Handmade Holidays Nov. 1: Gifts for Crafty People

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It’s here! It’s time for our 9th Annual Handmade Holidays series! Teresa Coates collected a great selection of Gifts for Crafty People, plus printables, recipes and there are giveaways too. Be inspired to make and give!

Today’s Guest Curator:
Teresa Coates from Crinkle Dreams

From Teresa:
I’m Teresa and I love to design, craft and make. I’m an avid garment sewist and quilt-maker, so there are always a few WIPs around here whether it’s a dress, a quilt, zipper pouch or cards. I was excited to curate gifts for crafters because I know how much those little organizational things can make a difference in the crafting process. I’ve gathered tutorials for things you can make for your friends and family who also love to make.

For more ideas, tips and patterns, join me at Crinkle Dreams. I’ll give away two copies of my Hexy Bottom Bag pattern this week (pictured here)! The winner can select from a paper or PDF pattern.

Make It

Wagon Wheel Pincushion
Every crafter needs a handmade pincushion. There are lots of tutorials and patterns available, but we love that Anna of Noodlehead took a traditional quilt block and gave it a new purpose with this Wagon Wheel Pincushion. The circle top is a nice variation from square pincushions, too. (Find tips for adding weight and emery on Teresa’s Crinkle Dreams blog).

Crochet Hook Case
Delia of Delia Creates went one step beyond the norm by using custom-printed fabric from Spoonflower for her Crochet Hook Case; we love that idea for personalization. You can follow her lead or choose a fabric that suits your gift recipient. Whether they are a crocheter, knitter or artist, they will love a way to keep their tools handy and organized.

Needle Book
For crafters who want to take their sewing with them, this little Needle Book from Teresa at Crinkle Dreams is a nice addition to store needles, safety pins and/or straight pins. It’s great for EPP-ers, hand-quilters and even sewists who simply want to store their needles somewhere besides the pincushion.

A favorite tip for sewists and quilter is to keep your snips handy by hanging them around your neck. It’s so easy to misplace the little scissors, but if you connect them to this Lanyard from Procrasticraft, they are always right where you need them. Jules has a great tutorial that’s quick and easy; just add snips for a useful and cute gift!

Crafting Apron
Keep your tools handy with Alyssa’s great little Crafting Apron at Pile o’ Fabric, with plenty of pockets to organize scissors, marking pencils, rotary cutters, pens, notebook, hooks, etc. Whatever the craft, there’s a pocket for the tools on this apron.

Scissors Cozy
Make a cozy for those special scissors or shears to keep them safe and easy to find. If your favorite sewist or quilter is keen on retreats, this Scissors Cozy from Sotak Handmade is a perfect addition to their on-the-go tool box.

Embroidery Hoop Clock
Add a touch of handmade to the crafting area with this simple Embroidery Hoop Clock. Vicky of Vicky Myers Creations used buttons to denote the numbers, but there’s lots of room for adding personalized touches. Embroider a fun saying or use novelty buttons on interfaced linen for a sweet reminder of both the time and your love.

Related tutorials you might enjoy: Travel Sewing Kit, Building a Sewing Tool Kit: Our Favorite Tools + Notions

Mix It

Sweet Potato, Carrot, Apple and Red Lentil Soup
If you ever go to Teresa’s for a dinner party, you might just find this Sweet Potato, Carrot, Apple and Red Lentil Soup from All Recipes on the table. The perfect combo of vegetables and fruit, it’s warm and cozy and perfect for winter meals. It’s vegetarian and gluten-free, but no one is going to complain because it tastes so very good.

Garbanzo Chocolate Cake
We know, we know… It sounds like a terrible mix of beans and dessert, but believe us, it’s good! For those with Celiac Disease cakes are often missing, but this Epicurious Garbanzo Chocolate Cake does a nice substitution job for the flour-based versions. Moist and dense, it’s so tasty even Teresa’s kids eat it!

Print It

Ugly Sweater Gift Tags
If you don’t want to wear the ugly sweater, you can gift it with these fun, printable Ugly Sweater Gift Tags from Love vs. Design. (We think they’re actually pretty cute sweaters!) Just print on card stock and cut them out for a quick and colorful label.

