Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: The Alder Skirt

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Welcome to our Favorite Indie Patterns series, curated by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness! Sara selected 31 patterns from 31 different designers to feature daily all month long, complete with many pattern giveaways. We hope this inspires you to sew for yourself this summer!

Name: The Alder Skirt {For Women}

Brand: Imagine Gnats

Description: The Alder Skirt {For Women} is a retro inspired a-line skirt with generous pockets and an easy-going style. The pleated front and back darts make for a flattering silhouette, while the elastic back means no finicky closures and a comfortable fit. For a less pronounced a-line shape, flat front and pocket options are also included. The alder skirt is perfect for everyday wear, and includes options that are simple enough for a beginner sewist.

Format: Paper & PDF

Skill Level: Beginner

Techniques Involved: Pleats, pockets, topstitching

Sizes: US Women’s 2-22 (hip measurement 32″-56″)

Recommended Fabrics: The Alder Skirt is designed to be made with non-stretch materials, and works well in a variety of woven fabrics such as: quilting cotton, voile, cotton lawn, shot cotton, chambray, linen, double gauze, denim or light-weight canvas.

Price: $15

Customer Examples:

Michelle from Handmade Martini

Cindy from Siestas & Sewing

WIN A COPY OF THIS PATTERN! Tell us about sewing skirts. Do you go short, long, a-line, circle, fitted, fancy, hard-working and practical, with or without pockets?… Have you sewn your perfect skirt?!

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216 Responses to Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: The Alder Skirt

  1. Char says:

    I started sewing my own skirts specifically to have pockets! I love the contrasting fabrics idea for this pattern. I have been doing long skirts, but could definitely use a couple knee-length options. I love the elastic in the waist. I’m all about comfort.

  2. Amber! says:

    My perfect skirt has pockets in it!

  3. Sally F. says:

    Short skirt looks good on short-legged ladies! I love the pockets!

  4. Traci S says:

    Favorite skirts: knee length with a yoke waist. I love pockets!

  5. Natalie says:

    I have sewn skirts and find they are quick and easy. I love this one for its cute pockets!

  6. Jessica w says:

    i normally get a knee length flowy skirt to make sure it fits my hips

  7. Amy Peterson says:

    The perfect skirt is surely different for me, depending which hat I have on for any given day – mother, worker etc. Something short and with pockets generally fits the bill, however, as we live in the tropics and also with three children, one can never have enough hands or secret hiding spots to stash supplies.
    I’ve been making A-line skirts out of fabric designed and painted in Australian Indigenous communities, from remote Northern Territory. They are striking, unique and totally wearable as artworks in their own right. I would LOVE to make this pattern using some of the indigenous art fabric too! Can’t wait!

  8. Jane S. says:

    I go long circle with a gathered elastic waist. They’re easy. Yes, I know they’re nothing special but they’re good in winter or summer and I can wear them out as well as just hang around the house in them.

    This skirt though, gosh it’s cute and my daughters would really look great in it! Thanks for the chance to win the pattern. 🙂

  9. Patricia says:

    Love short, flowy skirts with pockets!! Thanks for the chance to win this pattern and try a fitted skirt.

  10. Julie says:

    My perfect skirt, is always the one I am about to sew. I tend to stick with knee length, and love pockets.

  11. Smucky says:

    I pinned this pattern just a few days ago! I want to try it in a ponte knit.

  12. Alana says:

    I love pockets. I have yet to find the perfect skirt pattern. I like a-line skirts the best, but also like half circle and pencil skirts.

  13. Katie says:

    I rarely sew for myself so I’ve actually never sewn a skirt, but I’ve been admiring this one for a while now. Love it!

  14. jenny says:

    just getting back into wearing skirts so this would be idea;

  15. Stephanie says:

    I’m still looking for my perfect skirt pattern!

  16. Ann Marie says:

    I love to make skirts. I have been a little hooked on the Barcelona skirt because the pattern fits me with no adjustments. So flattering and easy to make. I totally want this pattern! So cute!

  17. Nicola Mcbeath says:

    I’ve yet to find a skirt pattern I really love but maybe this could be it! ‘d

    I’d love to win!

  18. Sara RS says:

    I have eyed this skirt for some time, soo cute!

  19. Tracy Chin says:

    So far, I have only sewn a skirt (a reversible one) for my daughter. I’d love to make this one for myself!

