Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: The Willow Tunic

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Our Favorite Indie Patterns series is curated by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness! Sara selected 31 patterns from 31 different designers to feature daily all month long, complete with many pattern giveaways. Don’t forget to add your comment on any post in the series for a chance to win a free pattern!

Name: The Willow Tunic

Brand: Serendipity Studio

Description: This easy to sew design features self lined yokes and princess seams with a side zipper for a flattering and comfortable fit.

Change up the look with your choice of cap or three quarter length sleeves and contrasting fabrics. Variations include bias cut fabric for side front and back as well as contrasting yokes, hem and sleeve bands. You can even get adventurous and make a hand embroidered version! This tunic looks great as a dress or a tunic with skinny jeans or leggings.

Format: Paper only (tissue included in pattern for 7 sizes)

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Techniques Involved: Invisible zipper, set-in sleeves, lined yoke, princess seaming

Sizes: XXS – XXL (Bust: 32-44; Waist: 24-36; Hips: 34-46)

Recommended Fabrics: Quilting cotton, linen, rayon, silk

Price: $11

Customer Examples:

Two Willow Tunics by Sara from Sew Sweetness

WIN A COPY OF THIS PATTERN! What’s the number one thing you need to sew this summer to round out your wardrobe? Let us know and your comment enters you to win a free copy of The Willow Tunic pattern!

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248 Responses to Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: The Willow Tunic

  1. I need more dresses! Thanks for the chance.

  2. Sally F. says:

    I need some more shirts! I have a long torso so this tunic length would be perfect!

  3. Ali M says:

    A Naomi dress for my niece’s wedding.

  4. Traci S says:

    I really need to master sewing shorts; I can’t find any that fit my legs with any sort of shape. I can do it!

  5. Natalie says:

    I need more tunics and this is one is very pretty!

  6. Emily says:

    I need clothes that fit my post baby body.

  7. Andrea says:

    I need to work more prints into my fabric repertoire. I have so many solids, but they’re usually brighter and more saturated, so I just need to get more fabrics that mix well with others without being to colorblock-y

  8. Jessica w says:

    I need some dresses, shorts, and maxi skirts!

  9. Margarita says:

    I really need to sew shorts or lightweight long pants with POCKETS so I can go out without carrying a purse just to hold my wallet, phone and keys…

  10. Kathy says:

    I would love a pair of cowboy boots to wear with everything!

  11. Annika says:

    a swimsuit. but the swimwear fabric collection in Germany is just bla…

  12. Shari says:

    I have to admit I thought this pattern a little more traditional and dare I say matronly for my tastes when it was released. Sara’s version helps me envision how this might actually match my aesthetic.

  13. Deb E says:

    It’s been so hot and need to whip up some nice loose cotton pants that look nice but flow so air circulates! A draw string waist would be a good feature too.

  14. Shannon says:

    I love a new sewn dress. This summer would be a good time to sew myself capris. I have none.

  15. Ula says:

    I need some new tops!

  16. Sarah says:

    I need to make some floaty summer tops…. and skirts. Just made two summer dresses, I’m on a dresses roll and I can’t stop. lovely pattern. It looks so flattering.

  17. Stephanie says:

    I need a skirt and some tunics 🙂

  18. Nupur says:

    I really need a couple of cute comfortable tops this summer!

  19. Mandy says:

    I need breezy tops and blouses, and dresses are always winners!

  20. Merry says:

    I need more summer dresses!

  21. Sandy says:

    I need tunics! I don’t often like the ones sold in stores. I love this one. So many options! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  22. Michaeleen says:

    I’m on a dress kick this summer. I can’t get enough of them. This one is perfect. I love all the different fabrics. So versatile.

  23. Marion says:

    I need to add some nice skirts and shorts for me.
    and lots of shirts

  24. mairi says:

    Need a new dress. But if i won this pattern i’d need a new tunic. The first one is lovely.

  25. Carla G says:

    I need some shorts — only have 2 pairs. 🙂

  26. Judy says:

    This is a very versatile pattern. I love it!

