Handmade Holidays Nov. 29: Foxy Christmas

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Foxes are the new “it” animal… They’re everywhere! Add a little extra foxy to your holidays with this fun and unique round-up from Michelle at That Black Chic.

Edit: Looking for the fox ornament? We goofed and didn’t realize it was a pattern you needed to pay to use. Our Handmade Holidays series only includes free tutorials, patterns, recipes and printables. Just in case you still want that cute little fox you can find the link here, but we’re no longer including him in our official round-up.

Today’s Guest Curator: Michelle from That Black Chic

From Michelle: Hello, Peeps! My name is Michelle and I have a little blog by the name of That Black Chic. My main focus on the blog is to bring about world peace through sewing one stitch at a time! Now, I bet that got your attention. Let me start over. My name really is Michelle and what you can expect to find on my blog is my sewing and DIY adventures. I’m a little offbeat and so are my fashions, but it all makes my day go by faster. Sharing, sewing and showing is what I do. Oh, and before you visit and ask… No, that is not me modeling the clothes on my blog– it’s my daughter, Mori. (I’m going to get a few t-shirts made with that slogan on it!) Have a Happy holiday, and happy sewing!

Make It

Fox Sweater
Cassie Stephens is the world’s best dressed art teacher EVER! Whose kid can say “Mom, I ate peanut butter and jelly for lunch and, oh yeah, Mrs. Stephens was dressed like Mary Poppins today!” She recreates masterful pieces of art on her clothes through various mediums, and felting seems to be one of her favorite ways to create magic. Here she has tackled a fabulous fox… She has a fox on her shoulders and she shares How to Felt a Fox. Now say that three times fast!

Foxy Boxers
Why not make your Fox a pair of Foxy Boxers? Susan from Measure Twice Cut Once Patterns designed this free pattern and tutorial, and Natalie sewed the pictured fox version. We think that this is a quick easy gift that can be made in time for the holiday. You will need to order your fabric– like now– but we totally think it can be done!

Fox Notebook Cover
Fox Notebook Cover
Need a personalized notebook or journal? Katie over at Punk Projects put a fox on it! She guides you step by step, showing you how to create this cool cover up for your note book, journal or maybe even a sketch pad. Who knows?– The things you cover with a fox are endless.

Fox with Antlers
How cute is this Fox with Antlers? April of Modern Handmade (for Imagine Gnats) shows us how to create this little dude. We love the herringbone rust fabric she used for her fox, but you can use any print you want for this project.

Golden Fox Pillow
Michelle thinks everybody needs a little gold in their lives! Why not give them a Golden Fox Pillow? This tutorial from Michelle at That Black Chic comes with a free download for the fox template. The pillow is a great project for a beginner and, guess what?– Your fox doesn’t have to be gold; you can choose any color or print you want for this project.

Stamped Fox Scarf
Joselyn over at Think Crafts was more than happy to be a part of Michelle’s “Foxy Gifts” post. Have you ever tried stamping or made your own stamp? Think Crafts contributor Michelle created this Fox Hand Stamp and used it to personalize this scarf with all these little fox faces! If you’re feeling really crafty you can make your own scarf with a little fabric and some trim.

Foxy iPad/Kindle Sleeve
So you’re looking for a gift for that person who has everything, and you just can’t figure out what to get them? Well Mimi over at Eskimimi Makes has the solution to your problem because there is no way they have one of these… Unless somehow you lucked up on this post and already made them one: a Foxy iPad/Kindle Sleeve. (You can even step it up a notch and use faux fur?! We’re just thinking here.)

Clay Fox Coasters
Who wouldn’t want a customized set of Fox Coasters made by one of their loved ones? Blitsy Craft contributor Katie rolls out the clay and shows you how to make these coasters! Mix up your crafting schedule a bit with the addition of this clay project.

Fox Coin Purse
Got coins? Chelsea over at GYCT Designs has the cutest Fox Coin Purse solution for your money. The best part about this project is you probably will not have to purchase anything if you’re a sewist; this is a project begging for your fabric scraps. You will need a Craftsy.com login to get the free pattern and tutorial. This is a great gift for kids.

Foxy Dad’s Travel Bag
This is the gift that keeps on giving, or at least it gives you additional travel storage! The foxes on the inside are so unexpected and it also sends a little message to that special guy. Melissa of Polkadot Chair provides you with the pattern, and shares a few tips and tricks for making this Foxy Dad’s Travel Bag.

Mix It

Fox Cookies
Bridget shows us how to decorate heart shaped cookies into Fox Cookies. She also has a host of additional cookie recipes on her Bake at 350 site.

