away from the sewing machine. With all the stuff that has gone wrong in the past week, I am a bit scared to pull out the sewing machine.

  133. Lynda says:

    I would love to make the Audrey dress! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in a dress pattern!!!! It would definitely help reduce my fabric stash! πŸ™‚

  134. Nupur says:

    Nice dress! This weekend I am working on a baby quilt for my child’s teacher. The top is done and the quilting will start tomorrow.

  135. ParisGrrl says:

    I’m tackling a new tshirt pattern and bead looming this weekend. Hopefully both will turn out well.

  136. kbo says:

    Not sewing, but cleaning up my sewing work space so I can make a whole new mess.

  137. Melissa E says:

    No sewing. Just a little birthday celebration and a lot of cake.

  138. Melanie C says:

    I hope to get a little sewing in, but first I need to tidy up my sewing room!

  139. Chloe says:

    Lovely dress! Sadly my weekend sewing plans involve taking up some store bought curtains… Boring!

  140. Lizzy says:

    I’m sewing jeans at the moment… but dreaming of dresses. Love this pattern. So simple & elegant!

  141. Mandy says:

    What a cute dress!
    I’ll be fitting in bee blocks this weekend, around a barbecue and the World Cup final. Go, Argentina!

  142. Betty says:

    I’m trying to finish a little stuffed monster. Funny how long it takes to do a “small” project!

  143. Maddy says:

    I just finished up a dog bow tie for my little chihuahua. I’m on a purge spree- so lots of UFOs and other sewing to lighten up my stash a little bit. I’ve got a Wicksten Tova to finish and about 8 yards of fabric that need to be turned into something magical.

  144. Allison says:

    Working on a baby bear blanket for a shower next weekend. This is such a cute dress, thanks for the chance!

  145. Kathe says:

    Cute dress! I cleaned my home a bit, catching up on emails, etc., read, watch TV & stitch/sew. Thanks.

  146. Kathe says:

    Love this dress! As for what I’m doing this weekend? Thought I’d do a bit of cleaning, watch TV, read, shop and stitch! Thanks for showing and introducing this dress/designer.

  147. Catriona says:

    I’m working on a Supertote this weekend!

  148. Susan K says:

    I’ve got a couple of quilts to be quilted, a roman shade to make for my sewing room and some fabric to make into a dress. This pattern would be perfect to get my dress

  149. Honora says:

    I’ve been trying to make The Staple Dress out of a slippery fabric all day. I’ve already had to take it apart in various stages many times. Time to walk away before it goes in the garbage!

  150. Erin says:

    Cute dress! Looks versatile and perfect for summer. I’m currently working on my first rub off pattern from a simple pair of slim fit, cropped pants from Loft that I adore. Here’s hoping it turns out and then I can crank out the cotton pants!

  151. alana says:

    This looks like a great summer dress. I’m working on finishing up a Reversible Bag for my sister’s birthday, then hoping to make some clothes for me.

  152. Abby West says:

    Oh I love the look of that dress. Not a dress wearer but really want to be, I have never sewn clothes before beside pj pants for kiddos! This weekend I am working on my Michael Miller Challenge Quilt hoping to make the deadline. Thanks for a chance to win.

  153. Annette says:

    Weekend sewing plans!?!?! Hahaha! With it being summer and having little ones I’ll be lucky to sit at the sewing machine. If i do get a few moments I have a shirt and an apron that are unfinished.

  154. Kathryn says:

    I can’t bring myself to sew this weekend as I’m only a few days away from my 3rd baby’s due date. But, once this baby is out, I’m hoping to get some more sewing in!

  155. Emma says:

    I love this (especially as I have a little Audrey of my own). I’m planning on sewing some cute Belle and Boo aprons this weekend.

  156. Sorahart says:

    Going on vacation next week, trying to quickly make myself some new items to bring!

  157. Kristin lion says:

    I have to work this weekend πŸ™ some Sewaholic Tofino pants are next up though!

  158. Mama Lusco says:

    I am at the beach!

  159. Tina C. says:

    Sewing plans for this weekend is cleaning the sewing room and figuring out what’s next on the docket since my serger is now repaired!!

  160. Bonnie Larson says:

    Love the pattern. Thanks so much for sharing. Working this weekend, but am trying to fit in a few minutes here and there sewing.

  161. Christy says:

    Beautiful dress! Thanks for the chance to win the pattern. I think both my daughter and I would enjoy making this dress.

    Weekend sewing plans…get my sewing area tidied up and cutting out a few summer skirts.

  162. grazina says:

    I’ve nearly finished a dress for my daughter. First time ive drafted my own pattern so fingers crossed it works!!

  163. Barbara says:

    I’m half-finished with making a 50s style muumuu because I’m having hand surgery x 2 soon and will need clothing to wear for the next year that has no buttons, zippers, snaps, or hooks, and that includes – eek!- bras! Doctor’s orders! I could really, really use a dress or 3 like this!

  164. Belinda says:

    I’m prepping for next week’s sewing camp and hopefully finding time to sew a new peasant top for myself!

  165. Kimberly says:

    I have had to step away from my sewing projects to attend a family reunion. Lots of fun, but I look forward to getting back to my sewing machine next week.

  166. Sarah says:

    I am on vacation so I am just doing some embroidery and hand appliquΓ©. Thanks for the giveaway!

  167. MelodyJ says:

    I’m just dreaming about all the things I can make. The new McCalls Archive patterns make feel like I’m in an old black and white movie. I like that feeling.

