Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: Shoreline Boatneck Top + Dress

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Welcome to our Favorite Indie Patterns series, curated by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness! Sara selected 31 patterns from 31 different designers to feature daily all month long, complete with many pattern giveaways. Check back each day in July for lots of inspiration to update your clothing options with items that reflect your style and fit your body!

Name: Shoreline Boatneck

Brand: Blank Slate Patterns

Description: Boatneck top or dress pattern that flares over the hips to a curved hem finish.

Format: PDF

Skill Level: Beginner

Techniques Involved: Neck Facing

Sizes: XXS-XL (Bust 30-44″)

Recommended Fabrics: Suitable for wovens or knits; have fun playing!

Price: $11.95

Customer Examples:

Jess from If Only They Would Nap

Justine from Sew Country Chick

WIN A COPY OF THIS PATTERN! Comment for a chance to win a copy of the Shoreline Boatneck pattern; tell us about necklines. Do you love boatnecks? V Necks? (OR tell us where you’d wear your boatneck shirt or dress… Sailing? To a favorite beach? On your next vacation?)

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155 Responses to Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: Shoreline Boatneck Top + Dress

  1. Traci S says:

    Boat necks are very flattering and dressier than a crew neck; just hate the bra strap showing factor.

  2. loooooooooove! this is my favorite simple dress shape – would love to make some more for my wardrobe!

  3. Marissa says:

    Boatnecks or v-necks…I love them both

  4. Meig Heyburn says:

    Since I’m rather “chesty,” high necks look terrible on me, I usually wear v neck, but boat neck does look ok and quite flattering. I would love to check this pattern out and get some more versatility in my wardrobe!

  5. Rachel Hawpe says:

    Boatnecks are awesome for work πŸ™‚

  6. Jane S. says:

    My absolute favorite neckline is a sweetheart neckline but it’s not something that’s seen in an every day top. I usually go with a v-neck because I don’t like having anything up against my throat but this is such a cute and versatile pattern. I’d try it! Thanks for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  7. Melanie C says:

    I like narrow boat necks…so sewing my own dress is perfect!

  8. Kathy says:

    I love V-necks, but wear boatnecks for work.

  9. Love, love, love boatnecks, as they seem to flatter most body types including mine!

  10. katieb says:

    boatnecks for this pear-shaped girl!

  11. Annika says:

    i can’t really say which neckline i like most. it’s kind of depending on my daily mood, i guess…

  12. katie t. says:

    I’m more into v-necks in the summer. I think this would be the perfect dress for a warm fall day.

  13. Lynda says:

    Boatneck tops/dresses are my favorite. Love a more classic look.

  14. AurΓ©lie says:

    I just love boatnecks and rounded neck t-shirts!

  15. Deb E says:

    I like V necks the best. I do wear boat necks but dislike that my bra straps show sometimes. I like the sailor’s theme too. Anchors are big with me.

  16. Jessica w says:

    I love the boatneck tops, I only own one top like that but would love a dress and a few tops especially if I can sew them myself

  17. Shannon says:

    Boat necks flatter me very well! I’d wear it everywhere!

  18. Kristen says:

    I probably prefer v neck, but wear a pretty even split of v and scoop/boat neck clothing. I have never made clothing before but would love to win this pattern and give it a try!

  19. Jo J says:

    I do like boat necks. Though I usually go for a crew neck, V neck or high square neckline. I feel uncomfortable showing too much cleavage. Personal hang up of mine πŸ™

  20. Elisabetta says:

    I’ve always loved boat necks
    I have a sweater I used at high school and it’s still perfect, I love it!

  21. Sarah says:

    Boat necks for me and round necks, I find them a lot more flattering on me. And the boatnecks are so chic. Very french. Ideally if I won the pattern I would whip it up and pop over to Paris for the night to show it off! In reality I’ll probably wear it to work… Looks super comfy and versatile.

  22. Sue Mariotti says:

    That dress is my uniform. I love the boat neck and the fact you can use knit or woven fabric. It’s a winner!

  23. Carla says:

    I love boat necks but have never sewn one!

  24. Jill says:

    My favorite top right now is a thrift shop boat neck horizontal striped jersey knit top that I took from a 2x to a large. I love the way it highlights the collar bones.

