From Beth: Kati kicked off the year with her new blog, kate, i design, and lots of sewing! She reviewed the Amy Butler Lotus & Cami pattern in the following post so read her introduction and then enjoy her tips too.

From Kati: My name is Kati, most call me Kate, and I’m from When I was little, my grandma taught me how to sew on her avocado Singer machine. Once that machine ran it’s last run, I lost track of my love for creating things with textiles as a medium. When I recently got married, I received a sewing machine from my new grandma-in-law and it immediately re-sparked my passion for fabric and thread and notions. This new found love for sewing also sparked a career shift for me into a technical design space, so while I’m trying to find my way into the web and graphic design realm of life, I am keeping busy by playing with anything that will hold still long enough to sew. I live in central Iowa and am constantly entertained by my patient husband, crazy dogs and shoveling snow.