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Quilts for Wrap Them in Love
Our first team effort is quilts for Wrap Them in Love. This project will continue through January, so there’s plenty of time to help out. Wrap Them in Love Foundation collects donated quilts and distributes them to children around the world. The foundation started with one quilt for one child, and it has grown exponentially through the years.

Ellen, a Wrap Them in Love Co-Founder, writes, “…Our quilts go to children around the world as well as all over the USA. With this economy, our quilts have not only been going to children in orphanages, but also to homeless children, foster kids, and families in crisis. We are always in need of donated quilts, and we are in great need of donated funds to help us to get quilts to the children who need them. We are a non-profit charity and everything that we do is done by volunteers, and of course, any donations are tax deductible.”

Donate Completed Quilts, Money, Blocks or Quilt Tops, Fabric, Batting
You can make a quilt or quilts and send them to Wrap Them in Love. As Ellen mentioned, they are also always thankful for your tax deductible, non-profit donations to fund quilt delivery. If you can’t donate a finished quilt you can send blocks or quilt tops which will be completed by volunteers and given to comfort a child. Wrap Them in Love will also put your extra fabric and batting donations to good use, incorporating them into new quilts for children around the world.

Quilt Specifications
As noted on the Wrap Them in Love website, here are the foundation’s quilting specifications to keep in mind as you prepare for the project:

  • Remember these quilts will be used and laundered a lot. Tie or quilt them fairly close so that they can hold up to lots of loving.
  • We recommend about 40″ X 60″, but you can make them any size. There are older children as well as babies who need them.
  • Several times we have been asked for larger quilts for teenagers. Children come in all sizes, so whatever size you choose to make will be great!
  • Gather your friends, club or quilt group, your classroom, your church and make quilts together.
  • Please be sure to put a label on each quilt that includes your name, where you are from, and the date you made the quilt.

Send your quilts & donations to:
Wrap Them in Love
2522-A Old Hwy 99 S
Mt. Vernon, WA 98273

Resources for Our Team Effort
Quilting for Peace has some great quilting resources, so be sure to use it as a reference if you have a copy. We have lots of good quilting resources on the blog too:

Call to Action
So, now it’s time to begin… Make a plan, gather up some fabric and start to sew! Tell us your plan in the forum and join our Quilting for Peace Team Sew,Mama,Sew! We really want to see your quilts so share your progress in the forum. We know it’s a busy time of the year, but for us it’s also an important time of reflection and giving. Use your talents to share comfort and joy with a child… Wrap Them in Love!

*Photos from Wrap Them in Love, showing children in Russia and Mercy & Grace Orphanage in India wrapped in love with foundation quilts.