Any true Bag Month effort here on the Sew, Mama, Sew blog would be empty without help from the incredible resource of, based in the UK. Lisa Lam, founder and proprietor of U-Handbag, has created the preeminent source for all of your handbag fashioning needs. U-Handbag is a wonderful resource for all things bag-related. The store stocks everything from unique bag handles and purse frames to all of the essential finishing touches you could hope for. And that’s just a start for all of your bag needs (and hopes and dreams)!

The Beginning: Before U-Handbag Lisa sewed handcrafted items to sell at a local craft market to supplement her “boring” day job. Lisa writes, “I started making tote bags, and Basket Style Bags from funky USA quilt weight fabrics and they sold like hot cakes! I couldn’t make them fast enough. I began to need to buy bag making supplies in bulk amounts and I found that getting well priced bag supplies in a wide range of styles was difficult, and lots of other bag makers that I met complained of the same thing. So I decided to set up U-Handbag to feed my habit. I had a good idea of what supplies bag makers would need, and I wanted to show people that you don’t need fancy machinery to make your own bags and purses at home. It’s the best job I’ve ever had; it doesn’t feel like work at all!”


U-Handbag Blog: Lisa’s U-Handbag blog (U-Handblog!) is equally mind-boggling with compilations of excellent (FREE!) bag tutorials, bag selling advice and great tips for setting up a craft business of your very own (on her left sidebar under the title: Business Resources).


U-Handbag For YOU: Lisa wants to help you with all of your Bag Month and Big, Big Bag Month Contest needs. Starting today she’ll be offering $5.00 off shipping to the US and Europe for a limited period. Woo hoo! What are you waiting for? Lisa’s ready for you, so head off to U-Handbag right now!


Lisa: We wanted to know a little more about Lisa so she kindly filled us in… She’s 34 and writes, “I am a quite happy person!” She lives with her husband, Alan, and dog named Beans. She’s not trained in bag making but feels comfortable with her machine and keeps sewing books nearby for quick reference. Lisa adds, “I’m completely obsessed with bag making, I have been for years! For me sewing is the most relaxing, therapeutic, and rewarding activity. I think bags are additive to make because they pretty easy to put together and they are wearable, and useful pieces of art. I also love reading, photography, and because I’m a trained chef, I’m a pretty good cook.” Lisa writes every month for a UK sewing magazine and she is always inspired when looking at other women’s bags. She writes, “I can’t look at another bag without trying to figure out if I can make it myself, I love looking at pictures of all of the bag pools in Flickr, and I’m also inspired by the function of bags (I like trying to make useful things pretty).”