Jessie from Sweet Jessie and our Board shows you how to make a Scalloped Fabric Garland with your favorite scraps… Enjoy this fun project with ten easy steps!

garland template (free PDF download)
– 13 pieces of coordinating fabric measuring 6.5x 8 inches
– one package (3 yards) of extra wide double fold bias tape
– pins, needles, thread, fabric pen, iron

1. Fold your fabric right sides together, so that the shorter sides touch.

2. Working on the wrong side of the fabric, lay your template on top of the folded fabric with the flat part of the template directly on top of the fabric’s edge, and the curved end of the template closer to the fold. Trace with a fabric pen.

3. Place a straight pin in the middle of the fabric so that it stays lined up.

4. Repeat for all thirteen pieces of fabric.

5. Head to your sewing machine, and sew directly on top of the pattern you drew when you outlined the template.

6. Leaving a 1/4 inch allowance, carefully cut around each segment…

…Making sure not to cut through your stitching.

Snip a couple of notches in the seam allowance so that the curve turns out nicely.

7. Turn each piece out, and press with a hot iron.

8. Line up your garland segments in a manner that’s pleasing to you.

9. Leaving a 12 inch tail on each end of the bias tape, pin each segment into place within the fold of the bias tape, spaced about an inch apart from each other.

10. Top stitch along the entire length of the bias tape, taking care to keep each segment sandwiched between the folds.

Hang your beautiful garland!

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