Christmas Coloring Pages
While the kids might like coloring these Mr. Printables Christmas Coloring Pages, they are also a great place to start for appliqué projects. Pick simple images and, using double-sided fusible web, you can create some adorable embellishments for your handmade gifts.

Win It

Comment on today’s post for a chance to win one of these prizes!
Tip: If you’re hoping to win a prize that notes “US shipping only,” include your state in your name (i.e. Beth in WA) so we can confirm residence and avoid any disappointment on your end. Shipping range is determined by the generous companies that contribute prizes.

Washi Tape Crafts: 110 Ways to Decorate Just About Anything

(US shipping only.)

Author: Amy Anderson
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

It’s the definitive washi tape craft book for adults. Washi tape—the Japanese decorative paper tape that’s easy to tear, peel, stick and re-stick—is transformative, fun, and remarkably easy to use. It’s also never been hotter. Now comes the only adult washi tape craft book packaged with the tape itself—ten rolls, with 18 feet in each roll—making it a complete kit and outstanding value.

Packed full of amazing projects and ideas, it’s the book and tape kit that shows all the ways to be creative with washi tape. The book includes techniques: precision tearing, wrapping, and weaving. How to make bows, rosettes, and other shapes. How to seal and weatherproof designs to make them permanent. And 110 projects, with color photographs and step-by-step instructions, from custom photo frames to one-of-a-kind gifts. The possibilities are endless.

Handmade Bags In Natural Fabrics: Over 25 Easy-To-Make Purses, Totes and More

(US + Canada shipping only.)

Author: Emiko Takahashi
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

Make your own charming purse, tote, clutch, satchel or eco tote with with this fashionable bag making book.

Handmade Bags in Natural Fabrics offers patterns for twenty-five basic bag styles along with sixty variations and the know-how to customize each bag to suit any style— from sweet-and innocent to minimalist to counter-culture. There is no better project for the eco-conscious crafter than a simple cloth bag. In addition to bag sewing patters, basic sewing lessons teach the fundamentals of bag sewing…

Emiko Takahashi, a fashion and textiles designer, provides easy instructions and bag sewing diagrams, as well as a sheet of fully-sized pattern pieces for each handmade bag project—plus easy lessons on the basics of hand-stitching drawstring casings, corners, edges, straps, and simple flourishes. Cotton and linen bags are always useful and they lend a carefree, laid-back touch to any warm-weather outfit. Each bag can be machine-sewn, but they are designed to be made in natural fabrics that are lightweight enough to be easily sewn by hand. With Takahashi’s expert guidance, beginning sewers with little or no previous experience can learn to make these understated and elegant handbags.

The Serger’s Technique Bible: The Complete Guide to Serging and Decorative Stitching

(US shipping only.)

Author: Julia Hincks
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

For fast and professional edging, hemming, seaming, and decorative stitching, you simply can’t beat a serging machine. This all-skill-level book is the perfect guide to make sure you get the most out of your new machine (or out of that old serger that you’ve never got the hang of!). Photographs and step-by-step instructions guide you through the essential techniques, showing you how to set up your machine, how to adjust the settings to get the best results on a range of different fabrics, and how to edge your fabrics quickly with perfect results. Try out different feet for your machine to help with gathering, attaching piping, elastic, and beading. Within the chapters there are troubleshooting tips and quick fixes for skipped stitches, snapped threads, and uneven stitching. The quick construction section will take you through a range of projects to help practice and perfect your skills.

Check out our 2014 Handmade Holidays list for more fun, creative ideas.

We respect the copyright of all crafters. All photos are used with permission from the artist.

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282 Responses to Handmade Holidays Nov. 1: Gifts for Crafty People

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    So many cute crafts and great books!

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    I’d love to make that clock for my girls!

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    So many cute crafts, so little time!

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    Wish I had time to make all of these. I could really use the craft apron.

  7. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    love all the crafts but really like the lanyard

  8. Rhonda Laws says:

    This time of year I want to make one of everything….especially when you start posting suggestions. The problem….for myself…not for gifts….**blushing**

  9. Garilyn in Ohio says:

    Love the crafters apron!