  27. Annie K says:

    Skirts. Don’t even have to think about it. I have a dearth of cute, comfy skirts in my closet. This must change!

  28. Sarah says:


  29. Joanna NY says:

    Dresses, skirts, shirts… you name it. Especially this tunic! Thanks!

  30. jeanine says:

    shorts! oh my goodness I have no bottoms!

  31. Hillary says:

    I need to sew skirts with pockets.

  32. Miranda says:

    Love the princess seams and yoke on this dress! I need several skirts this summer–and this dress!

  33. Karrie Smith says:

    definitely dresses and skirts. That’s all I want to wear now! Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Betty says:

    This pattern is so cute! I recently bought The Staple Dress pattern and hope to sew that dress this summer. If it turns out well, I may just be inspired to try The Willow Tunic too.

  35. Tasha says:

    I really need some new skirts!

  36. Christianne McCall says:

    What a beautiful pattern! I love this!

  37. Nancy W says:

    Shorts, tunics and tee shirts!

  38. Ingrid says:

    I need some easy summer dresses to throw on in the morning so preferably in cotton or linen.

  39. Geetha says:

    I really want to make a few tunics that are travel and summer friendly !

  40. Siobhan says:

    I need some cool and simple basic dresses and tunic tops

  41. Roxanne says:

    I really need a few simple skirts.

  42. Mariette says:

    Love the lines of this tunic!

  43. Dawn says:

    A couple of skirts!!!

  44. ruby t says:

    This is such a great pattern and all of the examples are so nice. I would love to make one for me and a girl friend. Thanks

  45. lesley says:

    i need to make a simple beach coverup!

  46. Berene says:

    I’ve been thinking about making a short sleeved button up shirt. That and an A-line linen skirt in Echino. This pattern looks great. I’d love to make the dress for my daughter.

  47. Mel says:

    I need to sew some shorts for my summer wardrobe.

  48. Kristine says:

    I need to make a skirt or dress. Mine have gotten worn out, or I just don’t really like them anymore.

  49. Annette says:

    I really need to sew some breezy summer shirts.

  50. jane d says:

    I want this pattern!

  51. Gretchen says:


    This tunic is fantastic!

  52. sangeetha says:

    Lots and lots of dresses, I have only 2 – I know very shameful

  53. krystina says:

    Some new skirts. I always make tops and never have any well fitting bottoms!

  54. Mary Jo says:

    I hoping to sew some leggings that fit. Store bought ones are so uncomfortable!

  55. Molly says:

    Love this

  56. Garilyn says:

    Cute dress!

  57. betsy says:

    I need to finish my endless WIPs…2 quilts, several bags, and a dress that I cut out 6 (yes 6!) years ago. But, I could really use a nice summer dress….or a light jacket for cool evenings, or a waterfall tank….endless list.

  58. Sandy N says:

    I want to make a few cute tank tops. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  59. Chiska says:

    I love this tunic! I really need a few shorts and skirts.

  60. Sue says:

    This summer is all about dresses here in the Northeast. Linen especially.

  61. Jane says:

    Never enough cotton skirts!

  62. Sara says:

    This pattern is so cute! So many possibilities and variations.

  63. colleen says:

    The number one thing I need is five more dresses — I hate wearing pants or shorts in our humid southern heat! I can’t make them fast enough!

  64. Susan says:

    I have two weddings to go to this summer. I need to make a dress or two. My usual skirts and shirts just don’t seem fancy enough.

  65. Kim says:

    I really need a plain black skirt, but I keep getting distracted with other exciting makes! I love the willow dress pattern, very cute on Sara!

  66. Miet says:

    I need to make some cute tops.

  67. emily says:

    I need a new long flowing skirt! This tunic is lovely.

  68. Candace Henderson says:

    I need a good pair of comfy pants that I can sew in linen and I need a long dress that fits well and can go anywhere!

  69. wendy says:

    I would love this pattern. I love making my own clothes so I don’t look like everyone else.

  70. Lauren says:

    I just bought yardage of voile and rayon for more dresses. This pattern would be perfect!!

