Natalie Santini of Hungry Hippie Sews started sewing in 2009 when she moved to England and her world has never been the same. She is back in the USA now, in the glorious cheese capitol of Wisconsin. She works during the day as an RN, but her “real job” is making sewing and quilting patterns intended for the confident beginner. She lists tutorials on her blog for all sewing levels, and shares her sewing mishaps too – because nobody’s perfect right?! Sewing and quilting are her passions and keep her happy and mostly sane (though her husband would beg to differ.) She enjoys lots of color everywhere and in her neighborhood they’re known as “the people with the pink fridge”. You can see my awesome fridge on IG @sewhungryhippie or pOp over to her blog. It’s SO fun meeting other Makers, so if it’s not possible to meet in person then drop her a note and have a virtual cup-o-joe. OH–and why hungryhippie? Because she’s an Earth-loving, tree-hugging, recycle-everything-known-to-WoMan, anti-styrofoam, always-hungry Mama.