Print It

Arctic Animal Paper Fans
Mr. Printables comes through with another free and fun project to channel busy kid energy through the winter season! Size these Arctic Animals down for ornaments or gift toppers, or make a festive, winter garland.

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Check out our 2014 Handmade Holidays list for more fun, creative ideas.

Here are 2015 gift ideas:

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140 Responses to Handmade Holidays Nov. 29: Foxy Christmas

  1. Aimee in IN says:

    Everything here is being pinned–I love foxes.

  2. Laurie in CO says:

    I love the foxy theme. Just ordered some cute Christmas fox fabric to make my son’s Christmas stocking.

  3. Alexis in UT says:

    The fox with antlers is too too cute.

  4. Elena from CA says:

    Oh my goodness! That notebook cover is adorable!

  5. Brenda in NE says:

    Cute ideas, but my fave is the fox cookie!!

  6. Christine in CA says:

    The fox pillow is great…I have the perfect recipient for that one!

  7. Amanda in TX says:

    CUTE!! Love the fox with antlers! And those cookies!!! 🙂

  8. Sandra in MI says:

    I love everything foxy–my favorite here is the fox with antlers.

  9. cassie says:

    LOVE this foxy post 🙂 Thank you for including me!

  10. I am soooo in love with those antlered foxes!
    Happy crafting
    (I’m off to make myself a fox)

  11. Jodie in nj says:

    Adorable iPad sleeve!

  12. Michelle Smith in Michigan says:

    I love the foxy dads travel bag

  13. Kati M says:

    Love the fox fabric on the boxers.

  14. Ramona from MI says:

    I love foxes and there are so many cute ideas here!

  15. whitner in AL says:

    fox in sox…

  16. Maxine says:

    Where did the link to the fox ornament go? It seems to have gone missing.

  17. Kate in MO says:

    So cute!

  18. Patty says:

    Love the fox ornament.

  19. Claire Ross says:

    The fox sweater is so cute!

  20. Judy in NY says:

    The fox scarf is amazing!

  21. Cristine in tx says:

    These are all so cute! I can’t decide which is my favorite.

  22. Heather in WA says:

    I love the gleam of the gold fox pillow!

  23. Ali from Cali says:

    Foxy lady! Love ’em. Thanks for the chance.

  24. Heidi Anderson in Wa says:

    I heart foxes! What a great round up. Loving the coin purse.

  25. Sandy Ross in WA says:

    That ornament is so cute!

  26. Angela says:

    Love the fox ornament, but just wondering if we have to pay to download it.

  27. Cydnee in ID says:

    I really want to win all points patchwork. Of course i’d be thrilled to win anything. Great sponsors!

  28. Irene Smith-Vos says:

    Thank you for these ideas! Also, I have found some awesome blogs to follow from these daily emails

  29. Sandy in Ohio says:

    Cutest ideas yet!

  30. Janelle Thietje-Dunn says:

    What?! Foxes with antlers??? It’s like the updated version of a Jack-a-lope! Cute, cute, cute.

  31. Jenni says:

    Super cute foxes!!!

  32. kathyh in OR says:

    Those fox ornaments are calling .

  33. Megan in VA says:

    Eeeee!!! All those little foxes!!!

  34. Anwen in Canada says:

    Love all the foxes — I would love to win Stylish Skirts: 23 Simple Designs to Flatter Every Figure!

  35. Niechelle Wade says:

    I love these!!

  36. Deidre in Canada! says:

    Love the Stamped Fox Scarf — my daughter would love it…but so many good ideas it might have to wait for her birthday!

  37. Marian from Georgia says:


  38. Cary in VA says:

    These projects are all great! The are all so cute, and the hidden foxes in the men’s travel bag is great!

  39. Shannon in CO says:

    I love the fox pillow and ornament!

  40. karen in CA USA says:

    Somehow I didn’t realize foxes were so fashionable until today.

  41. jayne TN says:

    I have never seen so many cute foxey foxes all in one place!

  42. sarah o says:

    lol @foxy boxers. So cute!

  43. Marilyn says:

    Love the foxy ornament

  44. Ashlyn in Colorado says:

    The fox ornament is too cute!

  45. Sonya M says:

    The foxes are all so cute!

  46. Elizabeth in IL says:

    Aah, that felted fox! Such a cute idea!

  47. Annie in CA says:

    Love it! Foxes are definitely the new owls. 🙂

  48. Amanda B. says:

    It is fun to be foxy! Love these ideas.

  49. Michelle says:

    You know Joanna it is possible to have them all. I mean it may take you some time to get through the list but if you need help I’m here for you! I’ll be your cheerleader over here in PA!

