Mo from lime gardenias created this Hanging Vase tutorial. It’s just right for weddings, or for any special celebration. As sun shines in the Pacific Northwest it feels like the perfect time to whip up one or two (or more!) for spring dinners on the patio! Enjoy, and be sure to visit Mo for more great ideas and inspiration.

Thinking about summer weddings and the outdoor summer parties I am itching to have got me thinking about how big a role flowers play. I love having vases of flowers year round and I thought this was a perfect way to bring a beautiful touch to all of the outdoor parties I am planning for this summer. It also seems perfect and a nice personal touch for weddings too. I love the idea of being able to put these in places where you might not otherwise be able to have flowers. I hung one of these on a hook in my daughter’s room and it looks so cute; gorgeous flowers right there in the middle of the wall and I don’t need to worry about her knocking it over. This is a very easy project, and if you are patient I think most anyone could make these.


  • 1 glass vase. I purchased mine at Michaels. It is 5 inches high and 3 ¾ inches in diameter and it had a glass lid on it which I removed. I have included a pattern to work with this size but it would be easy to modify the pattern to fit a slightly different size.
  • Hanging Vase pattern.
  • 1 yard of ribbon. I have used velvet and vintage woven ribbon and they both worked well. I would stay away from anything too delicate or lightweight as once you get the water and flowers in the vase, it will have some weight to it.
  • Fabric. A fat quarter will be more than enough.
  • Optional: Embroidery thread and needle. I love the embroidery on it but it is certainly not required! You could also embellish with more ribbon or just let the beautiful fabrics and flowers speak for themselves.

1. Embroidery. I chose to embroider my fabric before cutting the pattern piece out. For the 8 (which celebrates my daughter’s upcoming eighth birthday) I used a disappearing ink pen and freehanded an 8 which I filled in with french knots. I was unable to find my book of monograms so I drew the B on a sheet of paper and used carbon paper to transfer it. A week later I found some fantastic Aunt Martha’s monogram embroidery transfers (bought at Joann’s) so if you are not comfortable drawing your own, that is a good resource.

2. Lay two pieces together, wrong sides facing with the embroidered piece on top. I cut a hole in the pattern piece so that I could figure out the correct placement. Once you have it lined up right, pin the pattern in place.

3. You now have two pieces cut– the front and the facing. At this point, cut the bottom inch and a half off of the facing piece. This will make things less bulky when you get the bottom sewn on.

4. Cut the ribbon in two 18 inch pieces and lay them down. Prepare to pin the two pieces together. Remember here to lay your ribbon down right sides together with your embroidered piece. When you flip after sewing, the ribbons will have the right side out.

Here is a nice view of the sides after it is sewn:

5. Pin well and sew facing to front.

6. When you get to where the ribbon is, backtack so you have a good three rows of stitches. Again, this ribbon will have to support some weight so you want extra stitching.

7. After sewing, clip your curves.

8. Flip right side out and press.

9. Lay the vase on it’s side and wrap the cover around it, wrong side out. Pinch the ends together tightly to pin in place. A nice snug fit looks best so take time to pin it correctly.

10. Pin all the way down the length of the vase and sew backtacking at each end. Remove from vase.

11. Stand the vase on a piece of fabric and trace around to create the bottom piece. Cut the circle out being sure to leave a good ½ inch seam allowance. Bigger is always better because you can trim it after you pin it.

12. Slide the sewn cover back on the vase making sure it is wrong side out so that when you pin the bottom on, you have wrong sides facing out. (Almost messed this part up myself!) I placed a piece of double sided tape on the bottom of the vase and stuck the bottom circle to it which was a huge help in keeping the bottom piece in place for pinning. Pin the circle in place.

13. Take your time and pin carefully. It helped me to pin one side, move across and pin the opposite side, and move in a north-south, and then west-east sort of pattern. Like putting bolts on your tire– it just keeps things a little more even. It should look nice and flat and tight when you are done pinning.

14. Now that the bottom is pinned, hand baste a stitch to follow with your sewing machine. It is worth it to take a little time to get this right because it will look a lot better.

15. Sew the bottom on, carefully clip your curves and excess fabric if there is any and turn. You should have a nice tightly fitted bottom like this:

16. You are ready to fill it full of flowers and hang it up!

I am planning on making a few of these with vintage sheets and vintage ribbon from my collection to hang outside all summer. My daughter is loving the one we made her and they look so cute hung just about anywhere. Enjoy!

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