Handmade Holidays Nov. 2: Accessories

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Add a little something to your favorite holiday outfit, or make several extras for friends this year. Jennifer Ladd found some of the very best accessories for your holiday gift giving!

Jennifer also created several of our most popular accessories tutorials here at Sew Mama Sew like this Ric Rac Clutch and the Fat Quarter Handbag. Check them out!

Today’s Guest Curator: Jennifer Ladd

From Jennifer:
I am a stay-at-home mom to two amazing daughters. But when I’m not with them, you’ll almost always find me in my sewing room! I sew handmade purses, bags and baby items and sell them in my Jennifer Ladd Etsy shop.

You can also find me on Pinterest or on Facebook.

Make It

Colorful Arm Warmers
These easy-to-make Colorful Arm Warmers are cute and cozy! Snugglebug University shows you how to make them from up-cycled little girl’s tights.

Leather Strap Clutch
Make a trendy Leather Strap Clutch with this tutorial from Delia Creates. Add some cool fabric inside to show off your own personality.

Cape Scarf
This lovely Cape Scarf from The Sewing Rabbit is a perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. It looks luxurious, but is so simple to make!

Bias Bracelets Three Ways
Sew up some cute and easy Bias Bracelets with Live it. Love it. Make it. The tutorial shows you three different techniques to make three different bracelets; make just one or make a whole set to give as a great gift.

Fabric Covered Earrings
With some pretty fabric scraps and a few basic jewelry supplies, you can make some gorgeous dangly Fabric Covered Earrings! Jo shows you how on Imagine Gnats.

Headwrap Band
Whip up a few quick and easy gifts with this Headwrap Band from Delia Creates. They are so stylish and comfy, you might want to make a few for yourself while you’re at it.

Indigo Patchwork Scarf
The Indigo Patchwork Scarf from The Sewing Party is truly unique. You will learn how to dye your fabric and sew your scarf to end up with something you will be proud to give to anyone on your gift list.

Smashed Fabric + Leather Pouch
Smashed Fabric + Leather Pouch from See Kate Sew are a new twist on your basic zipper pouch. Fill them up with candy, jewelry or other trinkets for an extra sweet gift!

Related tutorials you might enjoy: Accessories, Gifts for the Glamour Girl, Holiday Party Clothes + Accessories, 9 Easy Holiday Party Accessories + Patterns

Mix It

Candy Cane Mini Donuts
Candy Cane Mini Donuts are the perfect, festive treat for the holiday season. They include basic ingredients and they’re simple to make (yet so delicious!). Brittni at Paper & Stitch shows you the easy steps to mini donuts today!

Easy Slice’n’bake Vanilla Bean Christmas Sugar Cookies with Whipped Buttercream
Tieghan at Half Baked Harvest shows you a great way to make your own homemade Christmas Sugar Cookies… Without all the fuss! She adds a special ingredient to the frosting to make them taste extra delicious.

Print It

Laminated Paper Necklaces
You can print your own holiday gifts with the help of Elsa Mora and her beautiful artwork at All About Papercutting. Any of her five Laminated Paper Necklaces designs would make a stunning gift for lucky recipients!

Santa’s Belt Gift Box
When you’re finished making all your handmade holiday gifts, you’ll need to wrap them! This printable Santa’s Belt Gift Box from Let’s Wrap Stuff is a fabulous way to make a small gift even more special.

Win It

Comment on today’s post for a chance to win one of these prizes!
Tip: If you’re hoping to win a prize that notes “US shipping only,” include your state in your name (i.e. Beth in WA) so we can confirm residence and avoid any disappointment on your end. Shipping range is determined by the generous companies that contribute prizes.

50 Pincushions to Knit & Crochet: Stash Your Sharps in Something Cute and Handmade

(US shipping only.)