  50. Michelle says:

    You’re right Brenda, I found this fox print that I want to use but I keep saying no Michelle you don’t even have a plan for it. But I know myself and I will break down and buy this fabric, it’s only a matter of time and when this breakdown occurs I’m thinking I’ll make a shirt out of said fabric.

  51. Michelle says:

    Lame…yucky! Pretty to look at but I wouldn’t touch it. I used faux metallic leather and a walking foot, EASY BREEZY!

  52. freda says:

    always loved foxes!

  53. Michelle says:

    Robin you are my most favoritest com-mentor EVER! Well besides Rachel B, and Sarah…….OK so let me rephrase that you are on my top 10 list for sure! I thank you and the foxes thank you!

  54. Michelle says:

    Rachel B ……YOU ROCK! It’s OK if you’re not into foxes, that fact that you recognize greatest such a awesome thing! Happy Holidays!!

  55. Michelle says:

    Thanks Sarah and I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say, that the GOLDEN FOX is probably your favorite ,,,right? Just kidding glad you like the list and I hope you make something foxy.

  56. Michelle says:

    You’re welcome Jamie, I think I’m going to give this a try, between this and the stamped wrapping paper that was featured here on the site I am rearing to stamp something!

  57. Michelle says:

    ahhhh Nancy I beat you to it, his name is Felix and he’s a charmer!

  58. Michelle says:

    I say do it and let us know!

  59. shannon WA says:

    that fox sweater is wonderful!

  60. Love this list! Such a fun theme!

  61. Judi B in VA says:

    SO MANY CLEVER IDEAS! Love the foxy felted sweater the best! The paper fans are pretty sweet too and would make great stocking stuffers.

  62. FRe2bfree says:

    Foxes are one of my favorite animals. I quite like the Golden Fox Pillow and the Felt Fox Ornament. I probably would make the pillow in something other than gold – maybe something with texture…

  63. Robin E. in AZ says:

    Many, many Christmases ago, I made a week’s worth of knit boxers for my hubby, and they were his favorite undies until they wore out. Hmmm, I need to do that again.

  64. Susan_in_LA says:

    I love the notebook cover. I didn’t realize foxes were the new “it” animal.

  65. Cindy S. in Michigan says:

    Need to make the stuffed fox with antlers today! My grandson will love it! Thanks for hosting the giveaway and thanks to the generous sponsors!

  66. Jenna in MA says:

    Are foxes the new owls? I love all of these!

  67. KL in VA says:

    The notebook covers would be great for my nieces!

  68. Margo in WA says:

    Love the foxy ornament!!

  69. Heather in CA says:

    Really cute! My daughter wants me to make her the ornament and notebook.

  70. Chiska in WY says:

    Super cool foxes!

  71. Emily in AL says:

    Love all the fox stuff!! So cute!

  72. Joanna in NY says:

    Wow! love them all very cute! I want to make them all!

  73. Beth in VA says:

    Foxy Boxers – that is just great!

  74. I love the foxy boxers!

  75. Mary Ann in SC says:

    Love all the foxes!

  76. Jenn R (FPO/US) says:

    I love this theme!

  77. Charlotte in Ga says:

    Love the foxy gifts! So cute!!

  78. So many cute ideas for a fox lover!! I have never seen the machine foot book…great idea and looks like a terrific resource book.

  79. Joan says:

    I wonder if the men in my family would think I was crazy if I made them all a pair of boxers.

  80. Brenda in Washington says:

    gotta love those foxy boxers! there are some really adorable foxy fabrics these days.

  81. Nancy V. says:

    *make the ornament.

  82. Nancy V. says:

    I like all the cute foxy ideas. I want to name the ornament.

  83. Tonia Jeffery in Oregon says:

    The fox cookies are so cute!

  84. Lisa in CA says:

    I think I might need to investigate that book on sewing machine feet. I’ve been sewing for, what, over 40 years, and I haven’t bothered to do much more than straight & zigzag…

  85. Okay, these are all adorable. I especially like the felted fox stole – the only kind of ‘fur’ I’d wear! So cute.

  86. Julie From Utah says:

    I have a friend who would love a fox stamped scarf. Thanks for the roundup!

  87. Dawn Jones from Indiana says:

    The Fox Scarf is very cute.

  88. Linda Fleming says:

    Love all the ideas and the sewing books.
    The fox cookies look too good to eat!

  89. Delia in VA says:

    I love the fox printed scarf. I don’t know if I will do the fox design, but her tutorial is amazing! I am going to hand stamp some napkins for gifts.

  90. Jamie says:

    Oh my! That hand stamped fox scarf is awesome! The tutorial is really easy to understand. Thanks, Michelle!

