Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: Bleuet Dress

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Welcome to our Favorite Indie Patterns series, curated by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness! Sara selected 31 patterns from 31 different designers to feature daily all month long, complete with many pattern giveaways. Check back each day in July for lots of inspiration to update your clothing options with items that reflect your style and fit your body!

Name: Bleuet Dress

Brand: Deer & Doe

Description: Shirt dress with princess seams, puff sleeves and shirt collar. Bow detail at the back waist.

Format: Paper

Skill Level: Expert

Techniques Involved: Buttonholes, interfacing, collar stand

Sizes: 34-46 (EU)

Recommended Fabrics: To make this dress, use a medium weight fabric such as cotton poplin, chambray or linen.

Price: 10,7 Euros (outside of European Union, otherwise French taxes apply)

Customer Examples:

Both examples from Anna of Paunnet

WIN A COPY OF THIS PATTERN! Tell us: What do you love or appreciate about French style?! What about a “European aesthetic” in general? Comment for a chance to win a copy of the Bleuet Dress pattern.

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157 Responses to Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: Bleuet Dress

  1. crystalpleats says:

    I love everything Deer and Doe puts out, but I haven’t tried one yet. This would be a lovely one to start with.

  2. Andrea says:

    I think my most successful makes so far have both been Deer and Doe patterns. I love the simple, clean look they all have, but the subtle design elements really bring it all home

  3. Mandy says:

    I love how Europeans seem able to take simple wardrobe pieces, add a few accessories, and voila! Instant chic.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I like the attention to detail and quality.

  5. Becky says:

    I would love this pattern!

  6. Benita says:

    Pick me me !!! I love this dress

  7. Amber! says:

    Nothing better than simple, clean lines and that classic look!

  8. Manouela says:

    It’s so chic in the most effortless and simple way without being boring or plain!

  9. Robin E says:

    I don’t know much about โ€œEuropean aestheticโ€ or “French style”. However, I do know I like the lines of this sweet shirt dress.

  10. Melwyk says:

    I agree that “french” style seems to be about clean lines, sophisticated silhouettes, nice little details that don’t jump out at you right away. This is a lovely pattern.

  11. Karen says:

    I have admired this pattern for a while now, and would love to make it in linen. Thanks!

  12. Teresa says:

    I love the clean lines, and attention to details!

  13. Rachel says:

    I have often looked at Deer and Doe patterns and love them! I love the European style’s take on these beautiful classic lines while still be totally unique… can’t put my finger on exactly why it is so beautiful, but it is!

  14. Alyssa says:

    It’s so effortless!! And the small adornments just kill me (in a good way!), like the small back bow in this pattern.


  15. Jess Z says:

    I love the clean lines and a well fitted, classic look.

  16. Kristin says:

    French style seems very confident to me, which is great!

  17. Kim S says:

    I don’t know much about French styles but I love the dress pattern. My girls would love a dress like that.

  18. laura says:

    I love the clean lines. Lovely dress!

  19. Ashley says:

    I don’t really know much about the French style. But I do love this pattern!

  20. Adri H. says:

    I live in Germany, so I don’t know if that’s what you have in mind when you talk about European style, but I do love paired down and simplified stylistic expression I often see. One of my favorite examples of this is the simplified linen dirndl. It looks so elegant and timeless!! I personally wear a lot of solid color items, and found that I fit in pretty well when I travel around the EU. I would love to make this dress in a solid or simply printed linen or maybe even Oxford cloth.

  21. Sally F. says:

    I like this less because of its specific style and more because it is a dress that buttons! Perfect for nursing!

  22. Lelia Lyon says:

    I love the feminine chic French style.

  23. Jenny says:

    I love that the beauty is in the details. Usually subtle, but outstanding!

  24. Megan says:

    I love the simplicity and elegance of french style.

  25. Paloma says:

    When I think of French style I think of everyday elegance. Practical and chic. I’ve long admired this particular dress, thanks for the chance to win.

  26. mjb says:

    I love the interesting construction details.

  27. Betty says:

    I don’t know anything about French styles, but I do like classic lines. A well tailored piece never goes out of fashion.

  28. Kristin H says:

    I really love the simplicity of the European style. It’s not boring, but it isn’t over the top with added bits and pieces.

  29. Michele says:

    I love the european attention to detail and clean lines. It is so classic. Thank you for the opportunity!