Author: Cat Thomas
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Here is a pretty collection of pincushions that all knitters and crocheters will love. Functional, yet decorative, pincushions not only keep pins and needles in one place, they also make charming accessories that can be displayed in your workroom or given as a gift to a fellow crafter or collector.

Included are a range of fifty fanciful and practical knit and crochet patterns for a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from an array of designs like colorful crocheted hexagons, knitted traditional tomato or strawberry motifs, elegant flowers, delicious fruits and cakes, charming woodland creatures, prickly cacti, and other fun shapes. These useful and decorative pincushions are quick and cheery projects for all levels of crafters to make. Whether your style is classic or fun and quirky, there’s something here to please every knitter and crocheter!

2 – 17” x 24” Folding Cutting Mats from OLFA

(US + Canadian addresses only.)

About OLFA + the Folding Cutting Mat:
OLFA is an industry leader in quilting and crafting tools. When you use OLFA cutting tools, you know that your cuts will be precise, and this will be reflected in the finished product.

When traveling to a class or retreat, a small mat is easiest to transport, but you crave the usefulness of a large mat. With the new OLFA Folding Cutting Mats, transportation is easy without losing the functionality of a full size mat. The wavy cut of the seam connects when unfolded to provide a continuously smooth surface for cutting. Be confident that you can cut anywhere on the mat, including across the seam, without any missed threads.

The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters: A Guide to Creating, Quilting, and Living Courageously

(US shipping only.)

Author: Sherri L. Wood
Publisher: Stewart, Tabori and Chang

Forget step-by-step instructions and copycat designs. In The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters, Sherri Lynn Wood presents a flexible approach to quilting that breaks free of old paradigms. Instead of traditional instructions, she presents 10 frameworks (or scores) that create a guiding, but not limiting, structure. To help quilters gain confidence, Wood also offers detailed lessons for stitching techniques key to improvisation, design and spontaneity exercises, and lessons on color. Every quilt made from one of Wood’s scores will have common threads, but each one will look different because it reflects the maker’s unique interpretation. Featured throughout the book are Wood’s own quilts and a gallery of contributor works chosen from among the hundreds submitted when she invited volunteers to test her scores during the making of this groundbreaking work.

Check out our 2014 Handmade Holidays list for more fun, creative ideas.

Here are 2015 gift ideas:

We respect the copyright of all crafters. All photos are used with permission from the artist.

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218 Responses to Handmade Holidays Nov. 2: Accessories

  1. Andi in California says:

    The folding Olfa cutting mat is amazing! I always have the hardest time storing mine.

  2. Aimee in IN says:

    I really love that cape scarf! Genius!

  3. Stephanie says:

    The paper necklaces are so cute!

  4. Linda L. says:

    The cape scarf is perfect for those in-between days – too cold for a fall jacket but too warm for the parka.

  5. Rhonda Laws says:

    Such clever ideas! Thank you for gathering them.

  6. Cricket in California says:

    I heart indigo! I fantasize about growing it myself… meanwhile I can content myself with smaller projects that are within my reach… maybe indigo earrings and bracelets, too? Color me inspired!

  7. Teri in CA says:

    Yum! mini donuts.

  8. Slice and bake sugar cookies are going on my list to try!

  9. Liesel in KS says:

    Love the headwrap band!

  10. auschick in va says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen a folding mat before – that’s pretty cool!

  11. Michelle Smith says:

    I love the earrings. Great way to customize to match outfits!

    Michelle in Michigan

  12. Sonya says:

    The cape scarf looks so cozy and stylish!

  13. Margaret in CA says:

    Great ideas! I especially like the arm warmers and the cape.

  14. Karrie Smith says:

    The arm-warmers are so cute!

  15. That cape scarf looks so cozy!

  16. Whitner says:

    That cape has my name written all over it! I just found a gift for me!

  17. Robin E. in AZ says:

    Beautiful ideas! Thank you.

  18. katherine says:

    My mom would LOVE that modern quilting book!