  91. Mandi in CO says:

    Boxers, gold pillow, scarf — yes, yes, yes!

  92. Dawn from ID says:

    Love the foxy theme! Think my favorite is the cute little fox ornament.

  93. Renea at Iowa says:

    Those foxy boxers are sew cute. Thanks for the great giveaways.

  94. Amy in IL says:

    Love foxes. So cute, might have to try an ornament.

  95. Angie in LA says:

    Yay foxes! And the article animal printable is awesome too.

  96. Cindy Pilkington says:

    What fun! Soooo many cute foxy ideas and projects!

  97. Crystal Rose in MN says:

    Foxes are awesome!

  98. Rita Montgomery says:

    I love the fox prints and have made several zipper pouches with it. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.
    Rita in CA

  99. Tammy in MI says:

    Love the fox ornament!

  100. sarah in pa says:

    I think that might just be the most amazingly cute list of handmade things in the universe.

  101. So many foxes! I can’t decide what I like best!

  102. Deanna says:

    I’ll modify that fox ornament to decorate a stocking.

  103. Rachel B says:

    Love the curator’s energy and vibe. Not into foxes and don’t know anyone who is but they sure are all over the craft world. Golden fox pillow really cool.

  104. Lynda korn in CA says:

    I love the foxy coin purses. My grandchildren will love to receive one.

  105. Eleanor in NC says:

    So cute – I love foxes!

  106. Robin in Maryland says:

    This is my favorite roundup of the month. I love all the foxes!

  107. Nikkee in wa says:

    Awe foxes are so cute 🙂

  108. Terri in NJ says:

    I think today is the best so far!!! Love it!!!

  109. Minn says:

    I love that foxes are the “it” animal! Perfect for fall and winter too!

  110. Tina in Montana says:

    Love the foxes with antlers. So cute!

  111. Sarah J. in OH says:

    I love the fox ornament and coin purse– so cute!!

  112. Claudia says:

    This has been the best Christmas count down assortment so far. love the Fox ornament and foxy boxers. I once made my hubby some snooty cat boxers. Meow! As he exclaimed to his fellow fire fighters in the changing room one day.

  113. Carrie in NY says:

    LOVE everything but especially the iPad cover and ornament! (And foxes with antlers – see? Everything!)

  114. Cutest cookies ever–foxes!

  115. Elise in GA says:


  116. Amber in CA says:

    I love the Foxy Boxers! I hope my husband loves them too because he’s going to be a fox in them!

  117. Jessie Hansen in NM says:

    I’ve never heard the fox song but I will admit, they are stinking cute.

  118. Judith Martinez says:

    So many foxy wonderful ideas! I know my 17 year old would really like the notebook.

  119. jessicac says:

    Foxy boxers!!

  120. Lee in MI says:

    My daughter loves foxes! Thank you for this great round up of ideas!

  121. Anna (64ColorBox) in FL says:

    Those cookies are adorable.

  122. What an awesome list! I am obsessed with that fox on the shoulders sweater!

  123. JMJ in the USA says:

    who can resist the Foxy Boxers for the men in their life!!!!!

  124. I love these ideas! I love foxes!! I have bookmarked almost all of these. Thank you so much!!
    -Jennifer from WI

  125. Nupur in GA says:

    Ooh that foxy notebook cover is so darling!

  126. Anne Marie says:

    Such cute foxy ideas – thanks for sharing them with us.

  127. Lydia in WA says:

    The fox ornament and the foxy Dad’s travel bag are my favorites. Wish my guy wore boxers, but he doesn’t.

  128. PG in US zip 09777 says:

    Love the paper fans.

  129. Heidi in SD says:

    Great ideas!

  130. Amber says:

    These are all great ideas!

  131. Jennifer in CA says:

    So much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  132. Erin says:

    Foxes are my sons favorite animal, he’d love some of these

  133. Scottye P. In TX says:

    Cute foxes! I love the fox with antlers.

  134. Laura in Oh says:

    Golden fox pillow is great! I tried sewing with gold lame once and swore I would never use it again. The gold on the pillow looks easier to work with.

  135. Allison Tom says:

    Love all the foxy ideas. Best set of ideas! I’m in the US & Canada (gifted & clever, two places at once!)

  136. Ashley in IL says:

    Loving all the fox inspiration! Thanks!

  137. Heather in VA says:

    Everything is so pretty!

  138. SS in NH says:

    The fox ornament is cute!

  139. Kathy h in Pa. says:

    I love all the fox things to make.

  140. Amanda at APO says:

    That ornament is so cute. And then I saw the coin purse which is even cuter. I’m curious about those boxers too. Fun ideas!

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