Please help us welcome Natalie, Sarah, San, Georgia, Kris & Gabrielle! This team of sewists created buttonhole tutorials for you (coming up next) specific to their unique sewing machines; we’ll share the buttonhole process for a Viking, Baby Lock, Brother, Pfaff, Janome & a bartack). This continues our exploration of buttonholes for Sewing Machine Month.

Natalie from Vegetablog
Natalie learned how to sew at a young age from her mother. Throughout high school and college, she made time for spurts of sewing during breaks. Since starting graduate school, the sewing bug has bitten hard! Now she sews (clothing, purses, softies, baby gifts) whenever she can catch a break in her research, and is enjoying the sewing machine and serger that her parents got her as an early graduation gift. After she defends her dissertation in July, Natalie hopes to have more time for sewing, and is contemplating selling purses and related accessories. Natalie currently lives in east-central Illinois with her husband, who no longer has a home office because the sewing paraphernalia is crowding him out!

Sarah from indywriter
I was blessed to grow up with a mother who sews and a grandmother who quilts. Throw in heaping dose of sentimentality, and it’s easy to see why I took up sewing as well. I love to create, and I really love to create things that celebrate my daughters and family. I enjoy sewing (both clothing and purses), photography, writing, scrapbooking, freezer paper stenciling, and general DIY projects. I enjoy looking at something and tring to figure out how to make it my own, and I’m hoping to pass on a love of crafting to my girls (ages 8 and nearly 4). As long as I have good music, I’m game to tackle about anything.

San from The4Rs
A former Home Ec Teacher, I currently am “unemployed” subbing at a local high school occasionally. I also work in real estate, we own our own company and publishing company with hubby, married to my teen age sweetheart, 30 years and counting -Ted, 2 kids, Kevin 22 and Kate 12, 1 dog a golden doodle, Bella, and 3 cats, Cookie, Gracie, and Kitty. I am a crafter to the core, so I endulge my passions for handmade through my Etsy site and now this blog. My real estate site is where you will see what is going on in our local market and the reason I have more spare time to indulge my hobby. Subscribe and share with me your favorite blogs and tutorials out there. I love how fellow crafters are so open to sharing and giving help. Count me in on doing the same!

Georgia from Puking Pastilles
I’m Georgia from Puking Pastilles! I am a homeschooling, stay at home mom of four little ones (7, 5, 3, and 2) with one more on the way in August. We’ve been calling him “Cinco” because we can’t decide on a name. Any help would in that department would be greatly appreciated! After discovering that sewing things for a profit took all the fun out of it, I decided to start putting my sewing patterns in digital format so I could sell those instead. My PDF patterns can be found in my shop on Etsy. I love geography and have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Muse. At any given time, at least one of my children is usually wearing an item of clothing I made (generally made for some ridiculously small amount of money) and that makes me very happy!

Kris from Summer at Grandma’s House
Kris is originally from Minneapolis, MN and after going to college in southern California, she now finds herself living in Western New York going to graduate school. She learned to sew as a little kid from her grandmother when she spent her summer days at her house (hence the name of her blog, Summer at Grandma’s House). She’s been sewing on and off since then but really got the quilting bug this year after discovering more modern styles online. You can also find Kris on Flickr.

Gabrielle from Bee Wise Bags

Gabrielle has been sewing for as long as she can remember. Buttons and pillows were her first lessons in sewing and then moving on to doll clothes and stuffed animals. In Junior High she made all of her clothes and aspired to design textiles in college. “There has always been the sound of a sewing machine in my life, as a child my Great Grandmother & mom made everything! As a teenager my mom and I owned an outfitter company in Alaska and now as an adult I not only sew as a profession but I also teach sewing to everyone willing to learn. My most interesting student was on the East Coast of Canada. She was a lovely new wife just learning English and wanted to make her new baby’s diapers and clothing. I had to dredge up my French from years past, while she stumbled through her brand new English. I think we laughed far more than we sewed.” As the owner and designer of Shop Wise Bags, sewing has taken on a whole new facet, as her four children are now learning the art of sewing as well. “People ask me all the time how I got my boys interested in sewing, and I simply tell them, that my kids have always seen sewing and making things as fun, why wouldn’t they want to do it, it’s not just a hobby for girls.” Gabrielle is a mommy to four children, an artist, writer, designer, Taekwondo Instructor and seamstress extraordinaire.