Toni helped us before with a fun apron pattern review. Today she shows us how to use grommets for a summer sun canopy, perfect for the beach or local park. We’ll utilize our new grommet techniques in a child’s tent project later this week!

I totally love grommets! You can use them in so many different applications… The possibilities are endless! Here is a great way to beat the summer heat using grommets to create a canopy:

First, gather your supplies…

I’m using a vintage sheet and antique brass grommets, but you can use canvas/home dec fabric, or anything you want really and the grommets come in brass and silver as well.

They come in lots of different sizes but this is the best size for this project.

Now, we need to measure where we want to place our grommets. I am going 2” in and 2” up.

Use an air erasable marker to mark placement, then place male end of grommet centered on that mark. Color in the circle. If you are using a lightweight fabric, you will need to stabilize it. In this case, it’s thick enough to hold.

Next, it’s time to cut away the marked fabric.

Place the male end on the pretty side of the fabric, poking it through the hole.

Place the female end on top of the male end on the backside of the fabric and place the male end on top of the grommet tool. You will need your hammer for this step.

Place the long piece of the grommet tool on top of the grommet end that is sticking out of the back side of the fabric making sure it is centered and level. This tool will cause the male end of the grommet to roll down and smooth out while the female ends points grab into the fabric to hold everything in place.

You will need to do this on a hard surface. (I use the cement floor in my garage– covered, of course.)

After you’ve given it a few good whacks, it should look like this.

Repeat for each corner. Tie it to a tree, drape over a clothes line… The possibilities are endless… We like to use ours on the side of our oak tree.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on using grommets and don’t forget to experiment with other applications as well!