  168. Jean says:

    This dress looks chic, minimalist, and looks so customizable!
    This weekend, I have to finish sewing a dress that I need to wear to a wedding. The wedding is next weekend! πŸ˜€

  169. I’ve sewn a bag to keep our dog’s poop bags in (I know, the glamour!) and now I’m hemming a skirt. Love the dress pattern.

  170. Rachel says:

    I am making up some muslins, about to try my first dress ever and would love for this one to be my next!

  171. Angela W. says:

    This pattern looks great! I think I would make several of these. I’m going to attend Tasia’s (of Sewaholic Patterns) book launch of Sewtionary this afternoon. If any of you are in Vancouver, BC – head on over to Spool of Thread between 2-5p!

  172. Joanna says:

    I’m contemplating starting a quilt for our master bedroom bed this weekend, but it’s so hot here in the South that I’ll probably just look at quilt patterns on this site instead!

  173. Mary Kaye Cole says:

    I’m trying to finish a lace blouse that I so wanted to wear last night. I was in a hurry and things went bad rather quickly. Once that is finished I’m starting on my Greenstyle Taylor shorts!!!!!

  174. christine says:

    I’m taking my son to see Charlotte’s Web, then I’ll be working on blocks for my next quilt.

  175. lori says:

    I am finishing some quilt block curtains for the dining room. Then I will make a matching table runner….Yeah I love this pattern the dress is so summer type wearable…Even have a couple of knits I will use to make 3 dresses from…Thank you for the giveaway…I hope I win….

  176. Carly says:

    Love this pattern! Hoping to work on some mug rugs and maybe a print tank top for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. Olga says:

    Cuting fabrics fir cosmo bag by Amy Butler πŸ™‚

  178. Siobhan says:

    I love the Audrey dress, so relaxed. My weekend sewing plans involve a pair of pyjama bottoms, although with the hot weather we have I might make them into pyjama shorts instead πŸ™‚

  179. Great summer dress! I just lucked out and was gifted a stack of old T-shirts. I’ll be busy sewing them into undies this weekend when I’m not outside doing yardwork πŸ™‚

  180. sarah says:

    We are Trying to keep cool in this endless heat here in NC Maybe finish a couple of the upcycle t-shirts to tanks I’m working on. I’m new to knits made a couple of Maxi skirts w/no pattern maybe it would be fun to follow one!.

  181. Katie says:

    So cute!

  182. I’m in Vegas for the weekend, so no sewing plans for me!

  183. Vanessa says:

    I love this dress! And it looks so easy. Would love to win the pattern but if I don’t id likely buy it….great dress for a teacher.
    Weekend seeing plans: burping cloths for some friends who will be having their babies soon!

  184. Angie says:

    working on some UFOs this weekend!

  185. Nancy says:

    I love the Audry dress. I know I would make it. I am not so certain about the other pieces so I will only respond to the one I would use.
    Thanks for doing this.
    Nancy Cegalis

  186. Mary says:

    We’re on the road to visit my husband’s grandmother. At home I’m working on a Sewaholic Belcarra blouse! Thanks for the chance to win!

  187. Nicole says:

    I’ll be cleaning out my sewing room, in the possible event that we move next month, so sadly there is only a slim chance I’ll get to actually sew something!

  188. Victoria M says:

    I am making doll clothes for a grand daughter and a zip pouch for a swap.

  189. Sabrina says:

    Very nice dress, look very comfortable and seems simple to sew. Love it!!

  190. Shanna says:

    My weekend plan is to make a knock off of an Eileen Fisher chambray shirt with some lovely double cotton gauze.

  191. Jessica says:

    I’m hoping to spend some time working on an Elsa dress

  192. Rebecca says:

    Hoping to cut out a dress for my daughter this weekend!

  193. Amy Harward says:

    I am planning on doing some quilting this weekend, but I’ve caught a nasty viral infection, so we’ll see if I actually get anything done πŸ™‚

  194. Leah says:

    If my 3 month old cooperates, I’m making a bean bag chair for the 2 year old. Here’s hoping!

  195. Ronda Hamilton says:

    I will seeing slip covers or my couch and a chair. Then maybe make granddaughter a dress to play in.

  196. Tracy Chin says:

    I’m pinning some WIPs. Hoping to actually sew a few stitches too. πŸ™‚

  197. Tammy says:

    Very pretty. Looks a lot like the Staple Dress.

    I am currently getting my house picked up, catching up on dishes, and then will be out to go grocery shopping. Alas, no sewing time for me this weekend.

  198. Angela says:

    No sewing here this weekend. Enjoying 2 more days with my sister in town.

  199. Michaeleen says:

    My machine is in for a tune up so I’m not sewing this weekend. I’m having withdrawals. So I’m making freezer meals for my own sew a thon when I get her back. Love this pattern!

  200. Suzanne says:

    Will be sewing a pirate shirt for my boy and a skirt for myself, i hope!

  201. Shannon says:

    My son brought me 5 yards of a beautiful Hawaiian print fabric from his month long visit there. This weekend I’ll be going through my patterns to see what I can make with it!

  202. Robin says:

    No sewing this weekend, I am watching the three grandsons. Looking forward to finishing my wilksten tank on Monday.

  203. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I just bought a knit fabric for a summer dress and this pattern would be great for it! This weekend, I hope to get another dress cut out and sewn. Have the fabric pressed and the pattern pieces ready to pin down, so hopefully I can get it done!

  204. Jennie says:

    Beautiful dress, I would love to try this pattern!

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