Book a Day in May: Buffi’s Dress Design + Sew It!

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This giveaway is now closed. Thanks!

This month marks Sew Mama Sew’s 10 year anniversary! We’re celebrating by giving away a book a day in May. Stop by each day and comment for a chance to win.

From the publisher:

    In this fun, hip, easy-to-follow guide, Project Runway contestant Buffi Jashanmal shows you how to design and make your own custom-fitted dresses from start to finish. You’ll learn how to create custom patterns for three basic dress shapes – the shift, the sheath, and the princess seam – and how to make them rock by exploring nine variations for each basic shape. Buffi also shows you how to revamp secondhand and vintage dresses, for a total of 30 unique and stylish dress designs. Your dresses will fit your body, suit your taste, and express your individual style like nothing you can buy in a store!

From the publisher:

    Get your budding quilter sewing with 16 easy and fun projects made mostly from precuts. With the time they’ll save on cutting, they’ll be able to get down to the business of creating right away. From an earphones pouch to a pillow to, of course, quilts, and even a sleepover set— Sew It! presents kids with a broad range of projects for all skill levels that will teach them quiltmaking basics while challenging them to build their skill sets. All the projects are designed to be sewn on a domestic machine and can be completed without adult assistance.

Comment below for a chance to win these TWO books: Buffi’s Dress Design: Sew 30 Fun Styles– Make It, Own It, Rock It + Sew It!: Make 17 Projects with Yummy Precut Fabric– Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Charm Packs & Fat Quarters. Tell us how your week is going… Any surprising successes? Has the spring rush toward summer really started in earnest in your home? Do you have anything big going on, or is it normal, every day happenings this week?

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135 Responses to Book a Day in May: Buffi’s Dress Design + Sew It!

  1. Shelley O says:

    I am working on inventory for a baby expo coming up next month. Today I worked on a new design that I think will be a big hit!

  2. Judy Garcia says:

    WOW! What a great book.

  3. Paula says:

    I am ready for a sewing change!

  4. Brooke says:

    Awesome books!

  5. Nicole Sender says:

    Warm & sunny day! Working on my patio flower pots! It’s a great day!

  6. anu says:

    Sewing this week. Looking forward to the book and can’t wait to start on the bags

  7. Stacy says:

    My week has been well. Looking forward to sewing some summer outfits.

  8. Brenda says:

    Ooh, la. What a lot of fun there would be to have with these two books.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    With weather in the upper 80’s this week it definitely felt like we were rushing toward summer! I have to get busy on sewing swimsuits!

  10. Marjory W says:

    The weather was so perfect this week that sewing was set aside for gardening and plant shopping, two of my other favorite activities.

  11. Amanda says:

    Busy week getting ready for company! 🙂

  12. Nesta says:

    Busy, busy, busy… as usual! Today at last I’m relaxing… ironing!!! Looking forward to tomorrow as we’re going to a Comunion!

  13. Ingrid S. says:

    I had a busy week making travel plans for the summer holidays.

  14. Ferdal says:

    I had a good week – planted a bunch of herbs in pots on my porch.

  15. Laura F. says:

    I had a long week attendign a conference.

  16. Laura F. says:

    I had a busy week – long days at a local conference.
    Now it is time for some ssewing.

  17. Andrea S. says:

    It’s finally warm here in West Virginia, so I’m living outside with the little kiddos and playing with all our water toys. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Anne says:

    Mother’s Day tea with my mom yesterday. Scrumptious!

  19. cherie says:

    been crazy week, visting nurserys to find a suitable place for my 2 year old to start at in september, finally finished making my sewing machine cover, adding a breakfast bar type shelf in the kitchen to sew at, (normal table height not bar stool height) so now i have an eight foot run of counter surface and shelves above whoopie

  20. Gia says:

    There’s just too many little, normal things going on to leave room for any big things this week, but it’s been a great week!
    It’s almost summer here so there should be some summer sewing coming up!

  21. Marci says:

    Very productive week… I completed a pair of linen pants for my husband. As a reward I make a pair of leggings for a friend, then made some new very soft pillowcases for myself. Next project is a nice dress shirt for myself.

