Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: Vintage Tia Dress, Sew Chic Patterns #1312

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Let’s hear it for our Favorite Indie Patterns series, curated by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness! Sara selected 31 patterns from 31 different designers to feature daily all month long, complete with many pattern giveaways. We’re fully inspired to freshen up our wardrobes and sew for ourselves this summer. How about you?!

Name: Vintage Tia Dress, Sew Chic Patterns #1312

Brand: Sew Chic Patterns

Description: This dress has it all: fitted, full, fun and flirty! The close fitting and fully lined bodice has princess seams at bust, separate midriff and shoulder with gathered cap sleeve and side closure. The flared skirt, gathered at the waist, completes the feminine silhouette. The contrast trim on bodice, hem, and patch pockets are taken from purchased bias binding, and can really play up the colors in your fashion fabric. Make your own bias trim for formal fabrics, or omit the trim or pockets for a different look.

Format: Paper only

Skill Level: Intermediate

Techniques Involved: Techniques are included in the description. Below are links specific to helps with the Tia pattern for fitting or style changes:

Sizes: 2-18 (bust 32-45 inches)

Recommended Fabrics: Cotton, rayon, eyelet, batiste, linen, voile. Also appropriate for other medium to crisp lightweight fabrics such as taffeta, shantung, satin, dupioni.

Price: $18.95

Customer Examples:

Jo Sims

WIN A COPY OF THIS PATTERN! Do you love vintage-inspired sewing patterns? What’s your favorite look from the past? Stylish aprons, those amazing dresses, crisp blouses, cute pants a la Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show?… Do you have a favorite blogger/sewist with a fabulous vintage-inspired style? Do you have favorite patterns or tutorials to share to get a fresh new look with a nod to the past? Comment for a chance to win the Vintage Tia Dress pattern!

(And speaking of sassy, vintage-inspired looks… Do you remember this cute Ponytail Scarf tutorial from Elizabeth?)

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121 Responses to Our Favorite Indie Sewing Patterns: Vintage Tia Dress, Sew Chic Patterns #1312

  1. Kirsty@MoodyCatCrafts says:

    I love the 1950’s/60’s fuller dresses, but haven’t got the confidence to wear them yet, maybe if I made my own I would!

  2. Robin E says:

    THIS is the dress pattern I’ve been looking for. My teen daughter just LOVES the vintage quite-fitted-bodice-with-a-super-full-skirt look, but we haven’t had much look finding a pattern that is “just right”. This Tia is exactly just right.

  3. Tori says:

    I don’t go for the vintage look very often because I don’t think it would be flattering on me, but this is really cute and I think it would go well with my body type.

  4. Meagan E says:

    This style of dress really accentuates the shape of the feminine figure. So flattering!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Love this dress, even if I don’t win, I’m going to buy it!

  6. Rachel says:

    Lovely! Vintage patterns first inspired me to learn to sew clothing. I love browsing vintage patterns and wesewretro blog for inspiration!

  7. Heidi says:

    Love this dress so much! I’m dying to make it out of some black and white seersucker I’ve got at home.

  8. kate C. says:

    I love vintage-look dresses, and also that bombshell swimsuit pattern.

  9. Betty says:

    I love this dress! My favorite decade is the 1940s. So many beautiful styles and interesting detailing.

  10. Karen B says:

    I like vintage looks because I think they focused more on curvy figures like mine. This dress is cute but it looks hard!

  11. marjolein says:

    oooh, i like this dress very much!

  12. Megan says:

    I like the 40’s, the details and fit of the dresses.

  13. Rita S. says:

    Love this dress!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  14. Catriona says:

    I’m not great at telling what’s vintage and what’s not but this dress is lovely!

  15. Jenna says:

    Gorgeous dress! Mother of a toddler so my personal style is remarkably casual.

  16. Pat V. says:

    Oh, this pattern is to die for! I love vintage Vogue patterns the best. And the cover drawings of those women with the tiny, tiny waists!

  17. Charlette Smith says:

    This pattern would be so great to make for my grand daughters. It would show them the beauty of the “olden days”

  18. Daria says:

    I love this dress! I really like so many different styles, I like Gertie, The Newbie Sewist, and Jet Set Sewing blogs! But I am loving this dress!! 🙂

  19. Julie says:

    I love vintage patterns. I especially like vintage style in modern patterns with modern techniques.