  19. Shauna in MD says:

    That Indigo scarf is gorgeous!

  20. Kristin says:

    I like the fabric and leather pouches. I like the idea of having something cute attatched to the zipper pull!

  21. Jessie says:

    Those cookies sound amazing. Definitely adding those to my baking list.

  22. Jess from WA says:

    I like the idea of using tights for arm warmers; I’ve always thought that the non-knitted ones (which inevitably have seams) were too bulky.

    Jess from WA

  23. Shannon in Wa says:

    What a cool laminated paper necklace 🙂

  24. Jennifer in MA says:

    Looks like my oldest daughter (who is always cold) is getting a pair of colorful arm warmers this Christmas!

  25. Brenda in NE says:

    The bags and the arm warmers are great. And I love that laminated necklace and the Santa’s belt gift box. Sometimes the wrappings are almost more fun than the gifts!

  26. Stephanie says:

    Those earrings! EEK! Stephanie-AR

  27. brenda in In says:

    I like them all

  28. Amanda at APO says:

    Those headbands are going to come in handy around here!!

  29. MelodyJ in VA says:

    The Candy Cane Donuts look very good,

  30. Melanie C in WA says:

    Love the leather clutch and the Olfa folding mat…what a great idea!

  31. Donna in Tx says:

    It’s all so good but those vanilla bean sugar cookies….I must be hungry!

  32. Jeni in IN says:

    Those arm warmers!

    Also love the olfa mats!

  33. kelly says:

    Love the indigo scarf.

  34. Jen K says:

    I like the scarf.

  35. Jamie says:

    Those earrings are fun!

  36. Marin says:

    the folding mat looks so handy

  37. Samina says:

    I really like the idea of the folding cutting mats. I’ll have to add them to my Olfa collection.

  38. Anne in tx says:

    Love the Santa gift box!

  39. Alexis in UT says:

    Really loving the leather bag by Deila Creates. Fun ideas for sewers.

  40. Deborah says:

    OMG! can you believe me if I say I loved ALL THESE?
    But the Arm Warmers and the leather clutch are amazing! I need to make it! Maybe this weekend, who knows? 😀

  41. The cape scarf would be PERFECT to wear at work where I am always freezing. My hands would still be free to type!

  42. emilia in CA says:

    those tights turned arm warmers though!! sew cute!!

  43. Kendra says:

    So glad it is Handmade Holidays time again!

  44. bookboxer says:

    I’m just beginning to quilt and love the modern quilt book. Thank you all for being so generous

  45. Laurie in CO says:

    Wonderful! Love the easy bracelets.

  46. Yvonne says:

    Love the cape!!!

  47. JMJ in IN says:

    forgot to say I live in IN

  48. JMJ says:

    Love the Indigo scarf and I’m going to try to make some of those cute earrings!

  49. Toni Toth says:

    I’m loving that leather strap clutch!

  50. Judith Martinez says:

    The donuts sound yummy!! I’m in CO.

  51. Becca in UT says:

    Those earrings! So cute!

  52. Michelle in OH says:

    Oooooo…the cape scarf. I know several people who would great in that!

  53. Logan in PA says:

    Those necklaces are so cute. I wish I had a cutting machine.

  54. Chiska says:

    I love the laminated paper necklaces.

  55. Christine in CA says:

    The arm warmers are a great idea! Love it!

  56. Deb H. in PA says:

    The cape scarf is awesome! My daughter’s friend would love it!

  57. Kristi R says:

    That headwrap band is perfect for teens!


  58. Tammie Schaffer says:

    I love the cape scarf!!

  59. Lydia in WA says:

    love the laminated necklaces. So doable on my cutting machine. Like the easy arm warmers too. Thanks!

  60. Lydia in WA says:

    laminated paper necklaces are so cute. completely doable on my cutting machine too. thank you!

