From Beth: We fell in love with Florence’s sewing once upon a time when we featured one of her projects from the photo pool. She’s made a beautiful transition to her made by florence shop where she sells handmade items from her original designs. Florence shares her skills on her blog with wonderful tutorials. She designs beautiful pieces and just generally makes you want to sit in her kitchen with cup of tea and talk all afternoon. Stay tuned for her handy Feet, Feet, Feet! post coming up next (so we can all manage our sewing machines like Florence does)!

From Florence: My love for all things handmade started at a young age with an obsession for knitting glove puppets, although to this day I remain an incompetent and un-advanced knitter and still have to ask my mother to cast on for me. My first love is sewing and I stitch guiltily past midnight several nights a week and dream of someone inventing a pedometer for my machine so that I might keep track of how many miles I have sewn.

When my smallest child went off to school in September last year I reluctantly (and weepily) relinquished my title of Full Time Mummy, but have since happily filled the school day with pattern-drawing paper, fabric and stitches, making things to fill my online shop. Occasionally this routine finds itself punctuated by tea and cake with friends. I am yet to think up a new title, but feel that, despite the fact that I am now required to complete annual tax returns, I love what I do so much that I may never build up the courage to say that I ‘work’ when asked.

I live in England with my web designer, guitar-playing husband; two scrumptious story-writing, lego-building children, and a duo of bird-chasing, chimney-climbing cats. I hoard fabric, make peppermint creams at every opportunity, and have a very, very tidy house… with shockingly messy cupboards. I am scared of motorways, things that scuttle, touching nose bones, and of my favourite fabrics being discontinued.

I write about my sewing adventures from my blog, and sell my stitchery in my online shop