  71. Catarina says:


  72. Helga says:

    I don’t have any summer dress so I need to sew me one. This pattern is perfect.

  73. Salma says:

    I need to sew a lightweight maxi skirt, its the one piece missing from my wardrobe…and a tunic 🙂

  74. maria says:

    I have the fabric to make a tunic and would also like to attempt sewing leggings to go wirh the tunic.

  75. Susan Miller says:

    Beautiful pattern, and would love to try it. For this summer, I really need to find a good Capri pants pattern. I haven’t found one that I would want to make again.

  76. marjolein says:

    i need shorts….. and dresses

  77. Bridget Cake says:

    I really think I should have made a sun hat. I made some lovely summer beach cover-ups and forgot the hat and unfortunately now have a burnt scalp. Loving these tunics and hope we have the pattern available in the UK:)

  78. Jess Z says:

    I really need to make shorts and capris! I am drafting a few Anthro knock-offs to make this month.

  79. MelodyJ says:

    I would like to make a maxi dress.

  80. marilyn says:

    I love this pattern. I really need to sew a winter wool skirt to round out my fall/winter wardrobe.

  81. LaDonna Lateadah says:

    A classic tunic. I’d like to wear it with leggings and sandals.

  82. Jenniffer says:

    Really need to do a cute everyday dress for myself

  83. Lynn says:

    I need some basic t-shirts and more leggings!

  84. Jennifer says:

    I need to make myself some sundress because I’m moving from San Francisco to Birmingham, Alabama, where, rumor has it, the sun shines and it gets hot. But I can’t because all my sewing stuff is already packed to move. This pattern looks fantastic.

  85. Andrea S. says:

    Such a great pattern! I need a few more tops, and the tunic length would be perfect!

  86. Cindy Farmer says:

    I have several dresses started, and I keep getting distracted from finishing them! Maybe this weekend they will get finished!

  87. donaji says:

    I need to sew a skirt and a couple of blouses to force me out of my jeans & t-shirt uniform!

  88. Sarah Jane says:

    I’m in dire need of new tops! I have one top and three decent tees in rotation right now. The rest aren’t fit for anywhere beyond weeding the garden! Ha ha! 🙂

  89. Fiona Evans says:

    My sewing mission is to make some elegant & colourful A-line skirts.

  90. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    I have lost a lot of weight, over 50 pounds, and I need everything. More tops, more pants and skirts, and fall clothes. I love the tunic, it would be perfect for fall and winter use. cdahlgren at live cot com

  91. Joy says:

    I LOVE this! If I don’t win, I’m totally buying this 🙂

  92. Holly says:

    I could use some cool tops. This is a cute pattern. Thanks for the giveaway.

  93. Tammy says:

    I need to sew myself a few everyday skirts. I have some fabric, I don’t know when the time to sew is going to materialize though!

  94. Nancy says:

    I need dresses, love the tunic made dress length! I could use this pattern for sever seasons. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  95. Janet says:

    This tunic pattern would be a fabulous summer top and into a dress. Can see so many ways to use this.

  96. Sam says:

    I would love to make this beautiful tunic!!

  97. Lois says:

    I just made a new skirt, now I need a top to go with it ! Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous pattern !!!

  98. ang says:

    i need it all !

  99. karen says:

    i need some cool dresses for our hot and sticky southern weather.

  100. Stefanie says:

    I love Kay’s patterns and would love to win this!

  101. Elizabeth says:

    Kay is one of my favorite designers! I love her patterns and would love to have this one!

  102. Nancy says:

    I need cute, sassy blouses for the summer. This tunic just might fill the bill?

  103. Tracy says:

    I need to sew myself a bathing suit to round out my summer wardrobe! I’ve had it cut out for a month…just need to find the time to sew it!

  104. Cristine says:

    This is adorable! Right now the number one thing I would want to make is this willow tunic.

  105. Karen Chatters says:

    “need” to sew or want to sew? I’d love some new shorts and skirts!

  106. Susan says:

    I really need some new tops. A nice summer dress or skirt would be helpful as well.