  61. Lindsay in Iowa says:

    I’ve been kinda chicken to sew with leather, but it makes things look so luxurious! I may have to give it a go!

  62. Heather in VA says:

    Love that cape scarf. I made myself something similar without a pattern and my husband despised it. He “lost” it in a move. :-/

  63. Vicki C in Texas says:

    Those fabric earrings are beyond cute!!!

  64. Kate F in NC says:

    Oops, that’s Kate F in NC. Direction-reading fail!

  65. Nikkee in wa says:

    I think I am making cookies today… Those sound delicious! Vanilla bean is always a win!

  66. Ramona from MI says:

    I really love the cape. Plaid is sso popular right now.

  67. Charlotte in Ga says:

    Love the cape. I think I need one!! Thanks for the great ideas.

  68. I love the fabric covered earrings! 🙂

  69. Tessa in Canada says:

    I like the look of the Indigo Patchwork Scarf.

  70. JessZ says:

    Those Candy Cane Mini Donuts and Easy Slice’n’bake Vanilla Bean Christmas Sugar Cookies with Whipped Buttercream look so good! Thanks for the ideas! 🙂

  71. Judi B in VA says:

    Love the laminated cut paper necklace!!!

  72. ybat says:

    I really like that folding cutting mat.

  73. Karen in IN says:

    Those slice & bake vanilla bean cookies sound wonderful!

  74. Michaela in TX says:

    That cape!!

  75. Michaela in TX says:

    What an awesome cape!

  76. Kathy E. says:

    I love making and receiving hand-made gifts. It’s such a personal gesture. I would really enjoy #2, the Olfa folding cutting mat.

  77. Harley Rast Williams says:

    That cape scarf and those bias bracelets are so cute!

    Harley in AL

  78. Rachel B says:

    I like that we are throwing in a little bit of leather.

  79. Miranda Rosa says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. Cary says:

    I am so excited for this year’s handmade holiday series! I’ve been looking forward to it. The bags featured are great!

  81. Cassie in MO says:

    The arm warmers are so cute. Perfect gift for those sometimes difficult to buy for teenage kids.

  82. Kristin says:

    The cookies look yummy!

  83. karen in CA USA says:

    Mmmm…donuts! I like that Cape scarf!

  84. Jennifer W in SC says:

    My daughter will love the colorful arm warmers… what a neat idea 🙂

  85. Annie says:

    So excited Handmade Holidays has started! The cookies and doughnuts got me on this post. 🙂

  86. Laurie in WA says:

    Great ideas – I love the purse in the curator’s photo!

  87. stefanie in MN says:

    Have mini doughnut pan. Need to find candy canes. Let the Christmas baking commence…

  88. Sarah in NC says:

    I love that cape. Thanks for the chance to win!

  89. Angie says:

    Love the cape scarf, the fabric earrings and the arm warmers – this is making my gift list very easy already!

  90. Rachel in CO says:

    Thanks for gathering all these neat ideas!

  91. Mandi in MO says:

    I love the laminated paper necklaces. What a great idea!

  92. fenna says:

    yum! Those donuts!

  93. Stephanie in FL says:

    Lots of great inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. Kate F says:

    Thanks for including a project appropriate for gifting to men!

  95. Kristie in WA says:

    Those upcycled arm warmers look like so much fun!

  96. What a fun list!

  97. L says:

    The Improv Handbook is on my Christmas list!

  98. Kristin H says:

    Oooh, those candycane doughnuts look delcious!

  99. Elizabeth says:

    I love the cape scarf!

  100. Cindi in GA says:

    I love the Cape Scarf…perfect for the cool nights in Georgia.

  101. All those goodies, so yummy.

  102. Tonia Jeffery in Oregon says:

    The candy cane donuts look so yummy!

  103. The patchwork scarf is absolutely gorgeous, and something that I definitely want to try!

  104. Janelle Thietje-Dunn says:

    That cape scarf is stunning. I sure would love that improv quilting book too!

