Mary Beth top 1

Maternity Top by Mary Beth, Supafine!

Mary Beth’s due at the end of May and she makes pregnancy look good (and stylish) with the maternity tops she’s been sharing in the Sew, Mama, Sew Flickr Group! This first top is a Simplicity pattern (Simplicity 3887) with a modified neckline and sleeves.

Mary Beth’s Supafine! site gives you fun, incredibly well-written glimpses into things like toddlerhood and bad haircuts (this is the tip of her blog iceberg… It’s a fantastic blog). Her Flickr site gives you more background (you can see her amazing creations, fun in home improvement, the progression of Supafine!…) and more views into Mary Beth’s adventures in motherhood and life.

Mary Beth top 2

Modified Simplicity/Built By Wendy 3835

Visit Supafine!, check out Mary Beth’s Flickr site for more information on these tops (and an upcoming sundress) and don’t forget to add your own projects to the Sew, Mama, Sew Flickr Group.

Mary Beth top 3

Built by Wendy 4111, altered for maternity