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    Great ideas — thanks for the chance to win!

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    Michelle in Michigan

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    What great ideas! This is such a fun series. All the great ideas and too little time!

  13. Antoinette says:

    The embroidery hoop clock is adorable!

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    Such great ideas!! Thanks 🙂

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    Hah! I will just make these all for me

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  17. Great ideas! I love my craft apron, so I think a lot of my craft-loving friends would too!

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    How I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series every year!

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    I’m so excited for handmade holidays! It’s starting of with great ideas. Looking forward to more!

  20. Robin E. in AZ says:

    Lovely! Thank you.

  21. Kristin says:

    I love my needle book! Every sewer needs one!

  22. Amy in VT says:

    I’m making some scissor pouches and needle books for seeing friends. Thanks for the info!!

    If love the Washi book as my son loves to use that type!

    Thank you!!

  23. Jess from WA says:

    Love the scissors! I still keep mine in the original plastic box. (Not sure if I really want to admit that!)

    Jess from WA

  24. Shannon says:

    Pinning that soup recipe immediately!

  25. FRe2bfree says:

    Love the scissors cozy! That’s something I could really use. As for the prizes, I don’t have a serger yet (someday!) but I’d love to make some bags! Thanks for the great projects!

  26. Jennifer says:

    Love the cozy for crochet hooks! I look forward to this blog every year. Thanks to all the crafters who put so much time and effort to bring this to us!

  27. Brenda in NE says:

    Cases and places to put things are always welcome around here! Even more when they are handmade and gifts from very special people in my life.

  28. brenda in In says:

    The ugly sweater tags are so cute. Love all the books

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    I must have pinned the wagon wheel pincushion three months ago. MUST MAKE.

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    And i think they can be ornaments to my christmas tree too!!!!

    Tks for sharing!

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    I am mildly obsessed with ugly Christmas sweaters, so thank you for including the printable gift tags!! I’m in PA, btw.

  39. emilia in CA says:

    i love the scissor lanyard!

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    Thanks to everyone involved for such a generous giveaway! I especially like the bags from natural fabrics ….

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    these ideas are too cute!

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    These are all really cute ideas. Nice gifts to make.

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    I’m going to have to use those ugly Christmas sweater tags! Though I may need to make them t-shirts to go with living in FL.

  48. Judith Martinez says:

    A lanyard is on my project list for me!! My lanyard is an ugly orange one with grease stains from when I gave it to the mechanic while he fixed my car. I’m in CO.

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    The ugly sweater printable are awesome!

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    The crochet hook case and scissor pouch are a perfect gift pair.

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    Great ideas! the serger book looks so helpful…I have a hand-me-down and I don’t know how to use it!

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    I love the scissor keep pouches! Super cute idea!

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    I love the scissor cozy. I received one for my birthday and can’t wait to make another.

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    Definitely going to use those this year. 🙂

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    Love the wagon wheel pincushion, might need to make one of those!

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    The clock is so amazing! I know they sell the kits with the hands and the motor and such, but for some reason it never occurred to me I could make my own!

  57. Susan Curtis says:

    There are so many wonderful, inspirational ideas for gift giving and the holidays. Makes me wanna lock myself in my sewing room for the month to just create! Thank you for the ideas and inspiration!

  58. Lydia in WA says:

    appreciate that you start off with things for crafters. How often do we do stuff for ourselves. Like organizational things. Like the needle book, lanyard and scissors cozy. Simple but nice. the cake looks amazing and includes beans!

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    I think the Ugly Sweater tags are pretty cute too.

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    So many fun things! Already opens a bunch of tabs to look closer! Thanks!

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    So many wonderful ideas on just the first day! I see so many possibilities for the embroidery hoop clock.

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    Just discovered this series. So excited to see the ideas yet to come!

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    I would love the bag book! I love using thrifted “special” fabrics to make great new items!

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    That scissor cozy is fun!

  66. Harley Rast Williams says:

    Very clever ideas, and as a crafter, I would love to receive any of these!