  107. Tas says:

    It is freezing Down Under in the middle of winter but I already know what I need to be making for this summer. I need to sew a couple of sun hats, a dress, as well as some shirts/blouses…the ones that I didn’t get around to last summer.

  108. Meredith says:

    Definitely the Willow Tunic! Have loved this pattern since I first saw it!

  109. Stephanie says:

    I would love more knit and cotton dresses for summer and fall.

  110. Jen says:

    I need a short sleeved tunic ! – check!

  111. Suze says:

    A dress. And this pattern would be perfect!

  112. diane says:

    I def need the Willow Tunic in both variations in my wardrobe. It’s classy and chic’ . Only sewing for me right now because it’s a treat and I’ve not made much clothing in a long while (been quilting:)
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win the pattern.

  113. Raina DelRio says:

    I need some sleeveless shirts, shorts and some dresses to round out my wardrobe.

  114. sophie says:

    I need to sew some dresses this summer. I think the Willow pattern could be a good place to start.

  115. Julia says:

    So cute! I’m excited to sew a kimono – great accessory to dress up my summer uniform of tshirt and shorts.

  116. Cindy F. says:

    Love this tunic. It’s exactly what I need!

  117. Lynda says:

    It’s winter here, but what I need for our upcoming spring and summer is tunics and dresses, the Willow Tunic would be perfect, the style suits me (IMO!) and I usually wear dresses and tops with sleeves. thanks for the chance to win the pattern 🙂

  118. Angi says:

    I love the versatility of this pattern. I could make tops and dress from it, both of which I desperately need after returning to work

  119. Catriona says:

    Well I could really use another cardi to deal with the changeable Scottish weather but a tunic dress where I can put leggings off and on might work as well!

  120. Lila says:

    I like to make a dress with sleeves

  121. Kendra says:

    Need more tunics!

  122. Claire says:

    I really must sew some trousers. I have tops, skirts and dresses a plenty and am missing trousers.

  123. Victoria M says:

    I really need a dark denim skirt… not too long and not too short.

  124. Lynne in NC says:

    I definitely need this pattern! Especially like how it is fitted.
    I need to work on two more skirts to round out my Summer wardrobe.
    Thanks for the great ideas!

  125. Terry D says:

    I need to finish my Prefontaine Shorts. I have the muslin done and sized; just need to make it out of real fabric. I love this tunic and would love to win a copy. Thanks!

  126. Elizabeth says:

    My daughter needs some light, cotton dresses. That is what I hope to work on before summer is over.

  127. DreiPunkteWerk says:

    I really need some blouses…

  128. Leigh says:

    Such a simple dress, but I love all the options and contrasting fabrics. This would be fun to experiment with.

  129. Karen B says:

    I need to sew a couple of things that have been nagging at me, starting with a couple new work shirts.

  130. Kimberly H says:

    I really need to sew some dresses for work and dresses that my husband will like. 🙂

  131. marie says:

    Ooh! I’ve not come across ths before, so thank you. Now I need to find the perfect fabric for a knee length version. Maybe capped sleeves? Contrast hem? I’m planning.

  132. BJ Marley says:

    I need to make some more clothes for work. I wear the same things all the time. It’s almost like wearing a uniform.

  133. Brenda says:

    I need to sew a summer dress 🙂

  134. Carla says:

    I need to see some leggings or capris.

  135. Lori says:

    I WANT to make tops and skirts for myself. I NEED to make window treatments.

  136. Diane says:

    I want to try making some summer pajamas. Thanks!

  137. Anne says:

    It is winter here but I would like to make some tops ready for summer!

  138. Brenda J. Moore says:

    Not being a small built gal, I love a tunic to help cover the hips and a princess line cut like this also is very slimming. WOULD LOVE to make this up in a few different fabrics for the whole year!

  139. Kristie says:

    I need to sew some dresses. I’ve made several skirts over the past couple of years, but only a few self drafted knit dresses. I’d love to make some non-knit fabric fitted dresses that can be worn in the summer and with tights and boots in the fall and winter. Thanks!