  22. Linda Fleming says:

    Interesting books – must see if the local library has them!

  23. Michelle Smith says:

    My week has been pretty busy–not much down time, but thats okay. Getting ready to plant my garden in the next few weeks and sew up lots of stuff.

  24. Alicia says:

    Just started getting interested in garment sewing so Buffis book would be perfect. Thanks for the chance.

  25. Mother Nature is still threatening snow but hopefully things will warm up this weekend & I can start making pretty sundresses and tank tops 🙂

  26. Hi Kristin and Beth!

    I am having a great week so far, so much so that I am not letting the fact that I will be working on my laptop through the night tonight get me down as it means I get to see my son’s Championship soccer match today and cheer him on instead of being stuck in the office.

    Consultant life can be tough but the trade-offs for the flexibility are worth it every time.

    I hope you are having a wonderful week as well!


  27. emme says:

    Man, I’ve always been a fan of Buffi from her Proj Run days!

  28. Kate Yates says:

    I’m having a fantastic week, on vacation and at home visiting my parents!

  29. Gina F says:

    It’s been a busy week–3rd grade class play and a fundraiser chocolate festival…someone’s got to make the sacrifice to go to the fundraiser! 🙂

  30. Diane says:

    I’ll be happy when the week is over but still grateful for every day. Thanks.

  31. Barbara P. says:

    My week is going good. School is almost out and my son graduates from high school in four weeks. Yikes!

  32. Renae says:

    Just finished sewing my mother’s day gift. 🙂

  33. Anja says:

    It’s been a crazy week…no sewing, but have managed to cut fabric for a few projects. But the sun has been shining for six days!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  34. Emma says:

    Tell us how your week is going. Really good 🙂
    Any surprising successes? No nothing really stands out 😀
    Has the spring rush toward summer really started in earnest in your home? It’s already been in the 80 degrees for a couple of months.
    Do you have anything big going on, or is it normal, every day happenings this week? Pa and Ma had their 25th wedding anniversary this Wednesday so they went out of town for the day and through till the morning.

  35. Lyn says:

    This book is full of a new adventure for me. I am busy sewing Children’s clothes but have granddaughters approaching tweens. And this book is just what I now need.

  36. Doris McCarty says:

    My birthday is Saturday May 9th! I’m excited. It’s also Mother’s Day may 10th. I bet I get lots of goodies!

  37. Jacqueline says:

    Pick me. Mmemememe

  38. sangeetha says:

    Love both these books – chock full of some neat ideas.

  39. Cindy S. says:

    It’s a beautiful day! I started cutting the muslin for a spring jacket yesterday, so I am excited to baste it up and see how it will fit. I have the most beautiful Paris themed twill to sew up the real one.

  40. Stephanie Q says:

    two birthdays in our household, so lots of cake! 🙂

  41. Madeline Osborne says:

    It’s wonderful that there are designs made for beginning level sewists. Even more wonderful that sew mama sew helps us discover them, thank you!

  42. RENA says:

    I never win but I LOVE books and this is perfect for my 2 teenage daughters!

  43. Subee says:

    I’ve finished up two purses and delivered them to very happy friends! Today I will begin a table topper for my daughter for Mothers Day!
    I would love to add to my library!

  44. Renea says:

    My week is going pretty good. I work in a high school office and we are trying to get ready for the end of the year. Lots to do!! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  45. Jess says:

    We just got over a few big things – two birthdays, First Communion, and a family wedding – and now we’re gearing up for Mother’s Day and my daughter’s 10th birthday (on the same day). It seems like Spring isn’t slowing down at all around here, so I’m looking forward to a few lazy days of summer!
    This week I’m hoping to sneak in some selfish sewing time – I’ve got some knit fabrics from Girl Charlee and I’m hoping to make myself a maxi skirt and a cardigan!

  46. Anne marie says:

    Wonderful books = my weelk has been great as I am babysitting my little grandson.

  47. Rhonda Laws says:

    Feb through June 30 is an insane time for me at work so other than a few minutes a day I don’t notice much at home.but I am blessed to have such a great job. My sewing is my reprieve on the weekends. Thanks for your wonderful site.

  48. Therese says:

    I’m cleaning out my sewing room! Finding lots of forgotten fabric that needs a project!