  25. Stephanie says:

    I love v-necks too.

  26. Shannon says:

    I really like square necklines. I think they add interest and are flattering.

  27. Deb Davidson says:

    I think boat necks are very flattering.

  28. Allison says:

    I usually wear v-necks or bottlenecks…sometimes a scoop. Anything that’s not right up against my neck!! Thanks for the chance!

  29. Barbara says:

    I’d wear a boat neck or crew neck or scoop neck EVERYWHERE, because I live in Florida and live in knit T-shirts especially! V-necks are for somebody else, though; they don’t look good on me. Anything that just goes over my head without hardware to close will be in my future for at least a year while my hands heal from surgeries coming up soon.

  30. Sorahart says:

    I love boatneck shirts! They are so flattering!

  31. Tina C. says:

    I love v-necks, boat necks and cowls!

  32. Kimberly says:

    I have a longtime love for boat necks. They are so classic and flattering. I would wear them anyday, anywhere.

  33. Mary says:

    I like boatneck and scoop necks. I’d wear this on our next vacation to Lake Erie. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Tracy Chin says:

    I’d prefer a boatneck over a V-neck. I’d wear this dress to a casual, but romantic, dinner on the beach, for sure!

  35. Michaeleen says:

    I’m usually in v-necks. But I love a boat neck with a chunky long necklace.

  36. Sara RS says:

    This looks so summery!

  37. Marti says:

    I love boatnecks! I have broad shoulders and they help to disguise them.

  38. Julie says:

    I love both boat and v-necks. I love there dress version here, and I would wear it as a daily dress — out and about doing errands and living life!

  39. MelodyJ says:

    Sweetheart necklines are uncommon. I love when I see them.

  40. Carla G says:

    I prefer V-necks, but have never tried a boatneck. I love the Nautical version — soooo cool. πŸ™‚

  41. Judy says:

    This pattern looks very easy to make and also looks very comfortable to wear. I am a fan of the boatneck style.

  42. Kelly Caufield says:

    I looove this dress! I would wear it many places, such as on my upcoming trip to the Oregon Coast. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  43. ybat says:

    It looks like the perfect summer dress.

  44. Sarah says:

    I love v-necks, and boat necks make me worry about bra straps, but I haven’t tried them in awhile, so I might change my mind. This dress/ top looks so versitile!

  45. Ashley says:

    I’ve never actually owned a boatneck top, but I’d love to give it a try!

  46. Victoria says:

    I love bottlenecks and scoop necks. Both are flattering.

  47. Lynne MA says:

    I really like the look of boatnecks, but sometimes in ready-to-wear they are cut too high to be comfortable, so then I need to cut them down a bit. Easier to do it from the start when you are making something!

  48. Jennifer says:

    I like v-neck shirts but boat neck dresses!

  49. Katie says:

    I love boat necks

  50. Sally says:

    I am typically more of a v-neck kind of girl. This dress looks really comfy!

  51. Sarah says:

    I like all sorts of necklines!

  52. Marya says:

    I love boat necks, I think they are very flattering on most body types.

  53. Carmen N says:

    My favorites are scoop necks and v-necks.

  54. alana says:

    I love boatnecks! They’re flattering, and are a break from my typical scoop neck. I’d wear my new boatneck to Hawaii!

  55. krystina says:

    Love boatnecks! I have a great vintage pattern for a boatneck knit tee that I have made several times!

  56. Nienke says:

    I love boatnecks, very elegant. Yet my #1 favourite (however very seasonal) neckline is turtleneck. Preferably black… But since I would melt in that now, I’d love a boatneck to wear here on our vacation island!

  57. Dita says:

    I’d say I prefer boatneck than v-neck! Boat neck is good to be worn anywhere πŸ™‚

  58. Emily says:

    I love boatnecks! I think they make any top look a little dressier/classier. I often wear a simple knit top with a boatneck to my office job, paired with dress pants or khakis and a fun necklace. Easy & comfy!

  59. Tina in NJ says:

    This one looks like a wardrobe staple!

  60. Melissa Ann says:

    I love a boatneck, there’s something about it that fits so nice.

  61. Crystal Domke-Grimm says:

    I love boatnecks but haven’t made anything for myself with it. I also love v necks but hate sewing them.