  20. Sarah says:

    I like long, a-line or gored skirts that are pretty full out of floaty fabric. I have altered a basic simplicity pattern that is my “perfect” skirt.

  21. Karrie Smith says:

    I like a variety of skirts. Short full skirts are my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win this pattern! I love it!

  22. Tasha says:

    long knit skirts are my fave!

  23. Nancy says:

    Live a simple clean skirt modest lengths and a must to have pockets!

  24. Beth allen says:

    I like A-line skirts. I feel that they are the most flattering on me.

  25. Roxanne says:

    I’m a sucker for a cute circle skirt but this pattern looks great as well!

  26. ybat says:

    I prefer short skirts because im short and I always feel that long skirts make me look even shorter.

  27. Jenny L says:

    I have not yet sewn any clothing for myself, but would love to try it out with this pattern!

  28. ruby t says:

    I have yet to sew the perfect skirt, but I do alter some off the rack skirts to customize the fit.
    Mid to longer skirts are my favorite, but this Alder skirt looks like it might work for a shorter one.
    I appreciate that you show lots of examples of fabrics and different sizes..it really helps.

  29. Ann P says:

    Love the A-line. And the elastic in the back sounds pretty good, too!

  30. Margo says:

    I like A-line skirts with pockets so this one is right in my wheel house!! I love the pockets and the chance to use two fabrics. Very cute design.

  31. danielle says:

    ooh! awesome skirt. i’ve been too afraid to try sewing clothes so far.

  32. Marti says:

    I’ve yet to sew a skirt for myself, I’m not sure why not! I prefer skirts that skim to top of my knees if they are short and this looks to fit the bill perfectly.

  33. R says:

    Skirts are some of my most rewarding projects

  34. Garilyn says:

    I’ve sewn a few simple skirts for myself and several more details ones for my daughter. We generally choose the longer skirts, hitting mid-calf, but have done a few knee length.

  35. Annette says:

    I loved to make skirts, but being a school nurse in a busy school, they just don’t work. This skirt looks wonderful and my daughter and I would love to sew this together as she learns. This could be the perfect skirt for my non-working hours. Love the simplicity with maintaining style…..

  36. nicki says:

    I love the Alder skirt! A-line is my favourite shape for daywear. I have an inverted triangle shape so they help to balance!

  37. Miet says:

    I love maxi skirts, and I prefer my skirts with pockets.

  38. Cathy says:

    I love to make and wear skirts! I have many vintage patterns that I use but this pattern looks great. My skirts must always have pockets too!

  39. Laura says:

    This skirt looks awesome. I can see it in both casual and smater forms. It is not on my sewing wishlist fairly near the top

  40. Catarina says:

    Veeeeery cute 🙂

  41. marjolein says:

    i love circle skirts, but for my job i should probably sew more ‘smart’ skirts.

  42. Carla G says:

    I haven’t sewn any skirts for myself yet… too busy sewing for my boys. 🙂 I prefer A-line skirts though.

  43. Joy says:

    Love wearing miniskirts and a-line ones. Oh wait…pencil skirts too. 🙂

  44. Alice B says:

    That is such a cute skirt!

  45. Heidi G says:

    I’ve only sewn one skirt and it was too big because my attempt at shirring didn’t work… I will eventually fix it. On the other hand… I love this skirt! A-line, pockets, pleats – what’s NOT to love?!

  46. Karen Chatters says:

    I love a short-er skirt!

  47. Tina Luwig says:

    I ted to wear straight skirts but would love to try the Alder skirt.

  48. Hayley says:

    I’ve only made kids skirts so far but I have this one on my list

  49. Kendra says:

    I love skirts with pockets, especially large pockets!

  50. Karen B says:

    Skirts can be the easiest to sew. Knee-length A-line, usually on the bias, is how I usually do it.

  51. Sarah says:

    I love pockets!!

  52. Tammie says:

    I have only sewn skirts for my kids, I would love to try making one for myself.

  53. Chelle Chapman says:

    I love ANY type of skirt & have not yet made what I call my “perfect” skirt but think I have some wonderful ideas to get started with!!

  54. Mindy says:

    Wearing skirts for me is few and far between, mostly cause I’m still coming to terms with my post baby body and having found a skirt that I love… This skirt however, I think I could LOVE!

  55. Katie says:

    I’ve only sewn simple skirts for my daughter so far.

  56. Elizabeth says:

    I love a-line and maxi skirts. I’ve sewn the Grainline Moss and love it too!

