Pencil roll by Megan, The Scent of Water

Megan lives in New Zealand with her husband and three children. It’s been said that she’s “crazy smart with a wicked wit and she also takes beautiful pictures” (said over at Creative Little Daisy). A click to the About page on Megan’s blog, The Scent of Water, quickly confirms this. Megan recently completed her bachelor’s degree in English and her writing is always beautiful, contemplative, honest and interesting. Her Flickr site is equally amazing (the I make things collection alone has well over 150 photos of inspiration)!

Click away and have fun on Megan’s blog, her Flickr site and enjoy one of her tutorials. Once you visit you’ll stick around for more of that wit, for those wonderful pictures and for her great ideas like this pencil roll. You want to make one now, don’t you?!

Don’t forget to add the roll (or anything else you’ve been making) to the Sew, Mama, Sew Flickr Group!