  49. Mara says:

    I made a really beautiful needlebook, but both of my kids are exploding diarrhea and vomit, so not so much fun.

  50. Debby says:

    This has been a tough week, but I’m tougher. 🙂

  51. Thanks for the chance to win! My week is going well. My hubby is away so I’m spending lots of time hanging out with my girlfriends which is always fun!

  52. Chris says:

    This is a busy week because I’m graduating!

  53. Susan Bender says:

    The week is going great so far. We are putting up a shed in the backyard. Loving spring house projects.

  54. Lee says:

    My daughters graduating from college! She would love this book! thanks!

  55. Kimberly says:

    we are suffering from May Gray here in L.A. This week, if only it would rain! Meanwhile I have started a new Modern quilt this week, trying to chase the gray away!

  56. Ruth Lutz says:

    It’s been an unusual week at our house. We have been trying to find the source of a mysterious water leak somewhere near our recently renovated master bath. Today, after several hours of searching, a specialist was able to find the source and we are immensely relieved to know our new bathroom is safe! I
    I have lots of plans for summer sewing – these two books would be a wonderful inspiration for some of my projects!
    Ruth L

  57. auschick says:

    Nothing super big going on – just finished testing a blouse pattern yesterday so I should now get back into my sewing room and start something new!

  58. Amber says:

    I’m having a rough week: I broke my foot and am tripping all over the place in this cumbersome boot and work is super busy. I’m so excited for the weekend!

  59. BJ Marley says:

    I’m having a good week. I need to finish sewing a dress.

  60. Jennifer says:

    This has been an awesome week–I just got a job offer! These books look great!

  61. Ellen M. says:

    We have a big week this week – our oldest daughter is graduating from college. It’s hard to believe! Many thanks for these great book giveaways!

  62. Diane B says:

    Yes Yes two surprise successes!!! I made my first fabric basket w/canvas and it rocks!! its so sturdy and well, nice.
    I’ve been wanting to try paper piecing and have dabbled here and there for months, finally I finished one block thanks to a tutorial by Amy Friend. I’m now hooked on paper piecing and this block will be made 3 more times to complete a pillow top.

  63. karen says:

    Oh, this week! It’s half over, at least! I had a big presentation at work, and finished it today.

  64. Amy says:

    My week is crazy as usual, soccer practice 3 nights a week, husband out if town and it is supposed to hit 87 tomorrow. Not quite ready for that, last week was closer to 50. Just how it is here in Illinois.

  65. Nancy says:

    My week is great! Hardly any snow left, my new dress fits and I think I found a great pant pattern. Couldn’t be better!

  66. These look like fun. Nothing surprising but I’ve been having fun making bags.

  67. It’s a tad bit crazy here. One week left till finals, two projects due before that. But I have scheduled in some sewing time. 🙂 Thanks so much for the cool giveaway!

  68. Alexis says:

    This week has been good. I’m babysitting a friend’s little boy and we’ve had lots of fun playing Mario Kart while he’s been here. And my daughter is loving having him around.

  69. Julie says:

    These both look like awesome books!

  70. Diane Cullum says:

    Well, there is a ton of stuff going on – doctor appt for dd, court Thurs morning, band concert, dentist appt, military ball, 8th grade dinner/dance, and I have to prepare and ship two Godmother’s Day gifts, finish sewing a blanket for my nephew’s 1st birthday, and finish a pattern test! Phew! And all that is just the rest of this week! The rest of the month looks similar!

  71. SarahJL says:

    Trying to get back on top of things after a long weekend!

  72. Judy says:

    My week is going great as my son is home from the east coast for a visit.

  73. Kati M says:

    Busy busy, school,is almost over……we can make it!

  74. Deborah says:

    Great week! Great books!

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com

  75. summer? I’ve put the woollies back on. I haven’t had much chance to sew recently as was photographing at a conference over the May Day holiday. Great fun, but tiring.

  76. Marilyn says:

    My week is going great. Busy with gardening now that spring has come. Hoping to finish seeding before the weekend so I can get some sewing done.

  77. Lindsay says:

    My week is going QUICKLY!! I wish time would slow down a bit.