  57. Cheryl says:

    I make a lot of knit skirts-long or knee length. Always with a comfy yoga waist!

  58. Charlene says:

    I like long and short skirts, just depends on the day 🙂

  59. Marija says:

    I really LOVE this skirt!! Thanks for the review and post – pattern is downloaded already and can’t wait to try it!!

  60. Heather says:

    I like to wear A-line skirts and would love to sew this skirt. I love the variations of this pattern you have done.

  61. Heather says:

    I like A-line skirts and I would love to sew this skirt. I like that variations that you have done.

  62. Cindy F. says:

    I like sewing all kinds of skirts. Amy Butler’s Barcelona was my first and the one I keep going back to.

  63. Isabel A. says:

    I like A-line and short skirts. I never sewed a skirt for me, just for my daughters.

  64. Allison says:

    I haven’t found my perfect skirt, but for summer, I love long knit ones. Something with pockets would be terrific!

  65. I just got into wearing shirts again now that my kids are old enough that it is finally modest! 😉 I tend to aim for knee length, but in starting to like maxi’s as well. The alder skirt looks amazing!

  66. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t found the perfect skirt. I have a previous skirt that is ready to be retired, I have worn it almost everyday for the past 4 summers. This pattern looks like the perfect replacement, thanks for showcasing it.

  67. Tina in NJ says:

    I usually go just below the knee to cover my knee brace, and fuller looks better long. Besides, fuller is more fun, especially for dancing.

  68. Tomboy says:

    Cut skirt. I’m an A-line with pockets skirt girl, so this one fits totally the bill! The examples shown here are very cute. I love the fact that you can make skirts looking totally different just by using different fabrics or adding piping.

  69. Kristan says:

    Cute! So far I’ve only sewn one skirt for me…an A-line with pockets! I like it and wear it a lot. Skirts are so easy – to sew and wear!

  70. Jess says:

    Ooh, I love this! I’ve been wanting to make a chambray skirt and I think a pattern like this would be just the thing I am looking for!! I love skirts that have just a touch of fullness or drape, but nothing TOO poofy, just like this! 🙂

  71. Deb says:

    I’d love this pattern, it’s been on my list for awhile!

  72. Teresa says:

    As a teen, I had a pattern for a wrap around skirt that fit nicely and was flattering. Your skirt also has a nice design and is not too snug and also flatters one’s shape. I prefer knee length, waist defining, and not too much flaring at the bottom.

  73. Caroline JG says:

    I love skirts, just above the knees for myself, A-line, in prints for summer, wool or jeans for winter. I nc see this little number working all year long. So fingers crossed ????

  74. Lee says:

    I love almost any skirt if it has pockets! thanks!

  75. Annika says:

    I haven’t sewn a skirt for myself so far. but this would be a good start…

  76. Catarina says:

    I like knee length pencil for work and full skirt for weekend – the skirt follows my mood, ya know?

  77. Ali M says:

    No perfect skirt yet.. I have the perfect peasant skirt pattern, but I’ve made it as a muslin I cant wear in public, and a see through version that got too bulky once lines, so I have some work to do here!

  78. Amanda B. says:

    I love wrap skirts that sit at the knee. However the first skirt I ever made was a very short wrap skirt that I made out of an old moo moo dress in high school. I wish I still had it.

  79. Jenya says:

    I like A-line with a possibility of adding pockets, knee/just above knee length. I am yet to make a god skirt. I made one in high school. It was faaaar from perfect but I was so proud of it I actually wore it in public. Last year I made an attempt to make a skirt, but got sizing wrong… twice! The skirt is still in my unfinished pile. A few weeks ago I booked myself into a sewing class planning to make a pattern for an A line skirt and then make one. What do you think? The class got cancelled! haha!

  80. MelodyJ says:

    I like to sew all lengths and styles.

  81. Pauline says:

    I love skirts and wear them almost exclusively, choosing to wear leggings under them when it gets cold. I do sew most of them and my favourite to date is any wrap style and the Hummingbird pattern from Cake. But I can see the Alder skirt being a new favourite as it encompasses the attributes I love most in a skirt, especially the great pockets and lines.

  82. Linda says:

    I am definitely a skirt person. All lengths in wovens and knits suit me fine. I am a sewing instructor and many of my young girls want to make skirts. Amen!

