This is our second True Love tutorial from Vanessa of V & Co. Find Vanessa’s introduction here. Using the same flower technique as in her Wedding Decoration Tutorial, you can make this elegant wedding ring pillow. You could also use a favorite cotton fabric to add a punch of color to your wedding, or this same pillow technique could give a nice update to your couch!


  • Two XL mens white t- shirts. (the less logo on it the better)
  • Two squares of white fabric with the measurements of 9 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches.
  • One spool of ribbon (that coordinates with your colors)
  • Fray check
  • Hot glue gun
  • Zipper foot attachment
    (These first few steps are the same as in the Wedding Decoration Tutorial.)

    First cut the bottom seam off your t- shirt.

    Now from the bottom up of your t-shirt, and using only the all white area, you are going to cut strips of 1 inch in width.

    Make sure you snip either end of your strips to create 2 strips each.

    Put your sewing machine to the “running stitch” or the “basting stitch.” On my sewing machine that is the longest stitch of 5.

    I then lightly held the thread on top as I ran my running stitch.

    This will make your ruffle gather as you go.

    Start by coiling your ruffle.

    Here are two options for the next step (they both work just fine): You can either adhere your ruffle flower by stitching it, or you can dab a bit of hot glue at the end of your ruffle coil.

    Making sure you have 1/2 inch allowance from the top and side, add hot glue to the back of your flower ruffle and place it on the pillow square. Now that you’ve got your first one in place keep going down the line.

    Make sure you leave 1/2 inch from the right side end as well and then start the next line directly under the first ruffle flower.

    Your finished top of ruffled flowers should look like this:

    See how when I bend the fabric there are gaps and you can see the bottom of the pillow?

    Well, next I dabbed a tiny bit of glue in between the flowers so they stuck together and when I stuff the pillow later there’s no chance of having gaps show through.

    Next we are going to get our ribbon and fray check ready:

    I made sure I could tie a nice bow in the front and that is how long I made my ribbon.

    Cut off excess and fray check your ends. Then, to make sure the ribbon didn’t move from where I wanted it to be… I placed a couple of dabs of hot glue ON WHAT WILL BE THE INSIDE of the pillow (so the back side of what is shown in the photo above).

    Now with right sides together (and making sure your ribbon is nicely tucked in) pin and get ready to sew your pillow together. I used a zipper foot (it got me the closest to the edge of my ruffled flowers) and sewed down three sides of the pillow.

    On the fourth side (preferably a side without the ribbon coming out of it) I left a large enough opening so I could turn my pillow inside out. Turn inside out, stuff and hand stitch closed.

    Now whether your are having an outside wedding or one indoors, your ring will travel up the aisle in simplistic elegance at a super cheap price!

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