  62. Jenna MW says:

    I have an impressive necklace collection so I like a wide variety of necklines – some necklaces look best against a certain neckline! I love this boatneck pattern!

  63. Tricia says:

    I usually wear v-necks, but I’ve been experimenting with boat necks β€” the wider, the more flattering, I think.

  64. Nancy says:

    I do like a boat neck. I look for a symmetrical curve that dips low enough not to strangle. This dress looks lovely!

  65. Susan Jones says:

    This would be prefect for work. Pair it with a cute cardigan and I’d be ready to go!

  66. Hillary says:

    I love boatnecks! And sailing. I recently wore my favorite boatneck while on vacation on Chincoteague Island, VA.

  67. sarah says:

    i love boat necks and round necks as i have been blessed with a rather full bust and so these two seem to distract a bit more from this. i tend to wear this style in day to day duties, school runs, picnics etc

  68. marjolein says:

    I love boatneck shirts. The only thing is that i always have to wear a shirt underneath, or my bra would show πŸ˜‰

  69. Charlotte L says:

    I love the boatneck! Looks like a wonderful pattern. Thanks!

  70. Flavia says:

    Love boat necks, specially for that breton, stripey look. So simple and so sleek.

  71. Sharon says:

    I am not all that fond of boatneck garments simply because they always seem to slide to one side or the other and my bra strap shows. I can use shoulder pads and even used the little straps that go around bra straps to hold garment in place and still doesn’t look good on me. However, I admit I do like them on other people when they are situated on the person where they belong.

  72. Tina Luwig says:

    I like the boat neck on a dress because it is cool but not to exposed. I would wear it to work at school without the worry I am displaying more than I like to when bending over.

  73. Betty says:

    I prefer v-necks and boatnecks. Square necklines do not look good on me. Thanks for all of the great clothing options in this round-up of patterns! Now, if I can just get some time to sew…

  74. Rebecca says:

    I’d love to make one for work!

  75. Candace says:

    Love both boat and v-neck. I would really like to make this as a dress to wear to work. Something soft and comfortable.

  76. jen says:

    I’m looking for a new top for a trip to California!

  77. Tasha says:

    I love a good v-neck, but not too low. πŸ˜‰

  78. Dorie says:

    This looks like a great basic pattern. I like a boat neckline because I have narrow shoulders and I believe it helps my shoulders appear a little wider. Would love to try this pattern!

  79. Karrie Smith says:

    I love Vnecks. I wear them everyday and to everywhere I go! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome pattern!

  80. MelodyJ says:

    I like Sweetheart necklines because they are uncommon.

  81. Heidi G says:

    I love boatnecks – they’re so classic – even though I think the v-neck is perhaps more flattering for me. This dress would be an awesome running-errands dress using a fun knit pattern!

  82. Nancy says:

    love the pattern! I would wear it to a late summer trip to Cape Cod

  83. Diane says:

    I usually wear V necks but I’d love to try a boatneck pattern. Thanks for the chance to win this pattern!

  84. Natasha says:

    I love the look of this pattern! I don’t usually wear dresses, but I think I would wear that dress, and I love the tops they made! If I had this pattern I think I would make all three views that I see here. I am just a beginner and have actually never sewn a garment since I was in jr. high school and made an apron. However, I have been sewing again lately, so I think I could do it!

  85. Rachel says:

    I am usually a Vneck kinda gal but Justine’s version is making me think twice about a boatneck. I have a gray and white knit that I may have to create something like that with for an upcoming family event.

  86. Karen B says:

    I like boatnecks. I would wear this patter in everyday situations, like work. I tend to be very particular about necklines. I tend to like wide necklines because my shoulders seem really wide with narrow necklines. No halter tops for me!

  87. Kate says:

    I love boatnecks. They are so comfortable. Thanks for a chance to win the pattern!

  88. Liz says:

    I prefer boatneck collars to V-necks. I would wear this dress to a picnic or a barbecue!

  89. angie s. says:

    I think I prefer wearing v necks, but I have yet to sew one. I would wear this top/ dress everywhere.

  90. Lynda says:

    I don’t like high boatnecks but the Shoreline Boatneck is perfect as it scoops in front. I’d firstly make a dress version in a cotton/linen blend, perfect for the upcoming spring here. thanks for the giveaway.

