We’ll feature some of your favorite sewing tips here over the next few days. There’s a lot of great information out there!

Crafty Mummy always knows where her scissors are… Do you?!
Michelle shows you how to use a pencil to turn tiny tubes at greetingarts!
Mary Jo recently shared her favorite tools of the trade at Five Green Acres. Check out her tips for how to add a seam allowance, how to make pattern weights, her favorite “unlikely” tools and her all-time favorite tool, bias tape makers.
Use a straw and a pipe cleaner to save a bundle on repair costs with Cheryl’s sewing machine cleaning tip from Naptime Quilter.
Lindsay has a super-quick pattern weight solution at The Cottage Home.
Maddie takes us through her Scissor Hall of Fame at Fresh Thread.
Vanessa at Live, Laugh, Sew tells you her fabric pre-washing secret!

  • Ashleigh loves her magnetic pin holder and pins with glow-in-the-dark pin heads (“…Easy to find at night…”)!
  • Christine uses a pair of tweezers to thread her sewing machine and puts paper or fabric behind the needle to see the eye of the needle more clearly.
  • Sara from Joy in Everything also always has a pair of tweezers handy to get lint out of the bobbin area or catch bits of thread.
  • Susan uses a chopstick to push bulky fabric areas through her machine, to “iron” small seams while paper piecing, to push the seam while turning, etc.
  • Leslie uses a disappearing ink marking pen and pins rather than a tracing wheel and tracing paper for darts and tucks (see her full explanation at the bottom of this post).
  • Traci from my handmadehappiness uses her quilting bar to get precise channels when sewing boning in for corsets, etc.
  • Linda from Roscoe’s Ma takes a digital photo of her design wall when her quilt design is just right, then she prints it and keeps it handy for reference.
  • Kimberj from Arthur and I says office supply store butterfly clips on thick or slippery fabrics is like “…having lots of extra hands!”
  • Kirsten from Something Cheeky turns her sewing machine 45 degrees to the left when she does a meandering quilt stitch (which helps her control the stitches with more of her body).

More tips coming tomorrow!…