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Handcrafters’ Holidays Meme
Lisa’s working on placemats and coasters and she’s missing her Grandma Ida, with her happy spirit and unconditional love for Lisa. Learn more about Lisa on her blog, ‘Burbs of DC.

Cheyenne made this cute apron to go with a duster and broom for her daughter’s Christmas present. She also makes jams and jellies in the summer to give throughout the holidays to neighbors and friends! Enjoy Cheyenne’s meme answers on her My Little Sewing Blog.

Patchwork Journal Covers
By Mystele, Hotwater Cornbread Handmade

Mystele’s journal covers incorporate, “cozy patchwork combos of vintage and new, vintage-style fabrics (Kaufman and others) with cushy batting and sweet coordinating lining fabrics.” Wouldn’t these be fun to make? Round up some of your favorite scraps and use one of our Reading & Writing tutorials as a starting point. You could also buy some of Mystele’s lovely creations in her Hotwater Cornbread shop!

Handcrafters’ Holidays Meme (more!)
Becca has a great “compilation gift” idea in her meme answers. She loves egg nog, hangs the same three ornaments right away on the Christmas tree each year and loves the tradition of “taking a nap at 9pm and waking up around midnight to hear the sleigh bells.” Santa then arrives and the whole family opens presents. Enjoy more on her blog Re: Becca.

Amy sells these (and many more!) intricately embroidered hair clips, perfect for stocking stuffers, in her My Zoe Bug shop. She also shares a great Candy Bar Tutorial and lots of holiday traditions on her My Zoe Bug blog.

Log Cabin Journal Cover
By Hyein, Christina’s

Hyein has an amazing selection of journal covers in her Christina’s shop. In addition to the honeycomb version on our main page and the log cabin cover here she has many more sweet styles for you to enjoy. Take inspiration from Hyein and revisit our Reading & Writing tutorials.

Want to join us? Check out the Sew, Mama, Sew! Handcrafters’ Holidays blog meme!

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