  78. sarah o says:

    pretty typical everyday stuff this week, besides tomorrow my son has ‘share day’ in kindergarten so I will have the day off from work to relax/ catch up on stuff at home. and yes, we are counting down the days of school left!

  79. laura says:

    week is going well! excited for summer to be here 🙂

  80. Carolyn says:

    I have been searching for an easy top to wear under a jacket and still look good if I have to take the jacket off. I finished a winner last night.

  81. Amruta says:

    Have sewn pencil pouch and will start sewing classic dress for my daughter

  82. Megan says:

    My birthday was Monday so my week is going well!

  83. Evelyn says:

    So excited about giveaway day today, it’s my first year participating =) My week has gone well, I even landed a new contract for my work and the sun is shining up here.

  84. Jenifer says:

    Working but hope to get home soon to some sewing time ! House is a mess due to bathroom renovation !

  85. Danette says:

    Would love to win these books! thank you,

  86. jonquil says:

    The weather wants to think it’s summer (my least favorite season), but i’m almost done with a collage-style oracle deck & little over half done with a knitted baby blanket.

  87. Begum Sen says:

    I sewed my first patternless top today and it’s not good 🙁

  88. Lotte says:

    I’m in.! This week I have lot of work for school 🙁

  89. Shayna says:

    I just sent off a knitting pattern to my magazine editor and I’m off on vacation this weekend. Everything’s rosy around here!

  90. K says:

    Two birthday gifts purchased and working on a Mother’s day gift. My week is going pretty well so far!

  91. Ariel says:

    Such a fun set of books! As for my week: its going well, I suppose. The weather here in Oregon has been pretty nice. Today is my fiance’s birthday so, as a surprise, I bought some groceries and I’m working on a cheesecake at the moment (I’m currently job searching so our budget has gotten pretty tight). Spring is in full swing in our house and just finished the last of the spring cleaning this last weekend by shampooing all the carpets 😀 Besides that, its a pretty standard job-searching, survey-filling-out week. Thanks for a fun book giveaway!

  92. Sally says:

    last month of school…. Seems like the field trips and celebrations way overshadow any serious school work. Not complaining, just sayin’…

  93. --anu says:

    This week is great, I have a lot to accomplish but I feel awesome (last week I got a surprise root canal after a few days of increasing pain, it makes it so easy to feel awesome). I managed to sew two dresses for a swap and can now move onto finishing my daughter’s dancing costume for Sunday. And cleaning the house (because everything slipped last week).

  94. Alexis says:

    Oh such a busy week, it’s a lovely luxury to sit and peruse your site!

  95. I’m trying to wrap things up at work this week before I head on vacation for a week with my Mom next week!

  96. Uh, yes, please? To both!

    This week is rather unexciting. School is slagging (homeschool) and I’m just feeling a wee bit of burn out myself. I guess I can expect the same from my kid, eh? We did have hail yesterday, and it made me worry about the seedlings we planted this weekend, but they all seem to be doing well. If only I could say the same about my hoses!

  97. emakwatik says:

    this week is crazy week…daughter got fever,i got cough…next week i’ll attend my sister graduation and my dress half prepare ..arghhhhhh

  98. Tonia Jeffery says:

    Things are starting to get pretty busy with helping family move, camping trips and the end of the school year.

  99. Susan K says:

    You don’t even want to ask about my week. Took my big sewing machine for a tune-up (have a backup so that’s a positive). Took middle son to doctor – still no diagnosis or relief from symptoms. Shower in master bathroom leaking into master closet. Washer drain clogged and overflowing. Piles of laundry needing to be done. Middle son taken to ER last night – medicated and sleeping at our house – still no idea of a diagnosis. Pinned a quilt for quilting – big fold in center of the back – have to repin. Just a really bad week following a series of bad weeks. I need a vacation!

  100. Skyla says:

    Now that the trees and flowers are (finally) coming up in Wisconsin, I am suddenly inspired to dust off the sewing machine and create something beautiful!

  101. Stephanie says:

    Speaking of surprise success, I have a job interview today!! Eee!!!

  102. Mama Lusco says:

    My week is going well…work, work, work! I’d love to win these books, thanks.