  30. sarah says:

    Just plain and simple clothes with a classic fit, beautifully cut and with simple good quality fabrics. But most of all, they exude confidence and style, which makes what they’re wearing even more chic. It’s the same in Scandinavia! Just gorgeous.

  31. MelodyJ says:

    I that French style is classic and trendy at the same time.

  32. Dita says:

    I love the princess seam and the classic silhouette that is very flattering. In this case of this pattern, I love the bow detail on the back! It’s a small detail that gives a big impact

  33. Lauren says:

    French seams are my new addiction! Love how a garment looks much more finished with French seams.

  34. Claudia TN says:

    I love how the French seams allow a fitted bodice with just a little bit of flare in the skirt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Courtney says:

    This dress is so cute. The silhouettes and details of Deer and Doe patterns always make me think of carefree feminine style. Love it. Thanks for the chance to win this pattern.

  36. Karen says:

    It’s just so timeless, elegant and classic, never trendy, these styles can be in your closet for years and never go out of style!

  37. Karen B says:

    Wow I love this dress. I like this pattern company a LOT! I think I like the feminine but understated patterns they make. And I love their choice of fabrics for the samples.

  38. Catarina says:

    I like french seams! :p

  39. Cat says:

    I like that chic is cool. Sometimes it seems like you are only modern if you have jeans instead of lace and metal zip instead of buttons…

  40. kbo says:

    The look is so effortless, crisp and clean. A classic style.

  41. Tracy says:

    Super cute dress!

  42. Alli says:

    I’m not sure if I know what French style is, but I love all of the Deer and Doe patterns! ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Lee says:

    The French style – always simple but elegant! thanks!

  44. krystina says:

    It’s elegant! I especially love French style for children’s wear and knit patterns.

  45. Ramona says:

    I am really not sure what European style is but I love this dress and know it is a style that would look good on me.

  46. Diana says:

    Well, if European style includes buttoning the top button, I’m not a big fan ๐Ÿ™‚ But I do love the clean lines, classic look, and simplicity of a lot of European outfits. I especially love the deep hem in this dress. Looks great!

  47. Faye Nettles says:

    Very cute.

  48. Chrissy says:

    I love details in French style like the bow in the one picture here. I saw a chambray at Mood Fabrics that would be great for this!

  49. Elizabeth says:

    I always love how organic European styles appear, and the children’s clothes seem so fresh next to American styles.

  50. Amy says:

    I love that everyone looks so put together, no people out in pajama pants!

  51. rox says:

    I love the simplicity of french style and it’s classic lines. It’s all about quality, small details and sobriety.

  52. Samina says:

    That bow detail on the back is absolutely adorable! As far as emulating the Parisian look, I’d just be happy if people didn’t show up at the grocery store in their jammies. That’s painfully tacky.

  53. Judy says:

    I think French style is about the basics and highlighting one detail to stand out. Unlike here where we tend to wear all the trendy things at once. I think the Bluet dress is a perfect example of this with the bow in back that makes the dress different.

  54. Amber says:

    I love that the French style is so widespread. Around Paris we rarely saw people looking sloppy or too casual. Just being there made me want to wear dresses like this one all the time.

  55. Gina says:

    I love how the French women embrace the feminine side of dressing and do so effortlessly.

  56. Marci Girl says:

    I love the European style, and I would LOVE to make a dress like this, but I feel I am very American and on a whole have very little in common with anything European, I wish it weren’t true, but alas it is!

  57. Lynn Potts says:

    In my head ‘French Style’ is all about seemingly effortless chic. In practice, I think its more about the person wearing it than what they are wearing.

  58. Audrey says:

    I love the detail and femininity of European style. This is a lovely pattern!

  59. Andie L says:

    I love the classic lines and feminine shapes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Katie says:

    The dress pattern us lovely

  61. Jolien says:

    I wonder if there’s such a difference between US and European style? Is there such a thing as “European” style? If there is, I’m pretty sure it also differs per country…

    Anyway, in general I don’t care about general styles, I know what my style is and this cute dress does fit in very well. Thanks again for pointing me towards new designers/patterns!

  62. Heather says:

    It’s a much more put together style than American jeans and a tshirt – the details matter, and that shows in this pattern.

  63. Rachel says:

    What I appreciate about French style is that it’s all about quality instead of quantity. I’m a huge fan of Belgian style clothing for kids, too. Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. Beth B. says:

    I love how simple the designs are, but with interesting details.

