Introducing Pauline from Funky Friends Factory

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Pauline designs soft toy patterns and creates original softies at Funky Friends Factory. The site is full of resources, from Pauline’s patterns, kits and supplies to lots of tutorials for making your own toys including some video tutorials. Pauline is up next with a tutorial and a free pattern too!

She also has a special offer for Sew Mama Sew readers: 25% OFF all of the Funky Friends Factory PDF toy patterns with the Coupon Code SEWMAMASEW. (One week only, cannot be combined with other offers and not available for bulk orders.)

From Pauline: I’ve been designing my soft toy patterns for over 15 years and I am just as crazy about softies now as I was back then. I don’t see myself stopping any time soon so it’s lucky that you can NEVER be too old to play with toys!

My goal is to make my sewing patterns as easy as possible without compromising on cute! For many years, the youngest person to sew one of my softies was an eight year old boy, but I think he’s been pipped at the post by a few seven year old girls!

I fall in love with each new Funky Friend I create so I am a teeny bit besotted with Hannah Hedgehog at the moment. She is really quick and easy to sew and looks great in wovens/cottons as well as fleece and similar knit (stretchy) fabrics.

I have heaps of toy-making tutorials on my blog and I am creating easy-to-follow photo tutorials so people can see how easy it is to make their own beautiful toys at home.

You can find my patterns on my Funky Friends Factory website and you can post your feedback photos on my Facebook page where I run lots of fun competitions and pattern giveaways.

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28 Responses to Introducing Pauline from Funky Friends Factory

  1. Thank you for all the great tutorials on your site!

  2. Mariana says:

    I have been making Pauline’s Funky Friends for years, and she amazes me with each new design! Her designs are wonderful and so easy to put together! I have made these for so many friends and family. Always a special gift!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I have only just found Funky Friends. My granddaughter wanted me to make her a puppy so i found Pete. He was very easy to make and she loves him. Will definitely be making other funky friends.

  4. Angela Coles says:

    Thank you for this fun free pattern Pauline. Your patterns are the favourites in my pattern stash, and a huge hit with my children. Seeing your soft toys inspired them all to learn to sew, and they are very proud of their Kawawii Kuties. Those teddies have been to school , and admired by all the teachers, including a special trip to the Head Mistress by my then 5 year old for extra praise.

  5. Kristie says:

    Pauline’s ability to see things in 3d and turn them into amazing functional patterns is incredible, she is a very creative and brilliant lady. She is bubbly and fun and this is 100% reflected in her super amazing patterns. <3

  6. StephC says:

    I love your work Pauline, your toy patterns are by far the best I’ve ever ever worked with and they’ve given me and my daughter many hours of sewing fun. 🙂

  7. Khara Gossage says:

    I found Pauline’s patterns back in 2011. Her patterns inspire me to become a toy designer like herself. I will be entering the contest and I hope to be successful like her some day.

  8. Donna says:

    I have been using Pauline’s incredible patterns since 2013 and make them on a daily basis. I remember the very first one that I made which was the free honey bear pattern and it was very informative and easy to follow. You received a PDF file,step by step instructions and she also has a video explaining exactly what to do which I still often use if I haven’t made one for a while. She is a lovely lady who is happy to help with any queries and I wish her every success in the future. I look forward to the new and upcoming patterns : ).

  9. Corrina says:

    I have loved Paulines patterns for many years and have been around almost since the beginning. That’s my eight-year-old boy she mentioned who is now 18 and still has his plattie. My daughter has used her patterns over the years in her home ec assignments and I have found they are always perfect to whip up when a gift is required. You just can’t go wrong with Funky Friends.

  10. Jenna says:

    I absolutely adore Pauline’s work, her plush designs are fantastic, such a talented lady!

  11. Robyn says:

    Loooooove Pauline’s work, her ability to tranform fabric into 3-dimensional gorgeousness is beyond amazing. Easy to follow beautifully put together patterns.