  20. Rosemarie says:

    Oh this is lovely! I love vintage aprons and dresses. This one is amazing.

  21. Natalie says:

    Very cute dress and would look flattering on anyone!

  22. I enjoy almost all vintage looks. The fitted bodice is my challenge to myself. I have one of those not so normal bodies. Purchasing pre-made is pretty much out of the question. I’ve spent the last couple years quilting and just now getting into clothing. This dress looks perfect.

  23. Jenny says:

    Love the forties look.

  24. Jessica w says:

    I love the look but don’t know if I could pull them off

  25. Amy says:

    I love vintage style clothing patterns. This one is especially adorable

  26. Miet says:

    I love that dress! And I love Gertie for vintage inspiration.

  27. Cheryl Hovey says:

    This is an absolutely adorable pattern!! I love it & all the different looks created with it! Absolutely awesome!!

  28. joan says:

    This is the cutest vintage dress I have seen!

  29. Jenny says:

    I love the Gertie patterns as well. She’s got such a great eye! I love that the Big 4 have been putting out the repro designs. They’re really fun to work with.

  30. Bonnijean Marley says:

    I think this pattern would make a gorgeous dress.

  31. Carmen N says:

    I love vintage patterns and those inspired by vintage designs. I really don’t have a favorite.

  32. Emily says:

    Love the fit and flare look!

  33. Andrea says:

    the same as many others, my only real insight into vintage patterns is gertie. I’m still a bit too beginner to be that good at all the complicated aspects of construction

  34. melwyk says:

    Oh my goodness, this is a glorious dress! One of my fave vintage sewing bloggers is Laura Mae at Lilacs & Lace. Her vintage style and her extreme skill are always inspiring.

  35. Siobhan says:

    OMGosh, I love that dress! Gertie is the one who first fired up my sewing interest, and she’s still my favourite

  36. Duane says:

    Reminds me of the Bombshell dress! Lovely! Thanks for the opportunity to win the cute pattern!

  37. Hari says:

    Love princess seam and fit and flare dresses from 50s. Love Gertie 🙂

  38. QuiltinGram says:

    Love The Vintage Dress patterns as they looked good on almost any bodytype!

  39. Kathy says:

    Love the neckline and skirt on this dress. It reminds me of my Momma!

  40. angelina says:

    nice !

  41. Nan says:

    I’m loving vintage. Recently bought vintage style bathing suits – but my favorite vintage item is a pair of polka dot cat-eye sunglasses.

  42. Kathleen says:

    Cute pattern-love the fabrics. I love 60s style shift dresses.

  43. Beautiful dress I want it sooo much. I love the 50 s retro style .

  44. Taryn says:

    My favorite styles are the slim styled pants with a boat neck top. Yes, a la Laura on Dick vanDyke. I also live the other retro necklines from the 60s with ties or sashes.

  45. Oh, what a cuuuuute dress pattern! I love it!
    I made a Vintage Vogue evening dress for a ROTC formal I attended in college– it was fantastic, and I felt so glamorous wearing it! I love the elegant lines from the ’50s.

  46. Teresa says:

    Oh, that’s darling. Love the ’50s!

  47. Darcie says:

    Oh, I’ve been wanting this pattern for awhile now! So great! I think the Scientific Seamstress/Sis Boom patterns can definitely be used or adapted to get an easy vintage look with a modern fit.

  48. Dita says:

    I love cute aprons! My mother-in-law showed me a bunch of pictures of her great-grandma, she was wearing an apron in all of them! Maybe I’ll re-start the trend 😉

  49. Julie says:

    CUte dress:)

  50. I love vintage patterns, but a lot of them are not as precise and well-designed as today’s patterns. I always end up in a power struggle with them, so I’m always looking for modern patterns that have a vintage look – this one is adorable!

  51. Katie says:

    I like the styles from the 1920’s

  52. Fran Bott says:

    Now that is a real retro look. Love it!

  53. Liza A. says:

    Wow super dress and great giveaway!

