String-Piecing Method


Imagine a rectangular piece or strip, and then imagine a row of them, stitched together to create a wider piece of fabric. To avoid confusing the pieces, which can look alike, always stitch your pieces together from left to right. Rather than press each seam as you stitch, sew all the pieces together first, then press all the seams at the same time.  
1. Arrange the pieces in the "Ready-Set-Sew" position. (Link opens in new window.) Place a pin in the left-hand piece, with the point facing "north." This is your Compass Pin (Figure a).

fig. a

2. With right sides together, stitch A to B (Figure b), then stitch B to C (Figure c), then C to D, and so on, until you've stitched together all the panels or strips. Press all the seams to one side or as indicated in the project instructions (Figure d).  

fig. b


fig. c


fig. d