Well, here it is–the first installment of SMS Sewing Tips! 

There have been a lot of tips on my mind lately, but this first one is fresh because I used it just yesterday.  I am a former educator, so I still find myself thinking a lot about how people learn and process information.  If you have a hard time with sewing patterns, it might be a matter of your learning style and not just lack or skill or experience.  Most patterns are really written for people who learn best by reading the written word.  That’s not all of us–some learn best by doing, some by seeing pictures or other visual images, and some of us need to hear something said. (Of course we’re all a little of everything, but many people have a way they learn best.)

I am an auditory learner (just tell me how!)  When I get stuck on a particular procedure on a sewing pattern, I read the step out loud.  Sometimes just hearing myself allows things to click. If I still don’t get it, I call my mom and read it to her and have her tell me what it means.  Really, I do.  This usually works (and not just because my mom knows so much more about sewing–although she does.)