  105. Cinnamom in MN says:

    Vanilla bean sugar cookies, peppermint donuts, forget sewing, i just want to bake!

  106. The pincushion book is so wonderful!

  107. Jayne TN says:

    I love the pin cushions! So super cute!

  108. diane b says:

    The arm warmers are just too cool and the tutorial is picture perfect no fail:)
    Perfect gift for all of us w/carpal tunnel or arthritis…keep those joints warm while stitchin’

    Diane in VA

  109. Renea at Iowa says:

    Thanks for all the great gift ideas and for the giveaways.

  110. Jodie in NJ says:

    Love this type of project!

  111. Shawna from NJ says:

    My daughter saw the arm warmers from over my shoulder and begged me to make her some.

  112. Delia in VA says:

    I love the scarves! Sadly the sewing list for me keeps on growing! ????

  113. Beth says:

    Great ideas. Thanks!

  114. Joan says:

    I need to make a cape scarf!

  115. Gillian says:

    I look forward to Handmade Holidays every year! Great ideas and I like the folding cutting mat too.

  116. Veronica R K says:

    I love the fabric earrings and the indigo scarf! Thank you!

  117. Garilyn in OH says:

    Thanks for the neat ideas! Love the indigo scarf.

  118. Julie From Utah says:

    I sadly live on sugar during the holidays, haha! Those cookies and donuts are going on my list.

  119. Judith says:

    I love the headband wrap, and I’ll be making a couple this weekend. (p.s., the link is broken).

  120. Robin in Maryland says:

    I love Handmade Holidays 🙂

  121. Heidi in SD says:

    Great ideas! Love the headwraps…

  122. Sue says:

    Wow! I am new to this wonderful collection of holiday gift patterns and ideas! Wish I had known about it last year! Soooooo many great idea!!
    Thank you!

  123. Cristine in tx says:

    I like that some of these look fairly easy to make in bulk for groups of friends.

  124. Lisa says:

    I never would have thought of sewing a scarf! Brilliant!

  125. Maggie in MN says:

    Neat ideas today!

  126. Lovi in MI says:

    The cape scarf looks so nice and cozy!

  127. Susanne in MI says:

    Great ideas! Would love to win!

  128. Beth T. in OR says:

    The Cape Scarf is lovely. I plan to make two–one as a gift, and one as a gift for myself. Thanks for the inspiration as the holidays draw near.

  129. Amanda in TX says:

    Love the bias bracelets! Might have to make some for my sisters 🙂

  130. DebbieKL in NY says:

    Love the arm warmers – and I just threw out some girls tights. Boo!

  131. What great ideas! I particularly love the Cape Scarf and the Laminated Paper Necklaces.

  132. Camille says:

    I love all today’s ideas! The two purses are so great, especially the smashed leather tote! I’m going to have to make it! I also really like the laminated paper necklaces! Thanks for doing this every year, it’s really great!

  133. Nicole in IN says:

    I’m loving the cape scarf!!

  134. Patty in MN says:

    LUV the cape scarf idea. Can think of several giftees for this one. Also will take a look at the bracelets. Thanks for your inspiration.

  135. Chris Jones says:

    This is my first Handmade Holidays experience – thanks to everyone for sharing their creative ideas!

  136. Pam says:

    I love these ideas, especially the Cape Scarf. Thanks!

  137. Katie in GA says:

    Ooh, I didn’t even know they made folding cutting mats! Nifty. 🙂

  138. Sarah J. in OH says:

    Love these ideas! Candy cane donuts would also be a hit in my house 🙂

  139. Courtney says:

    I’m so glad your holiday round ups are back, they just get better every year! Love all the recipes and printables almost as much as the tutorials too. The cape and the smashed fabric pouch are going on my list. Thank you

  140. Judy Sigsworth says:

    I LOVE your Handmade Holidays! I’ve been waiting patiently all year for its return. You have the best things….something for everyone on my list. Thanks to you and your sponsors. Judy in NH.

