I have to thank Lisa for interviewing me on her Craft Boom blog!  It is such an incredible honor to be listed along with the amazing crafters, bloggers, and sewists in her “Crafting Heroes” series.  You may know Lisa from her U-Handbag store and blog.  If you haven’t already, you must also check out Craft Boom–it is a terrific resource for marketing your art and craft business.  Lisa has a thousand great ideas to start, promote and grow your small business, as do her guests.  Don’t miss it!

The funny thing about the interview is that I realized I scooped myself on announcing my pregnancy!  I had been meaning to do it on the SMS blog, but I kept putting it off.  I usually don’t use this site to talk about my personal life, but I consider so many of my customers and blog visitors friends, that it would be wrong not to share my joy, right?  I am currently 26 weeks and expecting a girl in June.  A sister for my lovely Lola.

It was a long, hard road to conception for us.  For those of you struggling with infertility, I understand how difficult these unexpected announcements on your blogroll can be.  Please know that I fully appreciate, with every ounce of me, how very, very lucky we are.  Sending plenty of baby vibes your way.

So there you have it!   Please do go check out Craft Boom and thank you, friends, for all your support.