Did you know there are now over 12,000 project photos in our Sew,Mama,Sew! photo pool? You can find a little bit of everything there, and a whole lot of ideas for your own sewing time. An hour of browsing might get you back to mid-February’s images! Here are just a few of the many recent creations:


Bird Curtains by Farrah, Creative Neurosis

Farrah “upcycled” these curtains from a thrift store with the addition of bird appliqués based on bird watcher outlines. She sells housewares, accessories, bags and more through her Creative Neurosis shop.


Lounge Pants by Katie, Philigry

Katie made these lounge pants with a pattern from In Stitches. Katie has lots of works in progress on her Philigry blog, so take a look!


Linen Tie by Sarah Jane, lazy jane

Sarah Jane and her husband just celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. The traditional fourth anniversary gift is linen so Sarah Jane made this linen tie for Wes (here he is modeling the tie). The lining is from the sleeve of a very large, vintage thrifted house dress and the pattern is from Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp. See the other things Sarah Jane sews on her lazy jane blog.


Messenger Bag by Jennifer, plantgeek

Jennifer was inspired to make her own messenger bag by this bag on Craftster. You can see the bag’s front cover flap, the inner compartments and here are Jennifer’s photos in Flickr under the user name plantgeek. Don’t you love the corduroy?


Child’s Top by Erin, Bluebirdbaby

Erin made this test piece out of muslin for her upcoming spring collection. The final version will be made out of a linen/cotton blend. Enjoy more via Erin’s Bluebirdbaby shop and Bluebirdbaby blog.

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