  141. Toni says:

    In love with the Cape Scarf. I like the grey windowpane but want to see if I can find wool.

  142. Terri says:

    awesome tutorials today : )

  143. Lee in MI says:

    I love the idea of the cape scarf! I am going to go over the that blog and check it out! thanks!

  144. Maggie Dungan says:

    Maggie in KY says make me a winner!!!

  145. Eleanor in NC says:

    Ooh, what cute arm warmers!

  146. kathyh in OR says:

    Several great ideas for gift-giving!

  147. Erin says:

    Beautiful collection!

  148. Patti McGarry in PA says:

    Great links to some great makes!

  149. Sharon in Oregon says:

    Would love any of these.

  150. Lisa D from CO says:

    Love the cape scarf! I will be making one for a friend (and one for me)!!

  151. Dawn from Indiana says:

    I love the Cape Scarf.

  152. Jen in OR says:

    Folding cutting mats!!! Where have I been!

  153. Becky says:

    Definitely making the scarf cape. For me … And someone else. Perfect for the cool winter mornings in Florida.

  154. Carrie says:

    Love the cape scarf! Thanks!

  155. jessica says:

    The arm warmer out of tights is GENIUS!

  156. Mary H in CO says:

    The cape scarf is beautiful!

  157. Julie says:

    I love the arm warmers… how cute for my nieces!!!

    I’d love the Olfa mat! Perfect for retreats. 🙂

  158. Alys says:

    Some fun items in this listing!

  159. elise in GA says:

    That pincushion book is super cute!

  160. Whitney in Maine says:

    Those Candy Cane Mini Donuts look Yummy! Adding that recipe to my list of makes this Holiday season.

  161. Jill in IL says:

    The paper necklaces are gorgeous!

  162. Anne Marie says:

    Wow these are all great ideas – thanks for sharing.

  163. Oooopa I hoped I posted in this right place, but I don’t think I did.

    Well in case I did I’m Madge from WA

  164. This is my first time following SewMamaSew’s Handmade Holidays.
    I am hooked! My “to do” list Is getting quite long already and it’s only day 2.
    I can honestly say that for the first time ever I remembered to check out today’s post.(I have a horrible memory)
    Thanks for all the great ideas. ….so far.
    All the opportunity to win such great prizes

  165. Johanna Rhoades in CO says:

    What a great giveaway, thanks!

  166. Shona in FL says:

    Handbook for modern quilters – it’s a new way I am leaning in my sewing these days. Bright modern interesting quilts.

  167. Anya says:

    My daughter would love a pair of those arm warmers!

  168. Mary Ann in SC says:

    I want some of the fabric wrapped earrings for myself!

  169. Amy in MN says:

    Those armwarmers are so cute!

  170. Ginger in NJ says:

    Those arm warmers are SO cute! Perfect for office mates because our offices are ALWAYS cold!

  171. Vicki says:

    Love, love, love these daily tutorials

  172. Scarlette Harper says:

    Wonderful ideas, I especially like the cape scarf! Thank you so much.
    Scarlette Harper, Texas

  173. Fran in PA says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these with us! I LOVE that fold-able cutting mat, it may have to go on my Christmas wishlist!

  174. Esther G says:

    I was just thinking about making a head wrap for my daughter! (But I think the link is broken. I had to google for the tutorial).

  175. Kerry in WA says:

    These are cute! My daughter would love the arm warmers.

  176. Liza Ahern says:

    Wow love the bias bracelets that is such a great project!

  177. Gigi says:

    Can’t wait to make some of the capes to donate to our favorite rehab hospital, St Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute 🙂 Gigi from Wa

  178. Kathy h says:

    Great to see some cute ideas to get ready for the holidays. I hope to get a few things made early this year.

  179. jenny in IN says:

    Im so grateful for all these great ideas early enough to be realistically made for Christmas!!!