  83. Erica says:

    I love the look of skirts, but have not found one that I really like and feel good about wearing. I’ve been eyeing this one as I think it is really cute and seems to suit all body types.

  84. Kelley says:

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt!!

  85. Melissa Ann says:

    I have mostly sewn long, circle skirts unless it’s been for a costume. It’s a look I am very comfortable with. I have never found a shorter skirt pattern that I would be happy with wearing on a regular basis.

  86. Michelle says:

    My favorite skirt is usually in denim, since it’s such a versatile fabric that can be dressed up as casual elegance or be completely utilitarian – and is knee-length and A-line. I have actually sewn the most perfect skirt ever last summer – from a pattern I found on burda.com. It was meant to be a fancy skirt to be sewn with fancy fabrics, but I used a fabric that was given to me as a gift that was in cotton with a pretty flower pattern which I had stored in my fabric wardrobe for a very long time and a matching fabric that was used as accents in the pattern which I also happened to have for a long time before finding a purpose for it. They were the prefect matches for each other – and I had just enough fabric of both materials to pull it off 🙂 You can actually view this skirt, as I am wearing it on my facebook avatar.

  87. Christine says:

    I like shorter skirts like this one. I especially like the pockets.

  88. Ginger says:

    Pockets. All skirts need pockets.

  89. Mary Ann says:

    I love skirts. Pockets are the best!

  90. Sarah says:

    I can’t think of the last time I sewed a skirt – at least 10 years ago! Nonetheless, I’ve been itching to see one for myself for a few months now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. Keely says:

    I would love this pattern! I’ve never sewn clothing before and I would love to start with this!

  92. Cassandra says:

    I would love to sew an alder skirt! My perfect skirt is knee-length and slightly fuller than an A-line.

  93. Kelsey says:

    I sewed a maternity maxi skirt– I definitely haven’t perfected my skills though!

  94. Dita says:

    I love skirt that has pockets! I like the ones without pockets too, but when a cute skirt has pockets, I always feel like I hit the jackpot! My favorite skirt that I’ve sewn is a simple skirt with scallop edge

  95. Mirza says:

    I usually like long. Short skirts don’t look good on me at all. I would love to sew up this one though. Love those pockets and I think it would be easy to lengthen it. Would love to see it in a longer length!

  96. Nancy says:

    I like pockets. Princess lines avoid darts, and I find darts finicky with my waist and hips melding together into one. Darn.

  97. Ros Cahill says:

    Um my smiley faces turned into question marks , that is weird ????

  98. Ros Cahill says:

    I would love to win this pattern so much ???????? I have made lots if childrens clothes but not many ladies clothes and still havent managed something for myself that I would leave the house in lol????????

  99. Nita says:

    I have a pouffy tummy, so,prefer skirts that lay flat across the front. No circle skirts for me!

  100. Jody says:

    I like knee length skirts!

  101. Julie V says:

    I’m a novice at garment sewing, and this looks like I could actually do it… Thanks for the opportunity!

  102. Renee says:

    I’m not really sure what kind of skirt–I go for comfort!

  103. Lynda says:

    I wear skirts all year round and love knee length with pockets, but I have all sorts. I’m new to sewing and hope to make my first skirt in the next few weeks (after the school holidays!), this skirt would be a perfect first one. thx for the giveways.

  104. Kristie says:

    I’ve been looking for a good skirt pattern that I can use to make some skirts to bike in. The Alder Skirt looks like it would work and look good too. I’d love a copy. Thanks!

  105. Barbara says:

    I like a skirt that’s just above the knee, and every thing I wear HAS to have pockets! I would also make this skirt using just the front half as an apron, because I think it is just adorable!

  106. Jan says:

    I love a classic straight skirt that sits just above the knee. Keep it simple and go nuts with the details!

  107. Shannon says:

    Pocketed skirts are the BEST!

  108. Steph Granite says:

    I’m all about practicality with skirts. Elastic waists and large pockets are always a huge draw for me, though I still have yet to discover the *perfect* skirt pattern.

  109. Katerina says:

    I have sewn a few basic skirts, a-line and pencil, no pockets, worn them a lot and enjoyed them! Still always open to a new style I would love to try the Alder Skirt!

  110. Amanda says:

    Oh I’m so new to sewing, I haven’t sewn shorts and I haven’t sewn skirts. But when I finally do I definitely want pockets and I always find a-line to be very flattering!

  111. Jess says:

    This is so cute! Sewing for myself still makes me nervous. I need to get over it, huh?

