We now present (Ta da!) a continuation of easy links to Readers’ Favorite Sewing Tutorials! Did you miss the first installment? Check here and then come right back because today you’ll be inspired to make a bag (or two or three) and you might just learn something new with these projects focused on sewing techniques and quilting. Let us know if you have other favorites to include!

Tote Bag
Mariko Tote Bag
Mariko at Super Eggplant has a popular Tote Bag tutorial with very easy instructions and photos.

Patchwork Bag
Patchwork Bag
Autum from Creative Little Daisy was inspired to create a Patchwork Bag from a bag she found in a Japanese craft book, Machine Made Patchworks. She looked at the photos, made some adaptations and then shared her process with all of us!

Tiny Happy Shoulder Bag
Tiny Happy Bag
The Tiny Happy Shoulder Bag tutorial comes to you from New Zealand (and Melissa at Tiny Happy!). It’s not really all that tiny but the bag will certainly make you happy!

Drawstring Bag
Drawstring Bag
Amy from Happythings wanted to make a Drawstring Bag and had a hard time getting it right at first. After finally asking her mother for some guidance, she figured it out and kindly passed her techniques on with this handy tutorial.

Mama Backpack
Mama Backpack
The Happythings Mama Backpack builds on the techniques in Amy’s Happythings drawstring bag tutorial. The full creative process is listed on Amy’s site with lots of pictures and guidance.

Mitered Corners
Mitered Corners
Autum from Creative Little Daisy luckily shared the results of her trials and errors (looks pretty good to us!) with this tutorial on Mitered Corners in a mitered pillow.

Wonky Letters
Wonky Letters
Tonya has an extensive, step-by-step database of tutorials for her “Wonky” Quilting Letters on the Quiltville Custom Quilting site. Her Lazy Gal Quilting site is also full of lots of her other inspirational projects!

Wonky Houses
Wonky Houses
Tonya has several amazing examples of her wonky houses in quilts she’s created and a handy tutorial so you can make one of your own. Her Wonky House tutorial is on the Quiltville Custom Quilting site, and her Lazy Gal Quilting site is also full of lots of other inspirational projects!

Continuous Quilt Binding Tutorial
Continuous Quilt Binding
Once again Heather Bailey of HELLOmynameisHeather has shared her beautiful pictures and clear instructions with this handy tutorial. Even if you’re an expert at quilt binding you might learn a thing or two with Heather’s Continuous Quilt Binding tutorial. You might even want to use some fabric from Heather’s amazing fabric line in your project!

Quilt Patterns
Free Spirit Quilt Patterns
The Free Spirit site has an extensive compilation of free Quilting Patterns.

Chenille-backed Patchwork Blanket
Chenille Patchwork Blanket
Amy from Happythings created this step-by-step tutorial for a Chenille-Backed Patchwork Blanket with the beginning sewer in mind.

Yo-yo Tutorial
Yo Yo Tutorial

Heather Bailey of HELLOmynameisHeather has beautiful pictures in her tutorials and clear, step-by-step instructions. Once you see how easy these Yo-Yos are you’ll be dreaming of how to incorporate them into everything you create. You might even want to use some fabric from Heather’s amazing fabric line in your project!

All photos used with permission.

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