Carol quilt 1
Amy Heather Butler-Bailey Quilt by Carol, wip

Carol made this quilt as a birthday gift for her sister who lives in Florida. She writes, “The colors and prints of the fabrics that I used remind me of the area where she lives. Naturally, the quilt got its name from designers Amy Butler and Heather Bailey.”

carol quilt 3
12″ Squares

She adds, “I didn’t have enough of either fabric for an entire quilt and noticed that they really worked well together. I started with 12″ squares of different fabrics and slashed through them with my rotary cutter, mixed ’em up and sewed them back into squares.”

carol quilt 4
Sewed up into squares

Carol likes “winging it” when she designs and sews her quilts. She writes, “I didn’t start quilting until I was around 40. Before then, it seemed like there were way too many rules for me and I was afraid that the Quilt Police would come and ticket me if I did it wrong. With turning 40, I somehow cared a lot less about what people (or Quilt Police) would think about my work and I just went for it. I make HUGE mistakes, sometimes I fix them and sometimes I live with them but I always learn from them.”

Carol quilt 2

You can find more of Carol’s work on her wip blog and her Flickr site. You must visit her embroidery album in Flickr: 115 photos of amazing inspiration for your own embroidery endeavors! Carol likes to include embroidery on simple patchwork and adds, “I have recently jumped on the doll quilt craze that is running rampant through blogland.”

carol doll quilt
Doll quilt by Carol, wip

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