  112. Amy says:

    I have yet to make the perfect skirt, but my go-to design is the A-line skirt from Amy Butler. I usually make long skirts, but I have found that I like the shorter skirts this summer.

  113. Isabelle Jean says:

    I’ve searching for an easy to sew skirt pattern for weeks! This one looks really interesting because it seems more flattering than the elastic waist kinds that I’ve been seeing everywhere, but not as complicated as a zipper closure.

  114. Michelle says:

    I love skirts but haven’t found the perfect pattern yet! Love this skirt so fingers crossed it’s as awesome as it looks!

  115. Samina says:

    Skirts are my favorite thing to sew! I prefer the classic A-lines & knee length or below, but I’ll step out of my standard style for a great pattern. BTW, thanks for this series. I’m finding all sorts of indie patterns I didn’t know existed.

  116. Shannon says:

    This is definitely my ideal skirt. Pockets, yes please! I love a-lines and like to wear them on the road at merchandise shows. Easy to dress up or down!

  117. boo says:

    I love knee length a lines. Flattering for most figures and leg shapes! Add a bit of colour and…bam! Summer sorted .

  118. lielebeesje says:

    A-line and some piping do the trick for me!
    What a great pattern!

  119. Laurie says:

    Pockets are indispensible and i always love an elastic waist.

  120. Beth Brown says:

    I usually love long skirts that are colorful and flowing but I really like the looks of this skirt. Beth

  121. BJ Marley says:

    I haven’t sewn a skirt in ages, but I want to make more of my own clothes.

  122. Beth says:

    Skirts are great instant gratification sewing. I think wrap skirts are my favorite.

  123. Eileen says:

    I have not sewn my perfect skirt but I am still looking! Actually, the first thing I sewed when I started takng lessons in high school was a blue wrap skirt and I really liked it.

  124. Bonnie says:

    This is super cute! I have self-drafted a few simple skirts that I really like – my fave (which I happen to be wearing today) has a wide waistband with a sash, a centered back zipper, and simple pleats. I regularly get compliments on it. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  125. Sara Speight says:

    I love skirts – you can wear them all year round! The skirt I have sewn for myself several times is slight A-line, knee length and with a back zip. Simple and quick to sew. Would love to try this one!

  126. Julie says:

    I like a classic, A-Line skirt– above the knees. I have too many skirts in my wardrobe because I like making them so much. I’ve been wanting to try out the Alder Skirt because it doesn’t have a zipper, but it still has a nice shape.

  127. krystina says:

    Very cute!

  128. Sarah says:

    I love pockets. Lately I’ve been on a maxi skirt kick so I guess I prefer long right now. This skirt is cute and looks comfy. Thanks for a chance to win.

  129. Teri says:

    I love a-line and full skirts! The everyday skirt from Liesl & Co is one of my current favorites.

  130. Cindy G. says:

    I really need to figure out the perfect length for my shape and height. And, I also need to figure out the perfect skirt style (and then make one in every color!). But, comfort is key, so while one design may look better on me, I’ll take the more comfortable version, if possible. I like the idea of having an elastic waist back, but a more polished look on the front!

  131. Rhonda says:

    Skirts are perfect for summer no matter whether short or long. The pockets on this one are an added bonus! I would love to have this pattern.

  132. Megan says:

    I like sewing skirts because I have a much easier time getting them to fit correctly. I love pockets in skirts. My favorite skirt I have sewn is the Hollyburn, and I would love to sew another pocket skirt.

  133. Catriona says:

    I like skirts with lots of fabric, I currently have plans to make a handkerchief skirt!

  134. Vivella says:

    Ha, for once I can say I sewed SKIRT. My general preference is long.

  135. Tina C. says:

    I have an a-line skirt that i’ve made a few of but it doesn’t have pockets (http://whip-stitch.com/ruby-star-spring-bee-skirt/). i don’t think I could add pockets to it without affecting the drape of it. I definitely need an a-line pattern with pockets and this skirt here might work!

  136. Jenniffer says:

    I still haven’t gotten my perfect skirt. Either too many pleats or they hug just abit too muck

  137. Lauren Stahl says:

    Because I am very petite, I often find the only adult-sized clothing that fit are skirts. Yes, even when I am shopping in the petites section! So I wear a lot of skirts and make a lot of skirts! My favorite to make is simple skirt with a large elastic waist and some gathering for volume.