  54. Audrey says:

    This is adorable. So vintage, but so much fun. The style just makes me smile 🙂

  55. Sharon says:

    Love this pattern!! Love vintage patterns 🙂

  56. sarah says:

    love love love this pattern. i am really in to the whole vintage look which seems to have made the most of the feminine shape. i love lauren of rosie wednesday. she is always smiling so vintage obviously is the way to go.

  57. Lynn Potts says:

    I love independant designers, but I also love that the ‘big name’ pattern brands re-issue old designs. My favourite blogger is Dolly Clackett. Love her style!

  58. MelodyJ says:

    I like Gertie too. The 20th century was full of great styles.

  59. Julie says:

    I am on the look out for my vintage/sewing blogs, cannot wait to hear (read) what people suggest. Since the beginning of the year I am slowly sewing myself a more mid-century inspired wardrobe.

  60. Jenny says:


  61. Linda Pawlak says:

    EEEK….I LOVE that dress! I do not own so much as one dress or skirt…but that dress may just change this “pants lovin” girl’s ways! Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. Amber says:

    I love this pattern.. My daughter and I love vintage inspired dresses!!!

  63. Rachel says:

    I have a large collection of vintage aprons that I pull out whenever I need sewing inspiration.

  64. nikki says:

    This is the perfect pattern to make for my daughter! I would love to try this one!

  65. Amber Hunter says:

    I love circle skirts! Any dress with a circle skirt is ok with me. My favorite is of coure Gertie, although she seems distracted in blogging lately…

  66. Barbara says:

    I like Gretchen Hirsch and her YouTube channel. She gives great tutorials and loves vintage styling.

  67. Sarah says:

    This is such a beautiful dress! It reminds me of the dress I made in the early 90s for my graduation. 🙂

  68. Jill says:

    I have an apron pattern from the 1940’s that I just love!

  69. Tas says:

    Oh, wow. That is gorgeous. I love vintage style dresses. Particularly the 60s but the prints from the 70s made those dresses awesome too.

  70. Amanda Renea says:

    As mentioned by others, Gertie is awesome! I love vintage dresses. Most I would probably never make/wear, but they’re so fun to look at!

  71. Ruth says:

    I’m a big fan of vintage style full-skirted dresses so this pattern is just my kind of thing – I love it!

  72. Andrea says:

    I just finished making a 1960s shift dress from a vintage Simplicity pattern. I wasn’t sure when I started stitching if it would turn out but I LOVE it! I also love the full skirts on dresses from the 50s.

  73. Ellen says:

    I love that dress so much! I’ve been looking for that pattern for months!
    My favorite vintage sewist blogger is Lucky Lucille. I love the fabrics she uses!

  74. Alex says:

    Love this dress.

  75. carriem says:


  76. Jess says:

    I’ve bought a few vintage patterns recently. Actually, I found several at Value Village just a couple hours ago for $0.49 each! The weird thing is that vintage patterns always seem to be in such small sizes, but I’m actually going to have to learn to make a pattern smaller.

  77. Judy says:

    I love this vintage inspired dress and it is my favorite style from the past.

  78. auschick says:

    I love vintage children’s clothes – like the dresses with lots of lace on them 🙂

  79. raquel says:

    i really love “new look” styles. i think they’re so classy!

  80. Catarina says:

    I think this would look lovely in a pique, and I would hack it for a tulip skirt 🙂

  81. Gemma says:

    I just love raiding the sewing section at op shops – you never know when there’s going to be a fabulous 50s pattern in amongst all the 80s ones.

  82. Cat says:

    Great pattern – sometimes I fell I should have lived through the 50’s: tight bodies and full midi skirts!

  83. Robin says:


  84. LaNita says:

    This is an adorable dress pattern! I love the retro, ability to fit it to anyone’s figure, and the wonderful detailed construction!

  85. Jill says:

    Love this dress not for me, but my daughter would love it and I would love to make it for her. I love the vintage dress and aprons the most. They remind me of my Mom and older sisters. Thanks for the chance on your giveaway.

  86. Elisha says:

    My favorite vintage sewing blogger is LauraMae from Lilacs & Lace!

  87. Mama Spark says:

    This dress is adorable. I would love to give this a try!