  65. Tatiana says:

    I just love this pattern, itยดs so pretty and so versatile!

  66. Isa says:

    I love deer and doe! I’ve just finished their Datura pattern and now have the need to sew all the things!!! I have no idea what you mean by “european aesthetic”, I’m in Portugal, and I’ve travelled to several places in Europe and I cannot define a european style, I think people have different styles, which are by far more different from eachother than across two continents.

  67. Traci S says:

    I feel the European style in general is less sloppy; a step up from casual. Jeans paired with nice shoes, slacks when going for coffee, etc. (I know this isn’t true for all, just observation from time in Italy)

  68. Amanda Renea says:

    I know nothing about European style, but in my head it’s very sleek and clean looking!

  69. Bekki says:

    I love the attention to detail and easy going, breezy femininity in European styling. I live in Europe though so can’t compare it to American styles.

  70. Constance says:

    I’m from Europe but I don’t really recognize a “European style” – maybe I’m lacking the distance to see it? I’d love to give the Bleuet pattern a try, though.

  71. Rachel says:

    French styles always seem sleek with clean lines and streamlined silhouettes.

  72. Louise Brown says:

    we all copy one another anyway, so whether it’s American made or European style we will like it OR NOT. I love it!

  73. sarah says:

    i love french style. the clean lines, the drape in choice of fabric and the limited colour palate all add up to a chic and elegant style. so that even when they are wearing casual they look smart.

  74. Marie says:

    I agree with several of the previous comments. I love all of the Deer and Do patterns, not sure if it’s a strictly ‘European’ trait but the clean lines and simplicity with elegant little details really appeal to me. Anna’s floral sleeveless version is to die for!

  75. marjolein says:

    It looks ovely! i try my luck here ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Maggie says:

    Classic, tailored and beautifully made! I’d love to try this pattern to see if I can achieve it!

  77. Kristin lion says:

    I’ve loved this one since I started sewig! I don’t know much at all about French fashion.

  78. melissa says:

    When I think of European style, I think of sofistication and simplicity. The puffed sleeves sold me on this dress. Id skip the back bow and wear with a belt.

  79. alana says:

    I love the sleeves on this dress! To me European styling is all about the details. Classic, feminine, and stylish. Hope I win, thanks!

  80. Emily says:

    I love the clean lines and how most people aren’t out in sweat pants. .

  81. Ali M says:

    I know nothing and have no opinion on European fashion! Once I was in Lille, France, and found a scarf on the ground and brought it home with me.. does that count?

  82. Bec Stitches says:

    I love the classic cuts and lines ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Michelle says:

    To respond for the contest, definitely there is a big difference between a style that is American and one that is European. Don’t get me wrong – American style, which is much more sportier and “practical” vs. the European style which is more feminine, has its merits and is a breath of fresh air in the sense of practicality and the ability to zip around town. However, as a woman, to wear something completely frilly and feminine, as European styles are typically, can make one feel very girly-girl-girl, if you know what I mean – like one doesn’t have to hide one’s femininity as I feel American woman do, as if it’s a sign of weakness. I feel like European women celebrate being a woman more than American women do. These are just my thoughts – I may be incorrect in my assessments – but it seems that way.

    Additionally, it seems that Europeans also value craftsmanship, and have no qualms in spending money on things of quality, versus buying a lot of things cheaply. I know that’s how my Italian aunt thinks when she goes shopping. Quality of clothing ranks very highly for her when she goes clothes shopping. She always checks out the seams to see how well they are sewn. So she may have fewer pieces of clothes but they are of good quality and are classic pieces that will last a long time and most likely will never go out of style.

  84. I love how European style always seems so clean, sophisticated, and breezy.

  85. San says:

    Honestly, when I see something described as French or European style, I assume it’s a sales gimmick. I know in the US it implies class and understated elegance, but I don’t the relationship is as meaningful as we’re trained to think. Classy versatility can be universal.

    That said the pattern is charming, independent of the point of origin!

  86. Wendy says:

    French style is always classic without being stuffy.

  87. Elena says:

    French and European style seems so simple and effortless, but so stylish.

  88. Tammie says:

    I love the deer and doe patterns. They are so feminine without being too revealing or complicated.

  89. Rachel says:

    Oh how I’d love to make this dress!!!

