These Reverse Applique Quilted Heart Coasters from Vicki at Sew Inspired might just inspire you to whip up a few today! You can learn more about Vicki in her introduction.

1. Materials for 4 coasters:

  • 11 5″ fabric squares for strip pieced hearts and coaster backs
  • 4 5″ fabric squares for reverse applique upper layer
  • 4 5″ low-loft batting squares (I used Warm and White)

You can download and print your copy of the heart template I made or make your own template. When you print the inside square should be 4.5″ wide (be sure you don’t have your printer settings set to “fill page”).

2. Download a heart template or prepare your own. To make your own: Cut out a square of paper that is 4.5″ on all sides.

3. Fold the square in half and draw half of a heart.

4. Cut out the heart. It needs to fit in the 4.5″ square which is the finished measurement of the coaster.

5. Cut 7 of the 5″ squares into 1.5″ strips. (You can use varying strip widths if you want.)

6. Sew the strips into 4 squares. Press seams. You will probably need to trim your square to 5″ in width after piecing it together.

7, 8. Lay your heart template over the reverse applique upper layer and trace the heart shape with a water soluble marker.

9. Position the upper layer over the pieced square. Make sure the pieced square is right side up and the strips run the way you want them to (I like them vertical.) Pin the two layers together.

10. Sew around the heart on your marked line.

11. Carefully cut the upper layer inside, and close to, the stitching line, so the pieced layer shows inside your heart shape.

12. Flip it over and trim the pieced layer about 1/4″ away from the stitching line. Be careful to only cut the layer you want to cut!

13-16. Layer your squares for assembly: position the back piece facing up, then place the heart applique layer on top of the back facing down, then place the batting square on top. Pin well.

17. Start about an inch from a corner and sew 1/4″ from the edge around all layers. Leave an opening in one side for turning (as seen in photo 18). Backstitch at the beginning and end of your seam. You will need to be careful not to let your layers shift, or use a walking foot if available.

18. Trim corners.

19. Turn right side out.

20. Poke out your corners, being careful not to push all the way through your corner. I’ll confess that I use the point of my closed scissors to do this. You can also use a chopstick, or pencil, or whatever works. Just be careful not to poke too hard, you could get a hole in the corner. Carefully fold the edges of your opening to the inside and pin.

21. Start on the edge that was left open and stitch around the whole coaster about 1/8″ from the edge. Make sure the edges don’t have excess folds of fabric and that the seam between the upper and lower layers is pushed out all the way to the edge.

22. Quilt as desired. I quilted vertical lines following a pattern shown by the arrows in photo 22. My lines are different widths apart on purpose. Make sure the raw edges of the applique layer don’t get stitched down the wrong way.

23. Use a cotton swab to wash away the water soluble marker. (This was the first time I’ve tried this, and it works really well. I got the idea from Diane at CraftyPod.)

24. All finished! Congratulations! I’m going to make a dishtowel to match now!

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