    Harley in AL

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    I’d love the Serger book. My husband bought me one for this Christmas, basically as a bribe so he can get a new bicycle! I used one at school thirty years ago so I’m very rusty. To date I’ve sewn around a scrap of fabric. I need to face my fears and actually use it.

  68. Rachel B says:

    love that scissor case. Fun start to the festivities

  69. Miranda says:

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    I love the knitting bag pictured.

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    The ugly sweater gift tags look so cute! I would love to win the serger book. Thanks for the opportunity to win cool prizes!

  72. Lynnette in Louisiana says:

    The ugly sweater gift tags look so cute! And I would love the serger book. Thanks for the opportunity to win cool prizes!

  73. karen in CA USA says:

    I’m in the USA

  74. karen says:

    Wow! Thanks for these ideas. Gifts for crafty people are always hard to come up with. The scissor cozy is neat!

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    Needle books! So simple, and yet I am in desperate need of a few to scatter around all my sewing projects… and some to give as gifts. I just bookmarked this one.. llove little gifts like this!

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    The scissors cozy is my favorite too!

  77. I *need* that craft apron! So pretty! 🙂

  78. fenna says:

    those scissor cozies look lovely!!!! Would be great to keep them at least a little less accessible for little people!!

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    I love the embroidery hoop clock idea. There are so many ways to customize. Great idea!

  80. Joyce says:

    I love the scissors cozy. I am going to make a few of these for my quilting friends. I’m over 60 yrs. old and I never cease to be amazed at the talent and ingenuity of the people creating and crafting. Keep up the creative genius out there!

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    That scissors cozy is a great idea!

  82. Elizabeth says:

    I love the scissors cozy! I might have to make one for myself.

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    I really like that scissors cozy idea and the books are fabulous!

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    I have wanted a scissor pouch for so long! Perfect!

  87. Scissors cozy?! Why have I never thought of this?!?! I am definitely bookmarking that one (for myself ::wink!::)
    I would love to win the serger book. I love my Evolve, but I never feel like I am using it to its full potential!

  88. Charlotte in Ga says:

    What a great start to Handmade holiday season. Thanks!

  89. Beth K in AZ says:

    All 3 books look great! Especially like the book on handbags. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Julie From Utah says:

    Man am I in need of some of those scissor cozies!

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    That scissors cozy is too cute! I might have to make myself one.

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  93. Maggie in MN says:


  94. Amanda in TX says:

    Love these ideas! 🙂

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    I would like to win a paper pattern for the tote bag by Krinkle Dreams. Just what I need for a cute gift for my young grandkids.

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    Hooray, it’s time for Handmade Holidays again! I’d love to win something. 🙂

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    I love the handmade holidays post every year! It already looks like it’s going to be another winner!

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    I’m making that scissors pouch tonight!

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    Love the ideas for crafty people and thinking I’m going to make a wagon wheel pincushion.

  103. Anya says:

    Love the scissor pouch. Such a cute shape!

  104. Joanne says:

    I discovered the gift list last year. It was a treasure trove of ideas! So glad I’ve caught it early this year.

  105. Amy - MN says:

    Hooray! I look forward to this series every year. That needle book would come in handy to organize my machine needles. Thanks!

  106. Ginger in NJ says:

    Would love the serger book. Mine can be a complete mystery to me!

  107. Ginger in NJ says:

    Would LOVE that Serger book! Mine can be a complete mystery to me sometimes!

  108. L says:

    Laura in NJ

  109. Liza Ahern says:

    I have just the friend in need of a crochet hook case – fab ideas!!

  110. susie says:

    Lots of great gift ideas today! I love that apron.
    Susie in PA USA

  111. Kathy h says:

    Great ideas. I have been looking for a pattern to make a scissors case so this was perfect.

  112. Elizabeth says:

    I just picked up a serger at a garage sale this summer and am still trying to figure it out. I could use a book to help me!

  113. oh, i love the little needle books and the quilt block pincushion!

  114. Karen A says:

    I really like the scissor cozy.

  115. Amy says:

    I love the scissor cozy. Plus I love these posts in November.

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    I can see I’ll be making one for me, one for you, on these ideas!

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    The Washi Tape book looks so fun!