  90. meghann says:

    Oh my goodness, I love that dress! It reminds me a bit of some of my favorite dresses when I was in high school & college, but more grown-up. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern! xo

  91. I love how classic and feminine it tends to be, but still current.

  92. Cyndy Lacey says:

    French style always accentuates the feminine shape. I love the princess seams and bow accent at the back of this little dress. Great pattern!

  93. Deb says:

    I love the European aesthetic – use of colour and pattern coordination; and how it all looks like they just threw it together, however instead of looking like a hot mess it is too cool for school – so wish I could do that ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. Janice says:

    I read a lot of French blogs (I still remember my college French!) and the common factors to me are the use of high quality fabrucs and understated prints.

  95. Amy S. says:

    I love the lines and looks of the French and European patterns!

  96. Kim says:

    I love how effortless the French style looks, but very stylish. I’ve sewn two Deer & Doe patterns so far (Chardon and Belladone), both winners. I’d love to try more!

  97. Larissa says:

    When I was in Paris, everyone just dressed so well. I can’t completely pinpoint it, but they’re not going around in jeans & sneakers, that’s for sure.

  98. Aura Oriano says:

    The princess seams for a great fit that will outlast whatever is trendy. The bow in the back is a elegant detail. I’m a sucker for easy, breezy and unique- everything that this pattern has! It is a wonder that I haven’t bought this yet, but I bet the puff sleeves put me off. I’d do the sleeveless version if I bought or won this pattern.

  99. MelodyJ says:

    I love that it’s classic and trendy at the same time.

  100. Carolyn Wong says:

    I like the simplicity of the European style, made gorgeous and personal by good styling.

  101. Miet says:

    Love this dress! I grew up in Europe…I guess I never thought about “European style” as such…

  102. Jamie Micka says:

    I love seeing a different pattern everyday and discovering lots of. Great pattern makers . Love this dress – I really like seeing dresses with sleeves.

  103. Morgan says:

    The scarves! And how many pieces seem both beautiful and very comfy/utilitarian at the same time.

  104. Ybat says:

    In all honesty I don’t know much about “French Style” but if this dress is it, then I love it. The dress is so beautiful and the bow on the back is a wonderful detail.

  105. Jess says:

    The one fashion complement that I have received is that I looked like I was from the UK.

  106. Sarah says:

    I don’t know much about french style so I guess I can’t comment on that! Thanks for the giveaway; the pattern is lovely!

  107. Nancy Matheson says:

    I love the princess seams!

  108. Jessica w says:

    I love how classic and simple their styles are yet always look great

  109. Mel says:

    I appreciate the “less is more” feeling of French style.

  110. Lorraine says:

    What I love most about European style is how classic it is. Especially the French aesthetic. When I think of French dressing I see a black and white striped boat style shirt with a bright red skirt. Classic and something that everyone can wear.

  111. julie says:

    I like the small details and close attention to accessories.

  112. Bonnie Larson says:

    Love the pattern. European style relates to quality -fabric, style, etc. Thanks for sharing.

  113. Mama Lusco says:

    I love the classic styling!

  114. Katherine says:

    It’s looks comfortable and very well made. Like most European fashion it’s also timeless. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful pattern.

  115. Cheryl says:

    I’m speaking from afar, as I’ve never been to Europe before, but to me the appeal of French style is that wardrobes seem to be well-made and well-curated. I’m aiming for both of those in sewing my own garments.

  116. Nita says:

    Timeless and elegant and also the style looks equally nice on young, middle aged and senior women ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. Tas says:

    Hmmm. Can’t say that I know a lot about European style but I must say that I adore most of the Deer and Doe patterns…

  118. fenna says:

    love European styles–coming from a very Dutch family, I grew up with more European style then Canadian. They’re often more ahead of the ‘times’ in that the European style comes to North America a good while later!

  119. Claire Cooper says:

    Being from Europe I love European style, Audrey Hepburn wearing Givency= ultimate style icon.

  120. Carol says:

    Very classy & elegant.

  121. Jenny says:

    I love the elegant, chic way French women dress. They put on a scarf and it looks fantastic. I out on a scarf and I look like I’m cold. ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. I just love this pattern. Being french, the style is just so me, simple, easy to wear and full of cute and neat details!

  123. Amy Mayen says:

    I love European designs, we usually follow the trends a year or 2 later here. And LOVE LOVE euro fabric!

