You thought I forgot, didn’t you? ūüėȬ† No, just needed a little break from #?!#% WordPress.¬† Beth and I fight with the formatting on these posts every single time.¬†I even take¬†a post into Dreamweaver and¬†clean up the html, and when I bring it back, I still have random tags.¬†Any WordPress users out there have some tips for us?¬†

Summer in the City


On to the good stuff.¬† Have you seen the Summer in the City collection yet?¬† No?¬† Well, I just finished entering the products at midnight, so they are very fresh and nice and pretty and still wrapped in plastic.¬† We’re ready to cut into them, so we’ll give away 4 packs of 4 fat quarters.¬† Tell us about a great gift item to sew.¬† It doesn’t matter if you’ve actually done it or not, just that you’ve filed it away as a good idea.¬†

After you’ve done that, hurry down to read¬†the profile that the Amazing Beth wrote about the Amazing Erica.¬†