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    The scissors cozy would be a great gift for my crafty friends. Its so cute! Thanks so much.

  119. LaRue Cook says:

    Love the embroidery hoop clock!

  120. cecile says:

    I love the basket, I think I’m going to make a few as gifts. Great ideas, I love this series. Thank you !

  121. ybat says:

    The serging techniques book looks really good. Sergers can be really intimidating so this seems like a really useful book to have around.

  122. Thanks for some great ideas. There are definitely some handmade gifts to be made for my Christmas.

  123. Rebecca says:

    I love the cute holder for your pins. Would make a fun gifts. What great other ideas too. thank you

  124. Barb B in Canada says:

    Those scissor cozies look perfect for a quilter friend. Thank you for sharing this ideas.

  125. Debra says:

    Thank You so much for the scissor cozy Tutorial. I will be trying this for gifts. LOVE IT.

  126. Pat Upton says:

    I need to make the needle book and the crafter’s apron. Love them both!

  127. Emily in WI says:

    I love the scissors cozy! Thanks for doing these Christmas lists.

  128. Aimee says:

    Well, my pinterest boards just got bigger–thanks for all these great gift ideas!

  129. Maggie says:

    This series is always so great!

  130. Susan says:

    Great ideas! I definitely have to try the chocolate cake!
    Susan from Wisconsin

  131. Susan says:

    Thanks for all of the great ideas and I’m definitely trying the chocolate cake recipe!

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    I look forward to this round up every year. Love the needle book! This is going on my must make list.

  133. beth p says:

    I need to make some of those needle books. Also love the little sweater tags. So cute!

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    My daughter loves washi tape. The book would be a perfect gift

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    Thanks for sharing all the cute projects. I really like the scissors keeper. Thanks for the great book giveaways.

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    Love all the great ideas.

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    I have the gift ideas and the books. I hope Santa will bring me a book

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    Love the scissors cozy – so cute!

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    Oh, Yay!!! I look forward to this month all year long! Let the Christmas gift making begin!
    Love the Ugly Sweater gift tags!
    Sonja in Alabama

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    I’m so excited to see Handmade Holidays in my feed again!

  142. Tina in NJ says:

    I might have to put the needle books into production. I particularly like to embroider little gifts like these.

  143. Shawna from NJ says:

    The scissor and needle book are something I need in my stash! Thank you for the Christmas Coloring pages, my daughter will enjoy that and I can laminate it to make Christmas tags.

  144. Judy in Oregon says:

    Great gift ideas to make for those on my list that sew.

  145. stefanie says:

    MN – what a fun assortment of gifts. I will be making the crochet hook case for sure – looks so nice!

  146. Wonderful tutorials!

  147. Joan says:

    I wait for this all year. Thanks for doing it. I always find some great ideas.

  148. Afton says:

    Love the tags!

  149. sraman says:

    sraman from Portland, Oregon

    Love to make the needle book and scissor cozy.

  150. Stacey says:

    I’ve been waiting for this day! We love chickpea chocolate cake and I am going to make a scissors caddy for a friend, thanks!

  151. Not entering today. Just want to say how much I enjoy Crinkle Dreams’ tutorials. Always adorable. 🙂

  152. Geri says:

    Looking forward to a!l the handmade holiday posts.

  153. Chris says:

    Would be wonderful to win any of these books.

  154. Cinnamom in MN says:

    I love the little needle books. Gonna have to make one. Maybe out of some old hankies I have laying around.

  155. Elena says:

    I love these holiday gift posts you do every year. Thank you for collecting and sharing!

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    Oooo, scissor cozies! ~ Holly in WA

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  160. Thank you for the giveaways. Would love to know how to use my server better!

  161. I love my serger but would love to know how to use it better. Thank you for offering this giveaway and the holiday crafting lists. So fun!

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    I would love to win Emiko Takahashi’s book! Already eyeing that awesome crafting apron–it’s just what I need to make.

  163. Caroline says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! – Caroline in MS

  164. Ashley in IL says:

    That embroidery hoop clock is so cute. Love it!

