Next up in our new board member introductions… Kellie from Don’t Look Now! Kellie teaches sewing classes in Australia, shares her wealth of quilting knowledge on her blog (check out this amazing Joseph’s Coat Quilt-Along!) and she’s in the process of preparing her quilt design business for the upcoming spring Quilt Market! With four children it’s obvious that Kellie keeps super-busy, but we’re so pleased she has time to lend a hand with the planning of our upcoming April Quilting Month. We asked Kellie to tell us a little more about herself:

SMS: How long have you been sewing? When did you fall in love with quilting?
Kellie: I have babbled in sewing for a very long time however, I have only been quilting seriously for around 7 years.

SMS: What do you enjoy about sewing? What are your favorite things to make?
Kellie: I sew to remain sane! I really only like to make quilts. I will make costumes and some accessories for my children under sufferance, however, items with ‘form’ are not my forte! I love fabric, the texture of quilts & the freedom to express myself creatively that designing & making quilts provides me.

SMS: How do you find time to fit creativity (sewing and any other creative loves) into your life?
Kellie: I don’t get a whole lot of sleep!!!! I have four children aged 10, two 7 year olds & a 5 year old that keep me very busy… So the only way that I can fit in time to quilt is to work after they go to bed. I generally sew from around 9pm until anywhere between 1:30 & 3 a.m., depending upon deadlines.

SMS: Do you have a favorite sewing tip or skill that’s made things work better for you?
Kellie: The best tip that I have for those of you who have unquilted quilt tops waiting in cupboards at home for finishing… Sandwich the quilt as you would normally do with a backing fabric that is a good 2” wider than the entire quilt top. Baste the quilt sandwich very well by hand using a thread that blends well with the quilt top. Roll over the backing fabric to the front, pining it as neatly as possible so that is resembles a binding. Tack it carefully in place, and you have a quilt that you can put out on a bed and admire rather than a UFO that is hiding away in a cupboard. I have a couple of these that we use on beds.

Lilly Pilly by Kellie

SMS: What’s a favorite thing you’ve made lately? Why?
Kellie: My favorite project of all time is Lilly Pilly. I made this quilt predominantly while we were on holidays in Fiji in 2009. It was a wonderful family holiday and the quilt holds many of those memories for me. In addition to this the quilt has 6 little birds hiding in the branches… Each of the birds represents a member of my family.

SMS: Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
Kellie: I started my own quilt design business around 16 months ago which has been a wonderful roller coaster ride! I also teach raw edge appliqué & machine quilting around Australia. I recently decided to take a stand at the US Spring Market in May of this year. I am extremely excited by this although I must say it has cause a great deal of anxiety as well!!!! I am very privileged to have had my passion become my career!