  103. Debra Lee says:

    Same old same old!

  104. kim t. says:

    getting through the end of a flurry of illness here…

  105. Anitha says:

    I just learnt about the Japanese sewing books this week.After ordering it online,I received it within a day. Super excited to try the stylish skirts.

  106. Karen says:

    these books look so fun!

  107. Becky says:

    The first book looks like it would actually be perfect for a girl that I’ve started giving sewing lessons to! She’s very interested in fashion design, so the patternmaking part would be right up her alley. As for the spring rush towards summer, it’s more frantic last-minute preparing for the baby that we have due in 6 weeks!

  108. Shannon P says:

    I think so far everything is pretty normal around here. We are having a pretty rainy spring and I cannot wait for some sun and the pool!

  109. Morgan says:

    In my house it is time to get sewing on summer shorts for my son and daugher. I have a few patterns all traced out in their sizes and just need to cut out the fabric, which is always the stumbling block for me. Once they are cut out I know I will fly through them. The key will be to have them ready before school ends!

  110. Stacy says:

    Not much time for sewing this weekend and it’s made me grumpy. Going to make some time today hopefully 🙂

  111. Alissa says:

    My week is going good. My girls and I are planning on painting bird houses for the grandmas for Mother’s Day.

  112. Brooke says:

    I got three girl’s swimsuit sewn up this week!

  113. Kristen says:

    I have two parties tonight for friends that will be fun to go to!

  114. Lisa says:

    I’m hoping to start making some of my own clothes – the dress book looks fabulous!

  115. Melanie C says:

    I have a great week ahead…today is my birthday and tomorrow is the Mother’s Day tea at my son’s school 🙂

  116. Katie says:

    Dreary weather here in chicago- great for planting, but not inspiring for sewing.

  117. Heather Whitehosue says:

    I would love a chance to win both of these books! I may just have to pick them up anyways! I really want to give quilting a try and would like some more simple projects to start with and would love to make some clothes for myself!

  118. Brenda Melahn says:

    This week I have spent quilting fabric for kitchen appliance covers. While I love pretty things for the house, I would rather be sewing for my granddaughters!!

  119. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Thanks for the givewawy

  120. Tammy says:

    Fun books.
    We’re having a normal week here. Not much sun this week so far, I’m looking forward to summer, I guess…since spring isn’t very springy here in Michigan.

  121. Andy says:

    I love the cover of Buffi’s book.

  122. Cyndy Lacey says:

    I love this book. It’s great to have so many options with each pattern style. A reference I would really use!

  123. RachelM says:

    I love watching Project Runway I always find the contestants so inspiring with their techniques and creations

  124. jane d says:

    I would “sew” love to win these books!

  125. beth p says:

    It’s a great week. Youngest son home from college yesterday and an exciting chance to talk to a big group about my work with a refugee sewing group today! All good!

  126. Amruta says:

    Buffi’s Dress design looks really great. Its so creative that we came make one in 9 variations.

    In this week I made Pencil pouch for Teachers Appreciation day – pattern by Kristin Link.
    Will start making Classic dress for my daughter – pattern by frianki. this would be first time sewing with collar and sleeves.

  127. Gail Millette says:

    i love your site and your blog, and I thank you for always making sewing fun!

  128. Dita says:

    Yesterday I got to work late for the first time… But a lot of people were late as well thankfully, traffic was worse than usual!

  129. annika says:

    You wantvto know how my week has been so far. Well, it started with me burning a lab in our university! From there it could only get better…

  130. This week is going great, but definitely busy! It’s amazing how that happens once the warm weather starts showing up. 🙂

  131. Juliana says:

    Great giveaway! Thank you and congratulations on your 10-year anniversary!

  132. Rebekah S. says:

    Besides doctor appointments, not much has happened this week. Oh yes–we bought a goat named Lily and her two kids. I went outside yesterday, and all of my roses are blooming and the nectarine tree has little green nectarines.

  133. fenna says:

    pretty crazy week as we bought a new van! That’s how our week is going 🙂

  134. bekki says:

    Not much fun this week, just slow.

  135. Cheryl says:

    I am having a pretty good week, the weather in SC is great right now.

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