  124. Teri says:

    I love all of Deer and Doe’s patterns and I’d love to win this dress. I love the back bow detail so much.

  125. nicola says:

    I love French style but sometimes they seem too polished to fit in my lifestyle (running round after small kids). I love pattern because it looks like it would be versatile and could be dressed up or down. I’d love to win!

  126. Kathy Nicholas says:

    Love this look.! Feminine and casual.

  127. Candy Mak says:

    I love the simplicity of their designs and the little accents that makes the outfit timeless

  128. Margo says:

    I like that it is a classic look without a lot of trendy pieces! This dress is great!

  129. ParisGrrl says:

    I like that people take time to find pieces that either suit them physically or emotionally; if they don’t Love it, they don’t Buy it. And Deer & Doe rock for designing with curvier C-cup figures in mind.

  130. Alex says:

    I love the classic simplicity of French patterns, for both adults and children.

  131. Chloe says:

    I love how clean the style is – classic and simple. This dress is great – I feel a chambray version in my near future!

  132. Barbara L says:

    Simple elegance – just look at this dress – it is timeless – just beautiful !

  133. Kerstin says:

    This would be nice to win!

  134. Alexa says:

    I love the classic lines and cut of this French company, although I love mixing them up with some very un-French patterns! I would be so excited to win this pattern.

  135. Mandi says:

    so pretty! European style, to me, seems to be simple, but with details that make the clothing fit well & look great.

  136. andoc says:

    So pretty. Deer & Doe’s dresses are always so pretty.
    For me French style means elegant (and I am definitely not an elegant type:), and European style means… I have no idea what that could be:)

  137. iris says:

    I’ve been meaning to make a new shirt dress. This one with the bow detail is perfect.

  138. Gemma says:

    European style means quality over quantity; a few really good basics that are well looked after, and understated accessories.

  139. lauren thrailkill says:

    sweet, intricate yet simple looking style that never goes out…must win this!!

  140. Alyssa Sorenson says:

    A very cute shirt dress pattern ๐Ÿ™‚ love deer & doe patterns

  141. Ruth says:

    I love the simplicity and how easy it is to dress up or down

  142. Ellen says:

    I love the bows, the way they use the fabric to make a body look better and use of colour!
    I hope to win because this is the ‘perfect dress’ in my head!!

  143. Alice says:

    It’s classic and elegant. The bow on the back of this dress is a lovely design addition.

  144. Lindsay H says:

    French style to me seems simple at a first glance, but full of elegant little details that lead to an overall high quality of design!

  145. Sara says:

    I like the femininity and the versatility… I love this pattern!

  146. Helen says:

    I love Deer & Doe patterns! I don’t know much about French style, but from what I know of Deer & Doe patterns, I like the simple, classic approach – that seems “French” to me!

  147. Stacia says:

    One thing I learned and loved about French style when I was in Paris was that French women understand how to dress sexy without showing everything off, and I loved that!

  148. Katie says:

    I love the simplicity and classic styles. I’ve always admired this pattern — great giveaway!

  149. Rebecca H says:

    How chic it is!

  150. Tammy says:

    I don’t know enough about French or European styles to really have an opinion!

    Love this pattern! So cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. Jennifer says:

    I don’t know much about french style in general except that it seems very simple and relaxed. I can totally get behind that. I would love to win a copy of this pattern even though I might not be accomplished enough to complete it. I will still try!

  152. Victoria says:

    So dis appointing that Doe and Deer patterns do not come in larger sizes.

  153. Trudy says:

    Love this dress! It looks great in the different fabrics, cannot wait to try sew it!

  154. Serena says:

    I’ve been eyeing Bleuet for a long time, especially since Anna’s versions are so lovely. I’d say I like the classic-ness of French style, especially the Deer & Doe patterns.

  155. Rebecca says:

    I like the simplicity. It’s timeless. I hope to win this pattern. I’ve been wanting to try a deer and doe pattern.

  156. Jess says:

    It makes me feel dumb because I guess I don’t know much about it but that little now accent is awesome!! It’s nice to see those extra features. ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. Margaret says:

    Lovely pattern…very versatile. European style,to me, signifies good fit, good use of color, attention to detail in construction and design and a general wearability that compliments the body. I think there is more attention to pieces that build a wardrobe and will last as well as coordinate with each other. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely pattern.

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