  12. Oooh I remember the fabulous Perry Platypus you made Evenstar – he was so cool! 😀

  13. Thanks Haley, you made me SMILE – I thought it was just me who found it hard to pick a favourite! 😀

  14. Hey Sarah!!! You are funny!!! NowI am going to Go, go and finish designing my Easter Bunny Pattern!!!! <3 haha! 😀

  15. Thanks Helen, it’s so nice to share my excitement with you too!!! 😀

  16. Korina!!! You nearly made me cry!!! You are a true gem and I am truly blessed you asked me, “Are these hard to sew?” back in 2011!!!! LOL! Thanks for being such a huge support of ALL I do and being a fab friend too! 😀

  17. Anne says:

    Love Pauline’s patterns, so easy to follow and incredibly well thought out. I make the bear all the time but would love time to try out the hedgehog, just so cute. x

  18. Helen says:

    I love Pauline’s softies; I’ve been making them for almost two years now and I own nearly all of her patterns! It’s an addiction!

    Her instructions and photo tutorials are easy to follow and she’s always happy to help if you do get stuck along the way. The best part is that they’re easier than they look so it really impresses people when they see the finished result haha.

    I always get really excited when Pauline releases a new pattern – YEY Trunk Up Elephant!

  19. I first fell in love with Funky Friends Factory patterns in August 2011. I found the patterns to be easy to follow and very well set out. There are photo tutorials to help you along and plenty of tips n tricks. I was totally addicted in no time at all and it’s safe to say I own all of the Funky Friends Factory patterns bar three!!! Nearly 4 years later I’ve turned that addiction into a thriving business. I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to call Pauline my friend and have the opportunity to work closely with her and see firsthand her passion for designing her cute toys. The amount of care and time she spends to perfect her patterns is astonishing,You’re not just buying a pattern, you’re buying a piece of Pauline.

    • Kristin says:

      What a nice thing to say. She’s lucky to have you as a customer and friend!

  20. hayley says:

    i have been using funky friends patterns since 2012 and i LOVE them, i find them so easy to follow and always correct- the shape and design of each pattern is well thought out and professional.

    and like everyone says they are addictive! but its ok! there are offers for multiple buys on her website, she also shares customers work on facebook and chats too if you are in need!

    she has video and written tutorials and also a free honey bear pattern if you sign up to her newsletter ( which is well worth it as you get told as soon as she has a new pattern out!)

    my favorite patterns are the elephant, pineapple, traditional bear and lion, but then again i also love duck flamingo diggles…….actually i love them all,.

    im so happy i found paulines patterns!

  21. Alison May says:

    My nieces just love the Funky Friends I’ve sewn for them. They’re easy to sew up too. Today I’ve bought Hannah just for myself – I’m going to shrink her down to quarter size and she’s going to be my new pin cushion 🙂

  22. Jen says:

    I adore Pauline’s patterns! The hardest thing is always choosing which to make next!!!

  23. Kate says:

    HUGE fan of this amazingly talented woman!

  24. karen davies says:

    Pauline’s pattern’s are amazing, they are easy to follow and the finished article is fab, I love making calico bear, he’s my favourite xx

  25. Evenstar says:

    I love Pauline toy patterns. All of her toys are cute! Instructions was easy to follow. I made patty platypus. She was easy to make and was so cute. I made another platypus in the colors of perry the platypus from the cartoon. My friend’s son loves him.

  26. Marieke says:

    love all those softies, the hedge hog is fantastic!

  27. Sarah lamb says:

    if you have never tried one of Pauline’s patterns I can highly insist that you do. They come with very easy to read instructions which have tick boxes so you never miss a step, and very easy to understand patterns which are clearly labeled! I have a vast array of her patterns and adore making them, if you get stuck Pauline has also made a few video guides to help. I can’t use a sewing machine and hand sew all my toys and they work fantastically from these patterns!
    Why are you still reading this??? Go, go now and buy a pattern

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