  88. Bonnie Larson says:

    Love the vintage dress. It reminds me f dresses my mother wore when i was growing up. Thanks so much for sharing

  89. Mama Lusco says:

    Love this look! I adore vintage aprons.

  90. Jolien says:

    Vintage (inspired) is what I mainly wear! I just love big (circle) skirts and the fitted bodices. I didn’t knew this pattern company yet, going to save it for later, ’cause I like this pattern a lot!

  91. OMG I’m in love with this pattern!! I can’t think of anything more feminine than this look. Love it!!! Thanks for giving us this chance at a giveaway.

  92. Kate says:

    I love this dress! It looks like my wedding dress actually, which I had sewn from a vintage pattern. I’d love to take one on for myself!

  93. Lisa says:

    Love this dress!

  94. Cheri says:

    I love the classic look of these dresses! Comfortable, stylish, crisp, clean…what is not to love.

  95. Kim says:

    I love the look of vintage aprons. the dress is very cute.

  96. Peg Roen says:

    I LOVE this dress pattern! I personally like vintage aprons, but my niece likes dresses and would look fabulous in this. I hope I win! 🙂

  97. I love the style of Audrey Hepburn. I’ve found Gertie’s blog (http://www.blogforbettersewing.com/) to be really inspiring. I’m hoping to get her newest book when it comes out on sewing vintage casual.

  98. San says:

    Oh woooow, this pattern is gorgeous! The fitted bodice, full skirt look is my favorite general retro aesthetic for myself, but I’ll basically troll any vintage pattern blog drooling over things that will never be flattering on me. Vintage designs just seem to invite more attention to detail.

  99. ParisGrrl says:

    Big twirly skirts get me every time–love this!

  100. Bekki says:

    I love this dress! It is just my style. I imagine it would look great in all kinds of prints as well as solids. I love vintage styles. One of my favourite vintage styles is 1930’s underwear and night dresses.

  101. Jennie says:

    Beautiful pattern! I don’t have any vintage patterns, but would love to try this.

  102. Raina DelRio says:

    It is so hard to choose an era that I love! I could see me wearing dresses from the 40’s and 50’s era.

  103. Mel says:

    Right now I’m interested in 1920s styles because of some TV shows I’ve seen, including Boardwalk Empire & Downton Abbey. I’m so happy to see that Sew Chic patterns are designed to be mix and match.

  104. I love vintage-inspired dresses, and the pretty dresses, a la Donna Reed. 🙂

  105. Larissa says:

    OMG, this is right up my alley! I love ’50s style, and I love vintage dresses!

  106. Oh so cute! How I do love the fit and flare dress of the fifties! But, I remember Laura’s pants and I love those too!

  107. Afton says:

    I love the full skirts that hit mid-calf. The women look great in this pattern!

  108. Melissa Ann says:

    I also love Gertie she is fantastic.

  109. Renee says:

    I love this pattern and the vintage look. It is very pretty and feminine.

  110. Renee says:

    This is such a beautiful pattern. I love the vintage look. So pretty and feminine.

  111. Roxanne says:

    I love (love, love, love) cocktail dresses and really wish they were more feasible for daily wear. 😉

  112. Shannon says:

    Vintage dresses are about the only thing I make time to sew for myself. I love this one!

  113. Megan says:

    I do love vintage sewing patterns and this one is adorable!

  114. Beth says:

    I love the vintage dress styles… my first wedding dress was a tea dress from a 1920’s era pattern!

  115. Ramona says:

    I am also a huge Gertie fan! My daughter would love this dress!

  116. Nadja says:

    j’adore !!!

  117. Emily says:

    This is darling. I’ve been loving all the reproduced vintage patterns that Simplicity and Butterick, etc. have been coming out with.

  118. Jan Jones says:

    I love the Tia dress pattern! Oh to find my waist again! And you have the links for alterations. Aren’t you the brilliant one! Thanks for this offer & I hope I win!

  119. Nicole says:

    I don’t have experience sewing vintage-inspired patterns, but I have always loved fashion history!! I will be checking back to see who other people follow! And I would LOVE to win this pattern, since it’s available in my size! 😀

  120. Debbie says:

    I love Gertie! She has great ideas and tutorials for vintage inspired looks for the modern woman.

  121. Jenna says:


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