  138. Kathleen says:

    I like knee-length and practical, with pockets. In fact, my near-perfect skirt is one that I made last summer, which is a skort with a hidden cell-phone pocket. But it’s not quite perfect — maybe this pattern would be the perfect skort!

  139. Sarah Jane says:

    I’m all about skirts and dresses this year of any sort! Love the Alder Skirt!!!

  140. Melissa says:

    I’ve sewn two mini skirts, one in knits (Colette’s Mabel) and one woven (Simplicity, can’t recall the number – It was ages ago and I had help from my grandmother). I love wearing skirts, so I would love to give this pattern a try! 🙂 I prefer mini, or just above the knee length and love them in corduroy and denim. When my skills catch up, I plan to try Grainline Studio’s Moss skirt pattern. It seems like my style.

  141. Sacha says:

    The favorite skirt that I’ve sewn was very simple knee-length a-line. I think an a-sline with pockets would be even better!

  142. Siobhan says:

    This skirt looks so cute, and easy to sew as well, yay for beginners sewing

  143. sorahart says:

    I’m a huge fan of circle skirts!

  144. Marci Girl says:

    No, I haven’t sewn the perfect skirt yet, I hope to this summer, with knits!

  145. Maddy says:

    I haven’t sewn a lot of skirts, but maybe that’s because I can’t seem to ever get them right. They’re either too voluminous or too tight, or have a weird waist band or something. I like to go about knee length, usually a little shorter, though. This skirt looks awesome!

  146. Leticia says:

    I love wearing skirts and dresses when the weather gets warmer in the NE. I’ve been daydreaming about making myself more skirts and one of my friends has been asking for them as well. I have lovely fabrics awaiting perfect pattern pairings. This skirt seems like an awesome candidate for one of the fabrics.
    Being a mom to an active toddler, pockets have become a necessity in my wardrobe.

  147. Lyn Kaufmann says:

    I love pockets and prefer a bit longer, below the knee or maxi. At 50, shorter skirts just don’t seem appropriate. This pattern looks fabulous. I haven’t sewn a skirt for myself in probably 25 years!

  148. S Carpenter says:

    Pockets. Pockets! POCKETS. I have strong feelings on this issue. This means I usually go for slightly longer, fuller skirts, since it means more room for storage.

  149. I like A-line and with pockets, but I haven’t sewn my perfect skirt yet. 🙁 This one fits the bill, so I’d love to win!

  150. ParisGrrl says:

    Cute pattern. I usually look for pencil or circle-styles, but this one looks fun!

  151. Cecilia says:

    Knee length with pockets=the perfect skirt! I always seem to mess them up when I make them though!

  152. Sally says:

    I have not really sewn any skirts for myself since I have been an adult. I think shorter, but not too short with a slightly a-line shape is great.

  153. Amy says:

    I like knee length skirts, and am trying to figure out how to copy a store bought skirt I love without taking it apart – hoping that will be my perfect skirt..

  154. sangeetha says:

    I do all of them, typically like A Line, Pencil or circle with or w/o pockets

  155. Bell says:

    I like long skirts, I think they’re a very romantic summer style. I would probably lengthen this skirt. I love the pleats, they add such interest.

  156. Hillary says:

    I usually prefer my skirts around knee length. I am still looking for that perfect for me pattern. I love the pockets on this one!

  157. Natalie Huffman says:

    I usually sew circle skirts for my daughter. I’ve sewn a pencil skirt and aline for myself. I don’t like anything too short unless I have tights on. Pockets are awesome, I just haven’t mastered them yet! As to finding the prefect pattern…. no, not yet 🙂

  158. Nicole says:

    I typically sew short quick elastic band skirts! No pattern necessary but I love the idea of the pockets and flat waistband! So adorable!! Thanks for the chance!

  159. Vicki says:

    I normally wear knee length or maxi skirts, love circle skirts but hate the hemming that comes with them. The Alder skirt looks like a really good pattern, which can be adapted for individual tastes, I can see a wardrobe full of them!


  160. jill says:

    I’ve made many skirts, short, long, a-line, gathered, elastic waist mostly; but almost all for my daughters, now 17 & 7 years old. I haven’t made myself anything successful in ages & ages. Time to try again?

