Pretty Panda Snap Purse Tutorial from A Spoonful of Sugar

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Update: The templates are updated in the PDF! Sorry for the oversight…

Lisa Cox has a new zakka-inspired book full of sweet and easy projects! A Spoonful of Sugar: Sew 20 Simple Projects to Sweeten Your Surroundings Zakka Style is a nice way to fill the summer months with handwork, with most projects easy to complete in one sewing session.

From the publisher:

    Treat yourself to 20 sweet and original craft projects! If you love crafting but find yourself short on time, all you need is A Spoonful of Sugar!

    Lisa Cox, the talented designer behind A Spoonful of Sugar Designs, offers twenty fun yet functional projects to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, craft room and playroom or to give as one-of-a kind gifts. Most of these projects can be made in an afternoon– whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate crafter!

    Make a few Crisscross Coasters to spice up your table top, a Pretty Patchwork Jewelry Wrap to protect your favorite jewelry pieces, or a Nautical Treasure Bag for the little one in your life. These whimsical and practical sewing projects incorporate a number of techniques for embellishment, including patchwork, raw-edge applique, crochet, chicken scratch embroidery and sashiko, so you can put your own unique and modern twist on whatever project you choose!

    A Spoonful of Sugar allows you to appreciate the calming process of handwork, see your project develop and enjoy the satisfaction of making something yourself.

Projects range from items for kids to kitchen, bedroom and craft room extras like the Sweet Dreams Pillowcase, Fabric Gift Baskets and more. Most of the projects would be perfect for gift giving all year long.

Lisa and her publisher are generously offering up a free PDF excerpt from A Spoonful of Sugar. Just download the PDF tutorial for all the instructions you’ll need to make this Pretty Panda Snap Purse! As Lisa writes in the book, pandas are “universally popular,” and kids will love this darling little pouch. With a two-star difficulty rating this is an easy project for you to sew, and a nice introduction to flex frames too. Take a closer look at A Spoonful of Sugar: Sew 20 Simple Projects to Sweeten Your Surroundings Zakka Style today!

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12 Responses to Pretty Panda Snap Purse Tutorial from A Spoonful of Sugar

  1. Melanie C says:

    Thank you for sharing this adorable purse!

  2. Rosie says:

    This looks great, but all the links are only giving me the photo of the purse. None give the pdf :-(.

    • Beth says:

      The link takes you to the PDF but the first page of the PDF file is a full image of the purse. When you decide to print it you can just print the instruction and template pages, if you’d like.

  3. Dee says:

    Bought the book and am excited to check it out!
    The Panda is so cute

  4. Lesley says:

    Link for purse not opening?

    • Beth says:

      Let me know if the link is working for you, Lesley. If not we can problem solve! –Beth

  5. Dana says:

    Very cute! What little girl wouldn’t love to have one of those? Thank you.

  6. JD says:

    This is adorable – the tutorial doesn’t include a pattern, though?

    • Beth says:

      Oops! The file is updated! Sorry about the missing piece there, JD. –Beth

      • JD says:

        THANK YOU so very much!

  7. Gail Mitchell says:

    Thanks so much. Sweet project. Is the template included?

    • Beth says:

      Yes! It is now… 🙂 Sorry for the delay. Have fun, Gail. –Beth

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