Our January goal for Quilting for Peace Team Sew,Mama,Sew! has passed, but you can still donate fabric and quilts to Wrap Them in Love! Here’s our post about the organization and how to donate, and here is the Wrap Them in Love Foundation website.

Ellen from Wrap Them in Love wanted us to pass along her thanks for your donations! We asked her about quilts for Haiti and she writes, “I know that there will be lots of groups going to help out in Haiti. Our quilts get to other countries when someone who is going there will carry them in their luggage or with other things that they are taking. We’ve already been asked to provide a few quilts to a group who is going to go there in about a month. I’m sure there will be many more requests as time goes on. The people in Haiti are going to be needing help for a long time. If there is someone who wants to donate a quilt that they specifically want to go to Haiti, they can just write a note when they send the quilt to let us know. Then as the quilt requests come in, we will use those quilts first for Haiti.”

Quilt by Katie, Katie’s Korner

Katie designed this quilt with 6-inch and 12-inch squares, and she worked on her freehand quilting. She donated the quilt to Wrap Them in Love and wrote a little about it on her blog.

Quilt by Marybeth, Puppy Dog Tails

Marybeth was also inspired to create and donate a quilt to Wrap Them in Love. She shared a tutorial for this Rag Quilt on her blog.

The need is always there for your sewing talents and extra fabric! If you’d like to sew for people in Haiti keep Wrap Them in Love in mind.