  91. I love the sleeve details that Sew Country Chic did! I would make the shirt, in a two toned style. Navy and pinstriped. Worn with a flared white skirt and flats to complete this cute outfit!

  92. I usually go for V-necks, but this pattern’s boat neck is so cute!!

  93. Claire says:

    I love boat neck tops and dresses, I find them much more flattering than V necks. Love them on 50s style dresses

  94. linda schiffer says:

    I love to wear boat neck shirts and tops and dresses! They are comfortable and flattering at the same time. πŸ™‚ Would enjoy trying to sew garments again to make one of these.

    πŸ™‚ Linda

  95. Helen C says:

    I love a boat neckline, really flattering and sexy without showing off too much flesh or risking a cleavage incident if you bend over!

  96. Roxanne says:

    I wear my boatneck shirts everyday and everywhere! πŸ™‚

  97. Michelle says:

    I love a boatneck top! Cute pattern!

  98. Amber Arnold says:

    Love the examples with this pattern. I’ve been wanting to make more of my everyday wear and this would be perfect! More style than just a plain t-shirt

  99. Carly says:

    Love boatneck and crew necklines! Love this pattern!

  100. Lindsay says:

    I love a boatneck or a V neck. Anything that adds a little interest. Love this pattern too!

  101. Laura says:

    Love this pattern. Boatnecks are so classic, especially in stripes. Blank Slate Patterns are fantastic too. They come together so well, with very clear instructions.

  102. Mama Lusco says:

    I would wear mine at home and anywhere!

  103. Erin Petty says:

    I’m usually a v-neck girl but I loooove this pattern!

  104. Leticia says:

    I love knit boatnecks! I think I ‘d have one in every color if I could. I like their versatility particularly for travel: they can be used under a blazer for work and paired with shorts after. The t-shirt material means easy care .

  105. Sarah J. says:

    I love boatnecks, as long as they aren’t too wide, but they can be hard to find so it would be great to have this cute pattern! Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. Catriona says:

    I love a scoop neck myself!

  107. eileen says:

    this is fantastic!!! I love boatneck tops and really need to have more of them!!! what a lovely pattern!

  108. Shelley says:

    I love boatnecks and would wear mine to my son’s baseball games:)

  109. Cindy G. says:

    I love boatnecks! As a teacher, I need to be careful of too much exposure when I need to bend down in the classroom, and a boatneck gives me the coverage I need, without making me feel choked. I love the sleeve length on this pattern, too. Now, I’ll just have to figure out if I want to make a bunch of tops, or start wearing dresses again πŸ™‚

  110. Jenny L says:

    I love boatnecks and V-necks. This top is very cute!

  111. marthaeliza says:

    Boatnecks are my favorite! I have square shoulders, which I love; boatnecks emphasize my shoulders, as well as my clavicles (which are my next favorite physical feature). I wear boatnecks all the time and anywhere!

  112. Amy Mayen says:

    I love this pattern- it’s one of those tops I’d wear everywhere. Seriously, everyday:)

  113. Joanna says:

    I love boatnecks! I would love to do the dress in the first pic…very pretty.

  114. Jennifer S says:

    OMGosh…that nautical themed top is adorable! I am typically a v-neck wearer, but I do love boat neck tops too. I love dresses, but I need more tops and I’d love to add this pattern to my collection to help expand my closet πŸ˜‰

  115. Sarah says:

    I think I prefer v necks but most of my tops are a boatneck.

  116. Ann P says:

    I have long wanted to learn to sew knits, and knit tops, and clothes for myself. Boat necks are awesome.

  117. Teresa W says:

    I like boatneck collars, I like crew, I never used to wear v-necks, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really started liking them more.

    I would wear this shirt anywhere! So cute. I think it would look great with shorts, capri’s or anything!

  118. Tammy says:

    Love the pattern as a dress! I’d wear it for everyday! I need some cute and comfy summer dresses!

  119. Martha Sturgill says:

    I love boat neck shirts because they give a much softer look at the neck for older women like me! The dress looks super easy and flattering.

  120. Bekk says:

    Love boat necks! They are really elegant. I’d wear the dress version to picnics in the park.

