Our new board members have been hard at work for weeks. They’re busy planning a very full and fun April Quilting Month! First up in our introductions we want to share our interview with new board member Kajsa from syko. We have been fans of Kajsa’s work for years here at Sew,Mama,Sew!, in awe of her mini art quilts, her amazing examples of appliqué and quilting and now her fabric design too. Kajsa will share some raw-edge appliqué tips next month and we can’t wait!

SMS: How long have you been sewing? When did you fall in love with quilting?
Kajsa: I joined my mum to a quilting class when I was 16 and I have been in love since that! It got really serious a couple of years ago when I started working full-time with my little craft business!

SMS: What do you enjoy about sewing? What are your favorite things to make?
Kajsa: I love the element of surprise, you never know exactly how the finished product is going to turn out. Playing with and combining fabrics is a great joy! I like making things with a lot of detail, like small appliquéd art quilts.

SMS: How do you find time to fit creativity (sewing and any other creative loves) into your life?
Kajsa: If anyone knows where to get more time I’m all ears! I do work “full-time” with my craft business, but with two kids there is never enough hours in a day. My best tip- when the kids are away at school I just work and have thought myself to leave the dishes and other household things behind. Determination is the word!

SMS: Do you have a favorite sewing tip or skill that’s made things work better for you?
Kajsa: DIY! I make all my patterns myself these days, I used to think that I wasn’t up to it, but it is amazing what you can do if you just go for it! + I could not live without fusible webbing, the stuff I use for raw edge appliqué (see my post on the subject the 14th!).

Bunny patchwork cushion.

SMS: What’s a favorite thing you’ve made lately? Why?
Kajsa: I made this cushion for Spring and I like it because it has many of the things I love: patchwork, applique, linen fabric and a recycled backing. Something old, something new and a whimsical playful touch!

Cushion back made from a shirt.

SMS: Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
Kajsa: I’m a mother of two and I reside in Helsinki, Finland!

More of me:
My blog ~ http://syko.typepad.com
My Flickr ~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/sykossa/
My shop ~ http://syko.etsy.com