  140. Sarah says:

    I need more tunics!

  141. Lindsay H says:

    I need some nursing friendly tops most of all. I’m thinking that I bet I could add a zipper to the front of this!

  142. Gabi says:

    I need to sew a blouse and a short which I already cut out. I already finished some shirts. This tunic would be fine, too, because in Germany the summer is even hot or cold (acutally 15 degrees grrr). I already sewed a dress from Kay Whitt, it’s a great pattern which fits very well. Love it and I would like to win the Willow tunic.
    Kind regards Gabi

  143. Julie says:

    I need more tops– tunics, tanks, and tees to go with various shorts and skirts. It’s hot and humid down in Louisiana, so I need fabric that breathes well! The Willow Tunic is very nice.

  144. Rita says:

    Sundresses! I only have one, so I really need to get on this pronto!

  145. Pauline says:

    I make lots of clothes for my grandchildren as well as quilts and blankets, but this year I really need to make myself a new summer dress – especially since I will be in New Zealand in December which will be summer all over again!! ha ha
    Love the Tunic by the way.

  146. ginger says:

    I need to sew a dress

  147. Jess says:

    This is beautiful! And so versatile….

  148. Allison says:

    I want to sew some tank tops!

  149. Marci Girl says:

    Hands down, shorts! I own like 2 pair….

  150. Mandi says:

    That tunic is beautiful! I especially love the tunic in the first photo – fantastic detail!
    This summer, I’d like to make a couple knit skirts… comfortable and a little dressy.

  151. Renee says:

    My #1 was a swimming suit–I made the Bombshell and it turned out pretty good! Next is some new shirts.

  152. Margie Bennett says:

    I NEED this pattern! Its the perfect dress & tunic & will be so flattering to my figure!! I can see making many of these!!

  153. Megan says:

    I need to sew more comfy sleeveless sundresses. I wear dresses all the time in the summer, but am finding that I have none that I want to put on.

  154. Leesa Stokes says:

    I want to sew up some new tops that keep me cool this summer.

  155. sorahart says:

    A great shorts pattern!

  156. Mihla says:

    I need to make a pair of pants that can be easily altered for when I lose more weight.

  157. Michelle says:

    I’ve wanted to try her patterns for a while now! Love the look of the tunic 🙂 I could really use some more summer dresses…

  158. Rita says:

    LOVE this pattern, and I especially love Sara’s version. Adorable!

  159. Robin says:

    I would still like to make a few summer dresses while the weather is nice enough to wear them.

  160. jennifer says:

    I could use a new swimsuit! Might have to tackle that one! This tunic looks awesome too.

  161. Erika says:

    I need some great blouses.

  162. Maryhelen Bronson says:

    I need to make a couple of casual dresses to round out my summer wardrobe.

  163. Susan K says:

    I love to wear dresses in the summer. They love to have the loose feel and they’re so much cooler than pants or shorts.

  164. Lelia says:

    Tee-s, some how I never have enough of them.

  165. Heather L says:

    Love the princess seams on this tunic! I would love to sew myself some more summer skirts…I have a few old faves that are close to retirement and need new ones! 😉

  166. Emilyplays says:

    So cute! I need a couple of sundresses – it is hot this summer!!

  167. I need more “in between” shirts for after our baby is born and I don’t need to wear maternity clothes anymore!

  168. daniela says:

    i need to sew some lounge pants for lush summer nights.

  169. Gayle says:

    A sun hat hand made would make a nice addition to my summertime wardrobe.

  170. Natalie says:

    I need to re-fashion some of my retired pieces – as well as sew this tunic! ^.~

  171. Lelania says:

    AAA how lovely, the Willow pattern is just up my alley, very flattering and fem.

  172. Rachel says:

    I I have sewn a lot for my wardrobe but I have yet to make a basic t shirt or tank. I always just buy them and then complain about the length or sleeves. I think it’s time I just make one for myself. Hopefully you will feature one this month so it will make my pattern selection much easier.