  121. Margo says:

    I love striped shirts and this pattern would make the classic Breton top!

  122. Mel says:

    I’d wear my new boatneck shirt anywhere and everywhere.

  123. San says:

    I usually favor v necklines, or sweetheart when I can find them. Boatnecks aren’t always so flattering for a full bust, and in ready to wear the wider neck flashes my bra straps.

  124. I wear boatnecks quite often since one of my favorite shirt patterns has it. I do not like v-necks.

  125. Jessie Hansen says:

    boatnecks have a very interesting visual line to them. I prefer standard tshirt necks, but then again all I seem to wear are tshirts. I should change that up and sew some new shirts for myself, eh?

  126. Laurie says:

    I prefer boat necks- this is a really cute pattern.

  127. Debbie says:

    This is so MOI!

  128. Marci Girl says:

    I am a v-neck type of girl, but I think it is because I’ve never owned a boatneck shirt! I sure would like to make one though…and wear it everyday!

  129. ParisGrrl says:

    I love boatnecks, because they’re flattering and they work well with necklaces.

  130. jane d says:

    Love this pattern!

  131. Emily P says:

    I love boat necks and deep vs! This is a cute pattern to wear to a picnic

  132. Ophelia says:

    Love this! Modest neckline with flattering fit for all body types.

  133. V-necks are always more flattering on me, but I adore boatnecks, a la Audrey Hepburn!

  134. Normally V-necks are more flattering on me, but I love boatnecks, a la Audrey Hepburn!

  135. Brandi says:

    I love boat neck tops!

  136. Peggy says:

    Fun pattern to try!

  137. Carolyn says:

    I make a lot of U neckline so I am thinking I like them best or am just lacking in skills to try anything else.

  138. Jolien says:

    *typo above: where instead of wear, couldn’t help noticing…*

    Anyway, I’m actually a fan of both, v-necks & boatnecks, depends on what I’m wearing it with. With longer skirts & pants I like v-necks best, with shorter, more playful skirts I prefer hiding more skin on top. πŸ˜‰

    Love these patterns for my boys, but I don’t have experience yet with the ladies’ patterns, would love a chance to try this one out. πŸ™‚

    • Beth says:

      Fixed! Thanks, Jolien!

  139. Shorella says:

    I really like the boatneck and I think it’s a versatile pattern, as it is for wovens and knits – why haven’t I heard about it ’til now?! Seems to be a perfect summer and fall dress, worn with or without a belt, I’d love to give it a try!

  140. sangeetha says:

    I love boatnecks and v-necks both flattering for a petit woman like me

  141. mjb says:

    I like boatnecks a lot – jewel necks just don’t look great on me.

  142. helen siddon says:

    Boatnecks are my favorite, being a bit busty I always feel self concious in low necklines! would love to win this pattern, first time I have seen it!

  143. Rox says:

    I’m a lover of boatnecks: so classic yet flattering!

  144. Holly says:

    I do love boat necks as long as they are not too loose. I really love a Peter Pan collar though. And neckline that is very modest is what I like.

  145. Mary Jo says:

    I <3 Boat Necks!!

  146. Erin says:

    I’d wear that boatneck dress all the time! Such a great thing to dress up or down πŸ™‚

  147. Elizabeth says:

    I like a boatneck but my absolute favorite is a scoop!

  148. Heather says:

    I love boat necks! I’m envisioning a nautical striped Shoreline dress for a casual everyday look πŸ™‚

  149. Amy says:

    I love this pattern! I love the neckline! Thanks!

  150. Catherine says:

    I LOVE boatnecks. They cover the cleavage, but don’t feel matronly. I really like this pattern as a shirt and would wear it to wander a beach town on our family staycation. πŸ™‚

  151. Nupur says:

    Lovely pattern! I love V necks; I am short and they make me look a bit taller (or so I think).

  152. Maddy says:

    I JUST saw this photo on Melissa’s blog and wondered what pattern it was from. I’m so glad that it’s featured here today! I love a lot of different necklines, and this pattern is so versatile, I’d wear it just about everywhere!

  153. Shannon says:

    I think I would wear this dress everywhere!

  154. Garilyn says:

    I have to admit that I love V-necks, but this top/dress is so cute!

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