8 Amazing Modern Quilt Backs

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Debbie Jeske from A Quilter’s Table gave us 12 Fundamental Quilting Skills last month, and she’s back with a compilation of the best modern quilt back tutorials. You can find more from Debbie at A Quilter’s Table, and keep up with her prolific and beautiful quilting on Instagram too.

Do you have any favorite modern quilt back tutorials? Do you have any great tips to share? Add your thoughts in the comments…

Quick Tips for Quilt Backings by Angela of Cut to Pieces

Quilt Backings by Rachel of Stitched in Color

Personalized Quilt Backs by Taryn of From Pixels to Patchwork

Modern Pieced Backing by Christa of Christa Quilts

Making an Art Backing by Jenny of Always Quilting

Dotty Squares Backing by Karen of Lisnaweary Quilts for Riley Blake Designs

Fire & Ice Backing by Amy of 13 Spools

Autumn Blooms Backing by Andy of a bright corner

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5 Responses to 8 Amazing Modern Quilt Backs

  1. Sharon says:

    All the quilt backings are awesome!! I really like the idea of putting their names on the back-side.
    Hoping that one day, My (now) 11-year old son will be packing up his (coming soon, “more grownup-like”) quilt for college with the rest of his must-haves!!
    So, The name stamped on back should help when all the boys who come knocking… trying to lay claims on the college dorms coziest threads (aka – this/his quilt)!! 😀

    Side Note: Thank you for such a great site. I’ve learned quite a bit from you and I’m very grateful for the time & energy that you put into everything that you do!!

  2. Marci Girl says:

    So many quilt back ideas! Love it!

  3. Benita says:

    I also really like this back example. I have several vintage quilts from differant places but the ones that I like best are the ones the quilter took time to decorate the underside too.

  4. Linda Fleming says:

    Great ideas to save for future reference. Both the ideas for quick quilt backings and Taryn’s post on personalized quilt backs have given me some inspiration for a current project.

  5. Lynne Tilley says:

    I love the personalized backing shown. That’s something I’ll definitely consider doing next time! Thanks!

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