  161. Irene says:

    I love skirts and I wear almost all styles: pencil and A-line but also fuller ones (half circles are my preference), knit and woven. I wear my skirt knee-height or longer, so I will need to modify the Alder skirt accordingly. I must have sewn more skirts than any other type of garment in the 2+ years that I am sewing. I would love to try the Alder skirt!

  162. sarah clemons says:

    Its Been long Maxi Skirts for a while not sure why I have not made a a shorter one It is hotter than……..here in NC …..I love this pattern

  163. I have yet to make a skirt, but I just bought material to make some! This is adorable, I would go knee length.

  164. Jolien says:

    I love skirts! Especially short or knee-length, no perfect pattern yet. This seems like it could be a great pattern for my “1-yard-I-HAVE-to-turn-into-a-skirt” fabric… Maybe…

    By the way, I love the version with piping!

  165. Susan Coverly says:

    Cute, love A-line skirts!

  166. Alina Rodgers says:

    I like short skirt, comfortable is a must.

  167. Jessica T says:

    This is such a cute skirt pattern. I sew a lot of skirts for my daughters, but not so many for me. I think this would be a great one to try for my self though!

  168. Carrie says:

    I’ve sewn a bunch of skirts, but none of them are perfect. This pattern looks like a candidate for my perfect skirt though – just above the knee, with pockets – I’m adding it to my to-sew list now!

  169. Karla Yoshinaka says:

    I haven’t sewn a skirt for myself in probably 25 years! I’ve been attpribg summer dresses (short) but have yet to complete one maybe a skirt could put me over the hump!

  170. Rachel says:

    I always put pockets on everything and I love the examples with a coordinating fabric. For skirts though I usually sew or buy them mid thigh structured or belted.

  171. Mariana says:

    I love skirts, I need more! I like mostly fitted, knee-length pencil skirts, but occasionally I stretch out of my comfort zone and sew a-lines.
    Thanks for the giveaway, this skirt has very interesting details!

  172. Meredith says:

    A skirt was my very first project – with my Grandma Mary back in 1982. I was in second grade and she helped me cut it out, pin it together and start sewing, on one of those old machines where you pumped the pedal instead of just holding it down. We sat in the sewing room each afternoon for a couple of days until we rolled out the epitome of my grandmother’s early 1980’s wardrobe – a wrap around. I was tickled pink to look like Grandma in my denim and red gingham skirt! Don’t think I’ve made another as nice since!

    I’d like to try this pattern, though 🙂

  173. Jill says:

    I love to make tiered skirts. I have made lots of them, although because I am short, I suspect they don’t look as good on me as I think. Hard to pull off a pocket in a tiered skirt though, so I’d sure like to win this one!

  174. Sharon A says:

    Knee length A line is my fave

  175. Isa says:

    I haven’t sewn my perfect skirt yet, but I’d go for an A-line or a pencil shape with pockets.

  176. anna gerard says:

    This skirt is adorable! I think this series is awesome. I didn’t even know about this skirt. I must make this. I tend to go a-line..but i like pencil skirts as well. Haven’t made my perfect skirt as of yet.

  177. mandi says:

    I love sewing above-the-knee skirts w/ pockets and a little flair – this one looks great!

  178. Cherylkd says:

    I like knee length skirts. And pockets!

  179. Jennifer says:

    I have not found my perfect skirt pattern. At the moment I mostly sew for my five year old daughter. I would love to try this one for myself!

  180. Lisa says:

    I haven’t sewn a skirt yet. I’m still very much a beginner, though I bought some beautiful fabric last week that will be perfect for this skirt! I’m looking forward to making it regardless of whether I win:)

  181. Ashley says:

    I love all skirts since I almost flashed myself while chasing my twins, I wear Maxi’s now. A little more practical and comfy.

  182. becca says:

    Cute skirt! I haven’t sewn too many skirts, but I’d love to make a few more. 🙂

  183. Mary Jo says:

    I enjoy A line and wrap skirts.

  184. Chris C says:

    My daughters and I love skirts. Of course, they wear theirs much shorter than I do.!

  185. Amy Lehman says:

    I usually make simple skirts that are knee length or longer. I would love to make a skirt with pockets.

  186. Dana says:

    For wovens I like A-line skirts, but I’ve been on a knit kick lately and am LOVING the Mabel pencil skirt. So easy to make and very flattering and comfy.

  187. Lisa Barber says:

    My ideal skirt is an A-line that hits just below my knee. Unfortunately I have not found the perfect skirt yet. I think the Alder Pattern will fit the bill. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  188. Lori M says:

    Mid length or short and it had to have pockets….I love pockets!