  173. Kathleen McCormick. says:

    Love this pattern, the perfect cottage dress for my willow street cottage!

  174. Rebecca says:

    Going to sew myself a couple more dresses this summer.

  175. Sg says:

    More tops. This one looks great!

  176. Sarah says:

    I need another cute summer dress. I love the princess seaming on this tunic!

  177. Lisa says:

    I love this pattern!

  178. Dita says:

    Honestly, I think a jumpsuit would be so much fun for summer! I really need to sew one!

  179. Lani says:

    I need more tops and dresses!

  180. Sonja Kalman says:

    I think the Willow Tunic would complement any figure type. Would be lovely in a linen with a touch of embroidery or a polished cotton.

  181. Wendy says:

    Love this pattern! I definitely need to make myself some more tshirts before summer is over!

  182. Candy Mak says:

    My wardrobe is so sparse, anything will help round it out.

  183. philana says:

    3 skirts, one maxi, one pencil, and one a-line… all in fabrics that wash/dry well… busy moms ‘got no time (or $$) for dry cleaners 😉

  184. Bekk says:

    I really need some easy going easy to wear dresses for summer.

  185. Larissa says:

    Dresses! I need more regular dresses in my wardrobe. I’ve got a whole collection of formal gowns and not enough day or date dresses. It’s ridiculous. I’d love to make my own!

  186. fenna says:

    some nursing friendly dresses!!

  187. Gina Flores says:

    Having recently lost 40 lbs, I am sewing a whole new wardrobe. Love Serendipity Studio designs. Have completed 2 so far. Met Kay the other day at my favorite fabric store.

  188. I need more summer tops to survive this heat wave.

  189. Shawna says:

    Sew cute!!

  190. Barbouille says:

    I just bought some pretty linen to sew a pair of 3/4-length trousers.

  191. becslb says:

    I’m slowly updating all of my wardrobe and at the moment, need more tops such as tshirts and tunics. Next on my list will be a pair of shorts and some trousers and finally, some dresses!

  192. Elizabeth R. says:

    I love tunics! Can’t wait to sew some up for myself!

  193. Laura Strickland says:

    I love this tunic with embroidery it would be great for my summer wardrobe

  194. Cindy says:

    I need to make more casual “run around town” dresses. Thanks for the giveaway

  195. Jenny says:

    One more maternity blouse and I think I’ll be good until the little guy arrives (and for the few months after.)

  196. Sarah says:

    Dresses! That I can dress up for work or just wear while running after my children!

  197. Lynnette F says:

    Two blouses and this pattern!

  198. Tabitha Reed says:

    Love this pattern, definitely want to start sewing more for my self!!

  199. Carla says:

    SOme cute skirts would be nice. What I REALLY Need to finish is my husband’s quilt!

  200. Sarah says:

    The Lucy Halter from Sis Boom patterns as a maxi dress – have the pattern, the fabric but have not found the time…

  201. PennyDog says:

    I need to make some shorts, time will tell if I actually ever get round to making them!

  202. Valerie Naron says:

    I’m still losing baby weight, so I’m always looking for a dress or blouse that is forgiving and flattering. This pattern is pretty perfect!

  203. Mary J says:

    Love this a Tunic . Kay is such an Artist!!

  204. emily P says:

    I am in need of some tops– but get swayed by new dresses! This would look great with a lace yoke!

  205. Edith says:

    I need some new home-made blouses or tunics.
    Thanks for this giveaway.

  206. Mama Lusco says:

    I need some Bermuda shorts and tanks. Cute top!

  207. S. I. says:

    I constantly wear dresses and I would love another one! I have a huge stash of fabric waiting..

  208. Lisa says:

    Love it

  209. S. I. says:

    I wear dresses constantly and i can always use another basic pattern. This one looks great. I have a huge stash of fabric waiting….

  210. Cat says:

    I need some cute tanks (shame to say I have two cut and waiting for some sweet sewing time…)

  211. Kristy says:

    I need a couple more skirts and would love some nice but relaxed tops like this as well. Thanks for the chance!

