We have followed Malka Dubrawsky’s beautiful work for years, eagerly reading her a stitch in dye blog and pouring over images of her quilts (and more) in Flickr. Lately we’ve been learning from her wonderful new book, Color Your Cloth: A Quilter’s Guide to Dyeing and Patterning Fabric, so we can get little touches of the vivid, happy, unique a stitch in dye-style in our own creations. Malka’s up next with a fun Shoo-Fly Quilt Tutorial, and she’ll be back later in the month with tips for improvisational quilting. We’re so thrilled to have Malka as a contributor for Quilting Month II!

Eighth grade art class introduced Malka Dubrawsky to art and she hasn’t been the same since. She went on to graduate from college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. It was being at home with children that pushed her into working with textiles.

For several years Malka worked primarily as a fiber artist and was lucky enough to be included in some prestigious shows and publications such as Quilt National and Visions and Fiberarts: Design Book 7.

More recently she’s been busy making more functional textiles though still primarily out of her own hand dyed and patterned fabric. To this end she has turned her attention to crafting quilts, pillows and other sundries for sale via her online store, http://stitchindye.etsy.com. Malka writes and designs patterns and has been published in magazines such as Quilting Arts, Stitch, and several books including Sweater Surgery and Quilts! Baby, Pretty Little Mini Quilts, Whip Up Mini Quilts, and Quilting Art by Spike Gillespie. Her first book, Color Your Cloth: A Quilter’s Guide to Dyeing and Patterning Fabric, was published by Lark Books in November of 2009. Read more about Malka and her work at a stitch in dye.