  165. Emily in AZ says:

    I got half excited and half nervous when I saw this post. I always get so many ideas and things I want to make in the handmade holidays. One year I had to stop reading because I was so overwhelmed. 😉 Always so much good stuff!

  166. Garilyn in OH says:

    Love all the ideas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  167. Stacy S. says:

    I need a scissors cozy!

  168. Melissa Meinhard says:

    I love the idea for this series! I have a lot of crafty people who need gifts this season. Thank you for this.
    Also thank you for the chance to win prizes!
    Melissa in Virginia

  169. Ava says:

    Wow, love the pocket detail for the back of the needle book

  170. Brianna says:

    So many great ideas in this first post – the scissors pouch, the lanyard, the apron, the pincushion – I need to get sewing!

  171. Mary H in CO says:

    That garbanzo cake certainly has me intrigued!

  172. There are some great ideas in this post. I especially like the scissors carrier and will have to make some for my quilty friends. Thanks

  173. Mary Ann in SC says:

    Love these ideas, especially the clock!

  174. Allison C says:

    I need to make a pin cushion now

  175. Kerry says:

    Cute ideas. The soup recipe sounds amazing.

  176. Kathy E. says:

    I am a new Bloglovin’ follower of Crinkle Dreams and I love her Hexy Bottom Bag. I’d be making several of these with that pattern!

  177. Elise in GA says:

    So excited it’s time for Handmade Holidays again!

  178. Jen in OR says:

    So glad this has started again this year! So many things to sew!

  179. Mandi in MO says:

    That lentil soup sounds delicious!

  180. Toni says:

    Cannot WAIT to make the crochet hook case as a gift–for ME!

  181. Becky in DE says:

    That crochet hook case is pretty cute. And I do know a few crocheters.

  182. Ashlyn in Colorado says:

    I love the scissors cozy idea! Perfect for keeping scissors in a safe place and away from little ones or pets!

  183. Jessie Hansen says:

    So as soon as I get my Pinterest working on this new PC of ours, I am totally pinning at least 3 items from this list, including the Scissors cozy (sounds amazing) and the Serger Bible. I just got my Serger fixed and I need to get to using it!

  184. Ali M says:

    Oh, I need to make myself a needle book that’s compact enough to carry easily, thank you so much for this post and giveaway!

  185. Marilyn says:

    I love the crafting apron. I am going to make one to keep my essential often used supplies close by.

  186. Lori Morton in OHIO says:

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    What a fantastic collection of goodies! I especially love the embroidery hoop clock – the possibilities are endless.

    BTW, I don’t live in the US, but my family does, so if I end up winning one of your fabulous prizes I can give you a US address to ship it too. My sister would love the Serger’s Technique Bible!

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    Thank tou

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    Diane in Virginia

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    Karen, Utah

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    Claire , Ft myers, Florida

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    Great giveaway as well, too bad I’m not in the US.
    Just a note about the soup: I noticed it’s not vegan as it contains butter and is served with yoghurt. It sounds yummy and luckily I’m not vegan, but perhaps people who are will be disappointed when they click through.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks for noticing that, Hilde! I changed it in the post to vegetarian. We appreciate your help!

  243. Trinity says:

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    -Trinity in NC

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  261. Kellie Warren says:

    Down from being ill this week, and not feeling up to a big project, I am sitting down to make the wagon wheel pin cushion and the scissor cozy right now for a new sewer in my family, we bought her a sewing machine for Christmas and I am going to stick in in their stocking. These are cute. Thank you 🙂

  262. Kylene says:

    The clock is very inspiring!

  263. Nicole says:

    I love the hex bag. I don’t crochet, but my good friend does. I just might have to sew a crochet case for her.
    Nicole from Arizona

  264. Anna says:

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    Anna in PA

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  266. Chelsea says:

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  268. Sherry says:

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  270. Heidi in SD says:

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  271. Rebecca Kuck says:

    Fabulous projects!! Great way to start the month! Look forward to this every year!!

  272. Maddy says:

    Love the snipper lanyard. Mine are on an extra measuring tape that I knotted. I know I’d love a real place for them to be!

  273. Lisa says:

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    Thanks for the chance to win!

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