  212. Katie says:

    I could really do with a cute tunic/dress

  213. Meg says:

    I need some solid-color tops this summer… and maybe this tunic, too!

  214. Elizabeth says:

    I always need more shorts and sundresses don’t hurt either!

  215. San says:

    I really *need* to make some basic knit shirts for the summer. I really *want* to make a breezy summer tea dress.

  216. Jessie Hansen says:

    I need some simple sundresses, but I probably won’t make them. Market will be keeping me busy and to top that off I need to get started on Halloween soon. Yup, Halloween starts in July here, or at least it should so I don’t rip my hair out the last week of October.

  217. Mary Ann says:

    I need some tops that aren’t t-shirts!

  218. Lisa Hunerlach says:

    This Summer I find myself short on feminine looking tops! Alas, the T Shirt has lost its appeal! A couple of tunic style tops in Kokka design fabric is just what I need.

  219. Lisa Grubenhoff says:

    I am hoping to find time to make a sundress for my niece

  220. I really need to make some tops and blouses. I have been wearing t-shirts with my skirts this summer!

  221. Patricia H Wallace says:

    Some no-iron tops. This would be really a great top make from no iron fabric.

  222. Beth J says:

    I’m working on making my first knit top. I haven’t done much sewing for myself yet. Mostly, I make things for my little boys.

  223. Bonnie says:

    Beautiful tunics, everyone! I need to make some blouses/tops. I’m new to fitting and scared of making pattern adjustments 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  224. Teri says:

    Have a sundress cut out…thinking of making a light jacket for fall….love this pattern!

  225. Mariette says:

    My focus this summer has been pants: finding and fine-tuning a pattern that I like so that it fits well and can be made over and over.

  226. Christina Norgaard says:

    These tunics would be a great addition to my closet. Some for work, some for fun, imagining all the great fabric mixes I have in my trunk(s) of fabric!

  227. Debbie says:

    I need some shorts and dresses. I love this pattern,it would be perfect for a new dress!

  228. Kairi says:

    Shorts and pants. And of course, one can always use an extra dress – or tunic 🙂

  229. Maaike says:

    I actually need a number of things to complete my wardrobe for the summer: skirts, blouses and of course summer dresses. The willow tunic with cap sleeves would be perfect for the latter, I love the flattering fit!

  230. andoc says:

    I need a few dresses and skirts. I really like this tunic:)

  231. Michele says:

    Some tunics is the number one thing I need to sew so this would be perfect.

  232. Marla says:

    I’m always hunting for a 3/4 sleeve top!

  233. Holly M says:

    A willow tunic would round out my wardrobe. Love see serendipity patterns. I own many of them. 😉

  234. Charlene says:

    Maxi skirts 🙂 this is a cute summer dress

  235. Peggy says:

    Looks comfortable!

  236. Jess says:

    I need to sew some shorts. I don’t want to sew them, but I have zero shorts that fit me, so I think I should prioritize them.

  237. Carolyn says:

    I need to make a maxi skirt but I keep getting side tracked making dresses.

  238. Debbie says:

    I need to make some shorts.

  239. jess carleton says:

    I keep meaning to make a maxi skirt! Love this tunic, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  240. Sandra says:

    Love this design!

  241. mjb says:

    I need some fresh basic t-shirts and blouses

  242. Beth says:

    A couple of easy casual dresses!

  243. Samantha P says:

    I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE to sew this one! I LOVE her patterns … finishing up another one of her dresses now, LOVE them! I ordered my latest pattern right before she came out with this one and now I am wanting it! 🙂

  244. Jessica says:

    I need more skirts and dresses so this pattern would be perfect!

  245. Karen says:

    A Willow top, of course! Wishing I had one to wear right now.

  246. Shannon says:

    I can never have enough dresses & the princess seams on this tunic are just what I’ve been looking for!

  247. jodi says:

    A good summer dress and this would fit. I love the lines.

  248. Beth says:

    I really need to sew some new work clothes for a new school year. I’m thinking lots of comfy wrap dresses.

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