It’s time for a new excerpt from Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making, an all-inclusive guide compiled by Susanne Woods, founder and publisher at Lucky Spool Media. Through the book’s 10 workshop chapters, expert quilters teach you modern quilt-making design principles, providing support as you practice a variety of quilting techniques and concepts. This informative guide also includes 16 new quilt patterns.

Susanne and Lucky Spool are sharing excerpts from the Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making in a weekly series at Sew Mama Sew.

Chapter Seven is from Penny Layman, a designer who brings amazingly intricate paper piecing to life; Penny creates clever and appealing original designs. She teaches nationally and has a book of her own set to debut in Spring 2015. She is the co-founder of the popular online Ringo Pie Bee and half of the blog/pattern company, Sew-Ichigo.

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Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making brings an authoritative voice from modern quilting leaders, putting their expertise in your hands for access and success any time!

Goals of the Workshop: Paper Piecing

Adding another fantastic technique to a modern quilt maker’s toolbox is Penny’s chapter from Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making: Paper Piecing. Learn the basics of how to paper piece using both single section blocks and a two-section block. If you are looking to achieve the most perfect points from even the tiniest pieces of fabric, this is the technique for you. 10 unique paper pieced blocks are included in the book. Selecting fabrics for such fun blocks can be challenging since it is a great opportunity to showcase some favorite scraps. Here, Penny offers some tips using three examples of less successful combinations.

Choosing Fabrics for Paper Piecing
As you choose fabrics, consider how busy the fabrics are together. Lay your fabric choices next to one another and if your brain seizes, you might want to tone it down a bit by putting some solids or small prints in your selection.

With this block, there is no place for your eye to rest. There are too many large prints going too many directions, and most of the prints have a cream color to them that blends with the background print too much.

This block still has too many different prints. Another thing that sticks out to me is that the color of the bottom layer is too much like the background so that neither stands out.

The main think I would change with this block would be to choose a smaller print for the bottom two layers of the ice cream (the cone).

Evaluate the size of print on the fabric compared to the size of the area you are filling. If the area is tiny but the print is large, you should reconsider the print you’ve chosen.

Lucky Spool’s Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making compiled by Susanne Woods (192 pages, $28.95, published in 2014 by Lucky Spool Media, LLC) has more of this, and other great workshops.