  180. mickie- WA says:

    Those laminated necklaces and the cape/scarf are spectacular!! Thanks for curating such a great list! (And if I win the raffle, I’d love to get the cutting mat, or the improv quilting book)

  181. Sandy Ross says:

    I think those bracelets would be fun girlfriend gifts.

  182. Laura in Oh says:

    I absolutely love the arm warmers. I have a kid that refuses to wear long sleeves and mittens on cold days. Those might actually work.

  183. Kate in MO says:

    Those mini doughnuts look delicious!

  184. Stacy S. says:

    I really like the fabric and leather pouch- great gift idea!

  185. Ginger in MD says:

    My sister asked me to make her some earrings for Christmas, so the fabric earring project is really good timing. I love the cape scarf too–that might be a gift I make for myself.

  186. Rachel says:

    This is seriously my favorite time of year, and for the last several I have absolutely LOVED browsing your handmade holidays ideas. Seriously, this stuff rocks!

  187. oo! Pin Cushions!

  188. Jenn R (FPO) says:

    Hello headbands! Looking forward to making a couple!

  189. Karen A says:

    My daughters would like the headband wraps. Adding it to my list!

  190. Rochelle says:

    I’m planning on making those bracelets for a teenage granddaughter. NV

  191. Tina in NJ says:

    I like the cape scarf. Might be a bit sophisticated for my T shirt and jeans style, though.

  192. Jennifer in CA says:

    Love the bracelets and the laminated paper cut necklaces. As always, thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas.

  193. Laura in MD says:

    Some great ideas! Thanks for the giveaway!

  194. Amy in IL says:

    Mmmmm! Donuts. So fun.

  195. SS in NH says:

    I love the star zipper pulls on these Smashed Fabric + Leather Pouches

  196. Ashley in IL says:

    Love all the holiday inspiration!

  197. Becca in IN says:

    Love the bias bracelets! What a fun and fast project. I think the quilting book looks fascinating.

  198. Ana says:

    I meant cutting *mat*, of course! I won’t be chopping onions on it. 😛

  199. Ana says:

    Another day of great ideas! And that folding cutting board would be brilliant for this Canuck. 🙂

  200. Eve in NY says:

    I’m new to reading your blog and finding so much inspiration!

  201. cecile says:

    Great ideas. I love November here !

  202. Nupur in GA says:

    Ooh that cape scarf looks so cozy! I’ll have to make one for myself.

  203. jessicac says:

    I adore Elsa Moras work. And the cape scarf looks so cozy and easy!

  204. Rebecca Kuck says:

    Very interesting crafts today! Nice!

  205. Jessie Hansen says:

    Those are some fun accessories but what impresses me most is the folding cutting mat. I didn’t know they existed! Where have I been?!

  206. LaRue Cook says:

    Some really great stuff in this list. Thanks!

  207. Ashlyn in Colorado says:

    I have always been intimidated to sew with leather but these gifts look so cute it’s worth a try! Love it!

  208. Barb B in Canada says:

    Slice and bake cookies! those need to go in my freezer now!

  209. Mrs. C from TN says:

    Love those leather pouches!

  210. christina in vt says:

    Mhmmm, mini donuts!

  211. Pat Upton says:

    Love the patchwork indigo scarf and I have to try the laminated paper necklace! Too cool!

  212. jen c in CA says:

    These are some good ideas to think about. Thanks!

  213. Natalie in Ohio says:

    Such fun tutorials! And I simply LOVE the cutting mat! 🙂

  214. Bobby Powell says:

    My daughter will love making those bracelets and that folding cutting mat, amazing!

  215. marilyn in WA says:

    great ideas!

  216. Susan says:

    I love ro make pin cushions. Thanks for another great post.
    Susan from Wisconsin

  217. Beth in VA says:

    That indigo scarf is lovely! Great collection!

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