  189. Maaike says:

    I have only sewn one skirt so far. I was just thinking about sewing another one, and this pattern would be just perfect! Love the pockets and the pleats!

  190. Eulalia says:

    I have sewn 2 A-line skirt this summer, I definitely need an Alder skirt. I love it with pockets and knee length.

  191. Cherie says:

    What a darling skirt. Skirts are one of my favorite things to sew. Especially A-line ones. Thank you.

  192. Mandi says:

    I haven’t made any skirts, but I want to make one with pockets! So cute!

  193. Lani says:

    This looks like a really cute pattern, LOVE the pockets!

  194. Lauren says:

    I have yet to sew the perfect skirt. Love the pockets on this one.

  195. Happysuz says:

    I have only made skirts for dolls. I have been wanting to make one for me! This looks like a good beginner one!

  196. Michaeleen says:

    I just learned how to sew with knits and am having fun making simple knit skirts for summer. I’m a woven fabric lovin’ girl from way back and this skirt would be so fun to make. I love the pockets and the variations in the examples. Soooo cute!

  197. Leah says:

    A-line skirts with pockets – yes please! I haven’t found the perfect pattern as yet, I tend to have a problem with getting a skirt to ‘sit” on my waist or hips and not ride up my body. Perhaps the elastic at the back will solve this. Hooray.

  198. Darlene says:

    I love this – it is so cute. I would love to win this.

  199. Amy C says:

    Love all the cute examples!!! I’ve been needing a new skirt for summer and this would be adorable!

  200. Kate says:

    Usually long, need to make some shorter ones.

  201. Veronica says:

    I’m new to sewing and haven’t made a skirt yet, but I love the idea of one with pockets!

  202. Claire says:

    A skirt was one of the first things I sewed and one of the first things to do with my beginning sewer nieces. This looks perfect!

  203. Shannon says:

    This skirt looks perfect! I love pockets, I might give it a little more length though. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  204. Jess says:

    I have not sewn my perfect skirt. My perfect skirt would be an a-line with pockets. I might tackle it this summer; I bought some gorgeous fabric that I really want to use.

  205. Cynthia says:

    I LOVE skirts of all styles. I mostly like the longer style
    At least at the knee length and below. They must be fun
    Yet functional and pockets are always a bonus!!!
    I enjoy making them for my girls as well.

  206. I love skirts. Most recent ones were a-line knit skirts, about 1/2 circle skirts. They flow so lovely! My favourite skirt I’ve ever made was a floor length, 12-tier skirt in shades of blue. It had a zipper and yoke and I still love it!

  207. Liza A. says:

    I go practical and mid-knee in length for work. I love pockets but actually have few skirts with them.

  208. Serena says:

    Love those pockets. I love all skirts–A-line, gathered, simple, detailed–but they must have pockets!

  209. Melwyk says:

    I am still looking for my perfect skirt…I like both a straight skirt and a nice, twirly circle skirt. Have so many more to test out — and I love the pocket detail on the Alder!

  210. Elia says:

    I have never sewn a skirt and I would love that the Alder skirt would be my first! 😉

  211. Sheri says:

    I am always looking for a new skirt pattern that might flatter my old lady curves and it has pockets ta-boot.

  212. Sarah says:

    Always with pockets. I usually do something simple & quick with an elastic waist. I prefer the look of a flat front & elastic in the back. I love the pockets on this skirt!

  213. Jennie says:

    I would love to win this. I’ve made circle skirts and “basic simple” skirts for my daughter. I just bought gnomeville fabric to make my own skirt for the first time and I’m wondering how to make it look like an adult skirt, rather than a kid one. Perhaps I do need to get a pattern?!

  214. I wear skirts a LOT — especially if they have great pockets. Knee-length, over leggings, or even over jeans. So this looks like it would do some “heavy lifting” in my wardrobe.

  215. Sherry says:

    I’ve sewn a few skirts, nothing fantastic. Right now I’m trying to sew for my tween, because everything we buy in the store doesn’t fit right. My very first thing I ever sewed was a long black circle skirt in Home Ec. I wore it for orchestra concerts so I could play my cello.

  216. Annie Dee says:

    I prefer pencil skirts but this one is adorable! I haven’t really found the “perfect” pattern yet. This could be it! I love that it is specifically for non-stretch material. I’d love to win this one!!

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